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What are Earrings?

Earrings are rings or studs that go through your ear. Classically, they go through the lobe any part of your ear is able to be pierced-and is! An earring can be made from a wide range of materials that include gold, silver, plastic, glass, gems, and can be decorated with precious stones, beads, and even feathers.

Earrings come in many sizes that can be extremely small to very large. They can come in all kinds of styles-dangly, discs, bars, studs, and hoops!

What is the Meaning of “Earring?”

Earring means ornament for the ear and has been dated back to 2600 BC.!

Believe it or not, but earrings and ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification. Able to be seen in art and read in old forms of written record, ear piercing is noted as early as 2600 BC. Golden earrings and other lapis jewelry were discovered at Ur, in a royal cemetery from the Early Dynastic period. 

Persian Influences 

Gold, silver, and bronze earrings were also discovered in Greece and evidence was also found in ancient Persia at this time. 

Persian art found displayed in the form of carvings on palace walls show soldiers wearing earrings. Egyptian pharaohs also got their lobes pierced, according to archaeologists who discovered tombs. The Egyptians wore golden discs and hoops, and were taken off before being wrapped up at their time of death. Their ears were pierced at a very young age, research indicates as well.

Biblical Influences 

Earrings can also be found in religion. Biblical record indicates that Moses commanded those to bring their sons’ and daughters’ earrings when he was on Mt. Sinai!

In the Middle East, women predominantly wore earrings but in Greece and Rome, both sexes wore the decorations. 

Japanese Influences 

The Japanese, centuries ago, were also fans of earrings, however the government ordered men to remove theirs, only allowing women to sport them. 

You could also find earrings among Turkic tribes, as well as in Western Europe. English gentlemen often wore earrings during the Renaissance, as evidence captured by portrait paintings. 

Sailor Lifestyle 

Sailors also wore earrings, but did so not to make a fashion statement, but to show others they were able to sail around the world or cross the equator. These pieces were worn to boast about their accomplishments!

Later in time, teenage girls in the 50’s and 60s held piercing partes, where they would take turns punching holes in one another's ears. This resulted in the practice of physicians taking over the process, as well as commercial ear piercing stores that offered non-medical services and accessibility for all. 

By the early 1970’s, many men started to pierce their ears to make a statement or express themselves and their identity. 

The 80’s and 90’s ear piercing skyrocketed, leaving both guys and girls with multiple holes and piercings that ranged from one hole to even six holes, branching all the way up the ear!

Types of Materials Used to Make Earrings

Earring materials are important. Some wearers need pure metals which are hypoallergenic for their sensitive skin and special needs. In this case, those designed in 24 karat gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel, as well as nickel free materials are ideal for people who want to wear earrings but are allergic to certain substances. Titanium is also a great option!

What Activities or Events Can You Wear Earrings To?

Earrings can be worn anywhere, every day! While you may not want to wear a long, dangly pair of expensive diamond earrings to work or to the grocery store, there is a time and place for each pair that you own. 

Studs, hops, and birthstones are generally worn on a day to day basis. Dangly earrings and oversize diamond hoops, as well as other earrings composed of precious metals and stones are usually worn to special events such as church, weddings, a fancy dinner, or other semi-formal or black tie affair!

How to Style Earrings

There is such a thing as styling your earrings! You want to consider what you are wearing. For example, women don’t want to wear a pair of oversized hoops if they are wearing a thick turtleneck or cowl neck sweater, as it will get stuck and could snag on the material!

Also, if you are wearing your hair pulled back or  the two sides up, you want to wear a pair of studs so that they are able to be seen. Larger earrings such as hoops and dangles are easy to notice when hair is down, since they tend to stick out.

Ear rings or bars are great to be worn when you’re kicking back in a pair of jeans or a plain white tee, since they are casual and less formal. 

A pair of Etsy earrings are fun to wear when you’re out and about and want to be noticed because they are usually one of a kind designs that are vibrant, innovative, and handmade. 

Great for Men Too

Men can wear golden or silver studs or hoops pretty much anywhere. Hoops are worn for more formal events, and studs tend to be more work-wear acceptable. 

Earrings have been around for a very long time. These beautiful decorations are beloved and it is easy to see why. Be sure to consider their history the next time you hold a pair in your hands! They’ve come a long way and are still going strong!