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Jewelry Lab | Online Jewelry Store

Welcome to Jewelry Lab! We're a small, 100% handmade jewelry store located in Bali, Indonesia. We invite you on an artistic journey through the creative lens of Jesús Zabala, the founder and designer at Jewelry Lab. We offer a broad range of jewelry themes and styles with influences deriving from surf, travel, nature, spirituality, and pop culture. Browse our online jewelry store today and grab some goodies before we're out of stock! 

Customer Vibes

The range of pieces cover a lot of taste. Jesús has a theory and an emotion behind every design curated and every jewel chosen for each piece. Purely dope.

Sabrina S. - Basel, Switzerland

I came here for myself and ended up buying my boyfriend a ring lol. Really really cool stuff. 

Kelly V. - Nashville, TN

Unique pieces with lot's of details. Every time I see a new piece, I buy it. I just love his stuff.

Anja I. - Zurich, Switzerland

I own several pieces from Jesús including the gold cross ring, gold skull ring, and gold flat top ring. Incredible quality and I get TONS of compliments on them

Sophia J. - Munich, Germany

The crystal rings are super well done. Everything crystal is in right now. Excited to see what he does next!

Alexis N. - Laguna Beach, CA

I wasn't a fan of wearing jewelry until I met Jesús and started chilling with him here on the island and seeing him in his craft. Amazing pieces. I own a handful now and get tons of compliments. Looking forward to more. Cheers. 

Luke J. - Bali, Indonesia

I ran into his pieces here in LA and totally love them! Especially the middle finger ring! Super fun and very bold. Excited to buy more! 

Lana B. - Calabasas, CA

Love love love the crystal necklace! 

Grace J. - Phoenix, AZ

His jewelry really speak the language of island living. Definitely growing in popularity in the L.A. scene.

Jordan B. - Hollywood, CA

Timeless Handmade Jewelry from Bali, Indonesia

Each piece is carefully designed and tested, day and night.


Quality, Long Lasting Jewelry

As one of the top online jewelry stores, we pride ourselves in having durable, long lasting, rugged jewelry quality so that you can feel confident in your order long after your purchase. Our custom handmade jewelry is molded and hand finished to ensure optimal strength and sizing accuracy. Each jewelry piece that's handmade by our team of local Balinese artisans goes through several stages of inspection prior to shipping. All packages come in a custom branded Jewelry Lab box as well. Join that thousands of happy customers how have experience what makes Jewelry Lab one of the best jewelry stores you'll find on the web today.

5-Star Rated Google Trusted Jewelry Store

Buying online can sometimes be nerve racking. Rest easy, we got you. We offer one free ring sizing with any piece you order online and we cover the shipping too! We've processed thousands of orders worldwide since we launched in 2013 and we hope we can earn your trust as well!

Creative Handmade Jewelry Designs

All pieces you see here in our online jewelry store are 100% designed and created by Jesús Zabala and our internal design team here at Jewelry Lab. No copy cats here. So if you're looking to shop around for our pieces, you'll only find them in our jewelry brand. Unlike most online jewelry stores that typically have the same exact jewelry styles with a simple slight variation with every piece in their jewelry store, we seek to explore new ideas that stretch far from being the same but somehow still tie together. This unique blend of jewelry keeps our customers around the world coming back for many many years. We hope you find the piece(s) that speak to you the most!

Free Standard International Shipping On All Orders

What makes us one of the top jewelry stores online? Since our items are made from precious metals and the process is 100% handmade, our pricing requires accommodating that. We try and help our customers offset their investment by offering free standard international shipping to all countries globally. Free standard international shipping typically takes around 10-15 business days to arrive once shipped from our jewelry store here in Bali, Indonesia. Have a look through our online jewelry store today and take advantage of this valuable free shipping offer. If you would like Express Shipping, we do offer that at checkout for an additional $30. Express International shipping typically takes around 5-7 business days to arrive. 

Jewelry Stores Near Me Compared To Buying Online

If you're searching Google for "jewelry stores near me", most of these stores have a very minimal selections of themes and styles and almost all of them are based around diamonds or high-end precious metals. From our experience, buying from local jewelry stores has always results in limited style options. For that reason, we recommend trying your hand at buying jewelry online with us. The major factor to successfully buying jewelry online is proper sizing and verifiable customer proof that a jewelry store maintains high quality standards in their metal material, processes, and end-product. Our precise sizing guides found on each product page allow our Jewelry store to have less than 1% return and exchange rate on all orders we've processed since 2013. We know buying jewelry online has it's risks, but rest assured, we've got you covered!

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