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Mens Chain Bracelets

Authentically designed and handcrafted in our Bali studio, our mens chain bracelets are esoteric and organic in form, ranging from minimal to extra chunky. Free resizing/exchanges on all products and free express worldwide shipping on orders over $150. 

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Unique Handmade Jewelry

In the vibrant tapestry of Bali, our jewelry emerges from the boundless landscapes of Jesús Zabala's imagination. Unique concepts take tangible form as our artisans skilfully shape heavy metals and bring to life designs that echo Jesus's visions. 

As raw materials transform into intricate reflections of his creativity, each and every detail is an intentional mark, a brush against the conformity of today's norms. 

In this artful craftsmanship, imperfections are not flaws but rather signatures of authenticity. And so, each jewelry piece takes a unique journey from conception to completion until it reaches you.

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Men’s fashion constantly introduces new jewelry trends that fit multiple styles. But men's chain bracelets have been around since ancient times, and they seemingly never went out of fashion. They offer simplicity, versatility, and uniqueness all in one jewelry piece.

The British Royalty wore gold chain bracelets to express their high status and influence in the country. They also believed that wearing a chain bracelet represented an honor toward their tradition and family values.

Nowadays, men wear chain bracelets mainly for style purposes instead of focusing on historical or cultural meanings. Luckily, there are many different types, so let’s dive in and discover which would suit you the best.

Styles of Men’s Chain Bracelets

Men of all ages can wear chain bracelets due to their unique and timeless appearance. Not only are chain bracelets very stylish, but they also come in various designs and thicknesses, offering men to choose their preferred types.

  • Designs

  • All chain bracelets may look very similar to most men. But different designs of chain bracelets exist with a purpose - to provide different looks and bring individuality to the entire outfit. 

    Which of the below-mentioned designs are you drawn to?


    Mens chain bracelets in the Figaro design feature a few larger links in the oval shape intertwined with one smaller link in a round shape. This chain bracelet design was invented in Italy and continues to serve as a fashion statement worn by men worldwide.


    A box chain bracelet for men is also called a “Venetian Chain”, created from multiple cube-shaped links on a round wire. The attention to detail regarding this chain bracelet design is what makes it unique and classic at the same time.


    Mens chain bracelets in the snake design are very sleek and fashionable. They are made by intertwining the metal locks to create a twirled look reminiscent of a snake. Most snake chain bracelets are minimalistic and perfect for stacking.


    Considered very durable and valuable, the idea of rope chains comes from ancient Egyptians. Manufacturers connect small links and twist them together to create a rope chain bracelet resembling a fastened twine.

  • Clasp types

  • Chain bracelets can be very enjoyable to wear until it’s time to take them off. Some clasp types are so small for the size of men’s fingers that they cannot unfasten them. But don’t worry; we offer men's chain bracelets with practical and durable clasps.

    Most of our chain bracelets have the toggle clasp. Not only is this clasp very easy to get the hang of, but it also adds a unique detail to the jewelry piece. Many people don’t notice that the toggle is a clasp until it’s time to remove the chain bracelet.

    Additionally, lobster clasps and spring rings are popular clasp types for men’s chain bracelets. But even though they are less noticeable than toggle clasps, they can also be more flimsy and difficult to apply for many. 

  • Thickness variations

  • Chain bracelets for men can come in various thicknesses to suit different people’s jewelry preferences. There is something for everyone, from thin and minimalistic to large and bulky-looking men’s chain bracelets.

  • Styles

  • Mens chain bracelets can complement many styles, from formal to casual. Those who are unafraid to show the bold side of their fashion style have no problem wearing thick chains on their wrist. But some prefer thin chain bracelets and consider them more suitable for elegant occasions.

    Wondering which style is right for you? We can help you with that!


    Many consider a mens thin silver chain bracelet as classy and sophisticated, without looking like you tried too much to make a statement. These types of chain bracelets can be worn with elegant outfit combinations as a subtle detail.


    Layering multiple thin chains or wearing a heavy silver mens bracelet is considered edgy and cool. However, this style of men’s chain bracelets may not be appropriate for every occasion. Thick chains used to make jewelry pieces can hardly be worn elegantly.

    Materials for Men’s Chain Bracelets

    The quality of men’s chain bracelets often depends on the material they are made from. High-quality chain bracelets for men are durable. They are also wear-resistant and long-lasting, which helps them retain their original quality and shape.

    Choosing the right material for a chain bracelet is important to ensure it’s made to last and always looks as good as new.


    Gold is one of the most valuable materials for making men’s chain bracelets. The yellowish hue of gold chain bracelets gives them a unique sheen. There are also chain bracelets made of white gold, making them appear very similar to sterling silver.

    Although highly durable, gold requires constant polishing to stay shiny. A simple water and soap solution will do the trick. After soaking your gold chains, gently polish them with a soft cloth.

    925 sterling silver

    Most high-quality chain bracelets for men are made from sterling silver. Not only is this material highly durable, but it’s also very wearable and versatile. A real silver mens bracelet provides a special radiance that always looks polished and stylish.

    Regardless of the high-quality characteristics, silver bracelet for men may tarnish over time. Regularly clean your mens sterling silver chain bracelet with soap and water to ensure proper maintenance. Let it air dry before wearing it again.

    Black Oxidized Sterling Silver

    Some people don’t find the sheen of a sterling silver mens bracelet suitable for their fashion style. If you fit this category, try black oxidized silver chain necklaces. This metal type lacks the radiance of real silver and creates a faded effect when worn on your wrist.

    To avoid the black oxidation on a chain bracelet from wearing off, don’t expose it to direct sunlight and excessive moisture. Also, the black layer on a chain necklace may rub off easily if you shower or swim with it.


    One of the rarest and most expensive materials used to make chain bracelets for men is platinum. This material may appear very similar to sterling silver. But platinum is more resistant to scratches and doesn’t tarnish as easily as silver.


    The heaviest metal often used to produce men’s chain bracelets is titanium. Many consider it an investment since it’s known for being highly durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to dents, regardless of how often it’s worn.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the common lengths for men’s chain bracelets?

    Men’s chain bracelet sizes range from 7 - 9 inches. But 8 inches is the most common size for a man’s bracelet. 

    Thus, to choose the right length for your chain bracelet, ensure there is a bit of extra space between it and your wrist.

    How to determine the right size for a men’s chain bracelet?

    A men’s chain bracelet shouldn’t be too tight or loose on the wrist. Use a measuring tape and wrap it tightly around your wrist to determine the right size. Add half an inch to the wrist size measurements to ensure the chain bracelet fits you comfortably.

    Can men’s chain bracelets be resized?

    A professional jeweler can resize men’s chain bracelets. They use specific methods and tools to resize every type of jewelry by removing or attaching additional links. Then, they connect the bracelet links back together to achieve a comfortable fit.

    How to choose the right clasp for a men’s chain bracelet?

    The most important thing to remember when choosing a clasp for a men’s chain bracelet is the weight and size of the jewelry piece. Heavy chain bracelets require sturdy clasps instead of tiny ones. Toggle clasps can be attached using only one hand compared to other clasp types.

    Can men’s chain bracelets be worn in water?

    Some materials used to produce men’s chain bracelets, such as stainless steel, are water-resistant. However, it’s usually not recommended for bracelets made of sterling silver to be worn in water because they can undergo tarnishing.

    Are men’s chain bracelets suitable for sensitive skin?

    Metals that contain nickel are unsuitable for sensitive skin because they can cause irritations and rashes. But high-quality materials such as platinum are hypoallergenic and safe to wear for people with sensitive skin.

    What is the most durable type of chain used in men’s chain bracelets?

    Thick silver mens bracelet chains such as Figaro, rope, box, and snake are the most durable types used in men’s bracelets. They have a secure fastening design which prevents them from falling apart easily, making them convenient to wear daily.

    Can men’s chain bracelets be personalized with engravings?

    A solid metal piece can be attached to a men’s chain bracelet to allow including personalized engravings. Gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel can be laser-engraved to personalize the chain bracelet with a symbol or initials. Nonetheless, oxidized silver cannot because the layer will peel off.

    Are men’s bracelets suitable for gifting occasions?

    Engravings on a men’s chain bracelet can be a great occasion gift. Often, it’s difficult to find a gift that men will actually like. But customized gifts such as chain bracelets, including sweet messages, can be the perfect option.

    How to know if a men’s chain bracelet is genuine or of good quality?

    Jewelry dupes and imitations are taking over the Internet. So, you must ensure that the men’s chain bracelet you buy is genuine and of good quality. One way to discover the purity of materials used is to look for stamps such as 925 for sterling silver.