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Chunky Chain Necklace

Authentically designed and handcrafted in our Bali studio, our chunky chain necklace is esoteric and organic in form, ranging from minimal to extra chunky. Free resizing/exchanges on all products and free express worldwide shipping on orders over $150. 


Unique Handmade Jewelry

In the vibrant tapestry of Bali, our jewelry emerges from the boundless landscapes of Jesús Zabala's imagination. Unique concepts take tangible form as our artisans skilfully shape heavy metals and bring to life designs that echo Jesus's visions. 

As raw materials transform into intricate reflections of his creativity, each and every detail is an intentional mark, a brush against the conformity of today's norms. 

In this artful craftsmanship, imperfections are not flaws but rather signatures of authenticity. And so, each jewelry piece takes a unique journey from conception to completion until it reaches you.

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The obvious answer is always a chunky chain necklace when looking for a statement piece of jewelry. They allow you to achieve a bold look and elevate even basic outfits with only a single piece of jewelry.

Over the years in fashion, the chunky chain was in and out of style. This trend with big chain necklace fashion has had a resurgence in the past few years. In fact, chunky chains are a must-have piece for the upcoming summer season.


With the recent booming popularity of chunky chains, you can see them everywhere. People pair them with work outfits. Celebrities wear them on the red carpet and with everyday casual outfits.

The undeniability of the elevating effect of the chunky chain is the reason for its popularity. Best of all, chunky chain necklaces are universal, meaning men and women wear them. In the ancient past, they were worn by royalty and those rich enough to afford them.

The chunky chain link necklace is back in full swing this summer despite daintier pieces dominating the jewelry market for some time. The wonderful thing is that there are available various designs, sizes and types of chain link necklaces that suit all styles. The wonderful thing about chain necklaces is they are available in various types, designs, and sizes that suit all styles.

Clasp types

Bulky chain necklace have various clasp types that you can choose based on ease of use and preference.

Spring Ring Closure - This is one of the most common chain clasps. Larger spring ring clasps keep chunky chains more secure.

Lobster Claw Clasp - The lobster is another secure and easy-to-open and close clasp that keeps your chain around your neck safe.

Box Necklace Clasp - This clasp is popular for bracelets but is also one of the most secure closures for chunky chains. The box clasp is wider than other clasps, so it is better for chunky chain necklaces.

Layered Necklace Clasp - The layered clasp is great, especially with the large chain necklace trend of layering necklaces. The layered clasp allows you to experiment with your style and keeps necklaces from tangling due to the multiple hooks.

Types of chunky chains

There are various jewelry link types available, including:

Anchor Chain: Sturdy and durable, featuring oval links with a central bar, mimicking the style of ship anchor chains.

Rolo Chain: Characterized by its simple, symmetrical round or oval links connected in an alternating pattern, ideal for chunky necklaces.

Cuban Link Chain: A bold, chunky style popular in hip-hop culture, consisting of oval links that intersect in a rope pattern.

Curb Chain: A widely recognized style with interlocking links that lay flat, available in various sizes and perfect for chunky necklaces.

Byzantine Chain: An intricate, looping design made from rounded and bent links woven together, often used for women's chunky necklaces.

Figaro Chain: Features a pattern of two or three circular links followed by a longer one, inspired by the opera "The Marriage of Figaro."

Paper Clip Link Chain: A modern design with elongated links resembling paper clips, favored by influencers and the youth.


1. Can I wear a chunky chain necklace with a pendant?

Yes, you can. A chunky chain with a pendant is great for achieving a bold look with a single jewelry piece. Our sterling silver Ukra Pendant Chain necklace is a great choice for those looking for a unique necklace they can wear daily.

2. Can I adjust the size of a chunky chain necklace?

You can adjust the size of a chunky link necklace by adding or removing chain links. You can adjust the size at home with pliers. But if you want to avoid accidentally damaging the chain, take it to a jeweler for size adjustment.

3. What are the most suitable occasions to wear a chunky chain necklace?

You can wear chunky chains for any occasion, as they complement most styles. However, if you are attending a formal event like a wedding, you can wear a chunky gold chain. Sterling silver is definitely a good choice for everyday wear.

4. Can I wear a chunky chain necklace if I have sensitive skin?

Choosing a gold or silver chunky chain necklace is better if you have sensitive skin. This is because gold and silver are hypoallergenic metals. If you suspect that you are having an allergic reaction to any jewelry piece, you should contact a dermatologist.

5. Are chunky chain necklaces prone to tangling?

Like every other necklace, chunky chains are also prone to tangling. Tangling is especially possible when the chain links are removable and not soldered. You can prevent tangling by storing your necklaces individually.

6. How to determine if the chunky chain necklace is genuine or high-quality?

Many online stores falsely claim that their chains are genuine to scam clients. You can identify if your chain necklace is genuine if it is marked. For example, genuine sterling silver chunky necklaces will have 925 authenticity stamps marked on them.