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US Ring Size Chart

All sizing on our site is in US sizing.

If you know your US ring size and you were sized at a jewelry store or department store in the past, you're all set, head to the product pages and select your US sizing.

If you bought a ring from a general fashion store in the past and that is your sizing basis, we do recommend that you complete Option #1 below just to double check the sizing to make sure it matches (not required, just suggested).

OPTION #1 recommended

  1. Measure the inside diameter of an existing ring for your desired finger, across the exact center of the ring and between the inside edges
  2. Find your Diameter / US size on the chart below.
  3. If you’re unsure between 2 sizes, go with the larger one.


  1. Cut a 1/4 inch wide strip of paper long enough to overlap around your desired finger at the base. Pull the paper extra tight and overlapped. 
  2. Mark a line across the sides of the paper anywhere. Do not mark from the end of the strip of the paper, your sizing will be too large.
  3. Then measure in-between the two lines you marked.
  4. Find your Circumference / US size on the chart below.
  5. If you’re unsure between 2 sizes, go with the smaller one.


Head into a local department store or jewelry store and have your finger sized in US sizing for free.


    Super Easy! That's It!

    The average ring size for women is size 7 (for US and Canada) or size N½ (for UK and Australia).

    The average ring size for men is size 10 (for US and Canada) or size T½ (for UK and Australia).

    International Ring Sizing Chart