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Handmade Jewelry

for your enjoyment

From the Island of the Gods

designed & crafted

Unique Elements

precious metals, crystals, & stones

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

James Dean

Customer Vibes

The range of pieces cover a lot of taste. Jesús has a theory and an emotion behind every design curated and every jewel chosen for each piece. Purely dope.

Sabrina S. - Basel, Switzerland

I came here for myself and ended up buying my boyfriend a ring lol. Really really cool stuff. 

Kelly V. - Nashville, TN

Unique pieces with lot's of details. Every time I see a new piece, I buy it. I just love his stuff.

Anja I. - Zurich, Switzerland

I own several pieces from Jesús including the gold cross ring, gold skull ring, and gold flat top ring. Incredible quality and I get TONS of compliments on them

Sophia J. - Munich, Germany

The crystal rings are super well done. Everything crystal is in right now. Excited to see what he does next!

Alexis N. - Laguna Beach, CA

I wasn't a fan of wearing jewelry until I met Jesús and started chilling with him here on the island and seeing him in his craft. Amazing pieces. I own a handful now and get tons of compliments. Looking forward to more. Cheers. 

Luke J. - Bali, Indonesia

I ran into his pieces here in LA and totally love them! Especially the middle finger ring! Super fun and very bold. Excited to buy more! 

Lana B. - Calabasas, CA

Love love love the crystal necklace! 

Grace J. - Phoenix, AZ

His jewelry really speak the language of island living. Definitely growing in popularity in the L.A. scene.

Jordan B. - Hollywood, CA

Timeless Handmade Jewelry from Bali, Indonesia

Each piece is carefully designed and tested, day and night.


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