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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

How to Wear Earrings

Earrings are some of the jewelry pieces that are closest to the face. They have a direct impact on us, which makes it important to learn how to wear earrings to resonate with our appearance.

Since standing in front of a mirror and trying out every earring style might be challenging and time-consuming, we decided to create a guide that holds knowledge about the different types of earrings. 

Here, you’ll get to know how to style earrings based on face shape, hairstyle, neckline, metal type and more. Let’s dive in!

How to Wear Earrings

How to Wear Earrings

Based on the earring type 


Wearing stud earrings is a way to add a minimalistic charm to any outfit. This type of earrings often feature small gemstones and can be great for introducing a bit of color to any look. 

They are usually paired with a delicate necklace and make the perfect accessory for those not looking for jewelry that will dominate the outfit. 


Hoops are some of the most versatile ear decorations in the jewelry world. They come in a range of designs, and customers can find mini hoop earrings that feature a simple, classical look and larger, more abstract designs that make great statement pieces. 

Hoop earrings have a unique appeal and bring a unique touch to your wardrobe style. Depending on the design, they can add an element of sophistication or help achieve a bold, attractive look. 

Drop earrings 

Drop earrings are a good alternative to studs in casual wear. These types of earrings are very close to dangle earrings, but they don't swing as much and are overall less distracting. 

They are a great choice for individuals who want to achieve an effortless look and add more elegance to their style. 

Based on face shape 

Oval face 

Individuals with an oval face might be surprised to learn that they are free to experiment with different types of earrings without worry. Huggies, studs, and hoops all work well with an oval face. 

What you should consider is not choosing earrings with a long drop or dangle. These may elongate the face drastically, so it's worth being careful when styling them. 

Round face 

Round faces are most flattered by drop and dangling earrings. Individuals with round faces may find that a pair of long earrings may help elongate the face and achieve and strike a balance. However, they should steer clear from chunky, rounder earrings as these add more roundness to the face. 

Heart face 

The best approach to a heart-shaped face is to mimic its proportions. Pick earrings that are more slim at the top and wider at the bottom. Some earring types that can help balance a heart-shaped face include chandelier and teardrop earrings. Studs and clusters are also good options. 

Square face 

A square face is all about angles, meaning adding jewelry that emphasizes features such as a strong jawline is not a good idea. These individuals should wear earrings with a smaller number of angles or possibly none. 

Hoop earrings and other oval designs make an excellent choice for square faces as they help soften and balance the appearance of the square face profile. 

Diamond face 

Simpler, classical earring styles are found to work best with diamond faces. Balancing the widths and angles is the main goal of this face shape. One way to achieve this is by putting an emphasis on the ears which is usually created with stud earrings. 

Based on hairstyle 

Long hair 

Pairing long hair with earrings is oftentimes difficult as the hair is likely to get in the way, and the earrings might not gain the attention they deserve. The hair will likely hide the earrings, so it's best to choose simple pieces. 

For instance, wearing stud earrings is a great way to achieve balance without taking the attention away from the face. 

Short hair 

Combining earrings with short hair offers more flexibility and charm than pairing earrings with long hair. More boyish hairstyles like the pixie cut show off the ears and leave plenty of room to accessorize. 

For instance, a pixie cut is usually paired with cuff earrings to achieve a fierce feminine look and makes an excellent choice for women who prefer modern, edgy outfits. 

Short hair


The height of the ponytail, in combination with the face shape, defines what types of earrings are best to wear. For example, a person with a long face and a high ponytail will achieve a powerful look by adding hoop earrings to their ears. The hoops create an illusion that makes the face appear wider than it really is. 

A low ponytail and a round face go well with long earrings, as they help elongate the face and add a touch of elegance. 

Curly hair

As those with curly hair will tell you, their curls grab all the attention and offer a great opportunity to showcase your earrings. So, the simplest way to accessorize a curly hairstyle is by adding a pair of stud earrings. 

Stud earrings make an excellent choice for a casual, everyday style because they cannot get tangled in the hair. Hoops are another great choice for curly hair as they add volume to the look and create a fierce appearance. 

Based on neckline 


V-necks make an excellent choice for showing off your earrings. A V-neck offers immense versatility as it is used in casual and special-occasion dressing. This neckline works with a variety of earring types and is the go-to option when wearing statement pieces.

Statement pieces such as chunky hoops like the Krata Earrings create both a bold and elegant look. When wearing a V-neck, you won’t go wrong if you pair it with chunky hoops or layer simple studs; they’ll both add to your stylishness. 

Square neck 

The square neck also works well with both bold and subtle looks. For instance, combining a pair of small dangle earrings, such as our gold Best Wishes design, achieves a dramatic effect. 

The length of earrings is a critical aspect to be considered when it comes to square necklines. Be extra careful when choosing a pair of earrings, as the longer the earring, the more likely it is to detract the attention and cause a displeasing appeal. 

Scoop neck 

Scoop necklines leave much space for experimentation and creativity. For this neckline, we recommend pairing a pair of statement earrings with a chunky necklace. This will transform any plain outfit into an eye-catching look. Scoop necklines generally work best with dangling and larger statement earrings. 

Crew neck 

Chandelier and stud earrings are the two predominantly used options when elevating the look of a simple crew neck blouse. These earrings add a modern, stylish twist to the outfit and add the right amount of elegance without overpowering the look. 

If wearing a crew neck only with stud earrings seems overly simplistic, we recommend adding multiple piercings to achieve a bold statement. 

Based on the metal type 

Mixing different metal earrings is a great way to personalize your look. However, the pieces should be used in harmony to avoid a mismatch. 

Keep in mind that the ear's affinity for different metals is much smaller. This means focusing all the attention in one place can be a mistake. As a rule of thumb, it is best to spread the mixed metal jewelry across the entire look to achieve a pleasing effect. 

Introducing contrast is the best way to create an attractive earring style. We recommend using pairing metals that complement each other, such as silver and blackened silver. These give you the freedom to play with monochromatic and darker shades and add an element of edginess to your style. 

Combining copper and brass designs is also a good way to add a rustic, bohemian feel and add warmth to any outfit.

Based on the metal type


The art of wearing earrings lies in using them to highlight your best features. Learning how to wear earrings may take time and a couple of mistakes along the way to find what works and what doesn't. 

To summarize all the details we covered above, the wearer must take account of the face shape, hairstyle, and outfit when styling earrings. All these elements directly affect the visibility of the earrings and may hinder their effect when paired poorly. This is why it's important to consider these individual factors and evaluate your overall appearance before choosing a pair of earrings.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.