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Coin Necklace

A coin necklace is bright, beautiful, and it blends in with a wide range of other accessories and clothing styles. If you’ve never heard of a coin necklace before, read on to learn more about it, where it came from, and how you can style it today!

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What is a Coin Necklace?

A coin necklace is a pendant style necklace that has the charm of a coin. These charms come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and imprints; and the chain that it sits on comes in a wide range of lengths and style. The most popular kind of length to wear a coin necklace is either a princess length or matinee length. 

What is A Coin Necklace Composed Of?

Coin necklaces can be composed of either silver or gold. Most of these affordable necklaces are featured in 14k, but can range in weight and value of up to 24k gold. Sterling silver is the most popular grade, because it's shiny and strong! Sometimes, you can come across a vintage coin necklace that is even composed of copper! 

What Does a Coin Necklace Mean?

For centuries, both women and men have worn coin necklaces to bring them not just good luck, but good fortune. Who doesn’t want or need a little prosperity in their lives? Other times, a coin necklace was worn to symbolize a token of appreciation or for religious purposes since these necklaces were etched with biblical images or inscriptions. 

Where Did the Coin Necklace Come From?

Coin necklaces can be dated all the way back to the early 1600’s. Often etched and inscribed with biblical images and references, these rounded pendants were worn with love and had significant meaning!

Later on, the coin necklace became extremely popular again during the World Wars. Soldiers on duty would find interesting and unique coins and ship them back home to their girlfriends, wives, or loved ones. As a token of memorandum, these people would wear them on a chain around their necks! 

Today, coin necklaces are often worn by women of all races and cultures, for all kinds of reasons. Some wear them to carry on tradition and ward off evil. Others wear them to make a unique statement, while others wear them to honor a deceased loved one that the coin belonged to.

How Can You Style a Coin Necklace?

A coin necklace pendant looks amazing when worn with a crisp, button down white blouse and fitted pair of jeans. It is awesome when paired with other strands of chains and pendant necklaces in varying lengths as well!

Consider wearing a vintage coin necklace to up your fashion game! If you don't have one of these necklaces in your family jewelry line, you can find an authentic one at a local antique shop, online, or you can buy a new one that has vintage design qualities, giving it that authentic, aged look!

In conclusion, a coin necklace is a must have accessory that is sure to get noticed from its shine, its shape, and the way it adds to your overall style! Shop for one today.