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About the Designer - Jesús Zabala

With early roots in the mountains of South America to later the shores of Bali, Jesús’ deep appreciation for culture, art and nature has manifested itself in the form of unique, one a kind jewelry.

Every piece is handcrafted in Bali and made with Intention, Love, and Soul so that it can be felt by it’s wearer and ultimately change our energy and lives in a positive way. Each with it’s own story of insight and love, our pieces, like humans, are organic and asymmetrical in form.  

Our collective mission is to empower and inspire others to live as their best selves while letting go of fear and breaking the boundaries of societal expectations and constraints that often imprison the soul.  

With odes to spiritualism, artistic displays of expressionism, and ancient cultures, our pieces have a story to tell and insight to share as you embark on your journey of freedom, adventure, and magic.