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Stone Pendant Necklace

Welcome to JewelryLab. We've designed a few unique stone pendant necklace products for you to choose from. Each of our stone pendant necklace designs is 100% handmade and shipped worldwide for free. Stone pendants are great additions to many genres of looks. Checkout our collection today and if you have any questions, just shoot us a message in our Chat box. 

View our unique handmade stone pendant necklaces:


A stone pendant is a charm. Charms like this can be attached to a necklace chain of any make or length, as well as a bracelet. A stone pendant can be raw, polished, smooth, shiny, and can be available at many price points, so it is incredibly affordable for all. A stone pendant may be worn solo or worn with other layers or stone pendants. 

These solid, smooth, and stylish stones liven up all kinds of necklaces and can sit in a variety of settings. Perfect for any occasion, read on to learn your answers to some frequently asked questions about a stone pendant necklace. 


Stone pendants can be made from many materials. Some of the most featured stones in a stone pendant necklace include agate, quartz, red tiger eye, lapis, amethyst, and diamonds. While these are just a few options, there are many stones that can be turned into necklaces or bracelets. These necklaces look great when featuring one stone, but many can be set together, creating a stunning ensemble. 


Stone necklace pendants came all the way from the beginning! Dating back to the time Neanderthals lived, scientists have unearthed the remains of this group which included necklace pendants. While shells were strung on these thick fibers, the group became more sophisticated and started weaving and including stones in their accessories. While they weren’t anything fancy, the idea was there right from the start! These stone pendants were worn during rituals and may have held special meaning. 

Nearly every culture, every century captured their essence and spirit with a stone pendant. 

Today, stone pendants are worn regularly to promote one’s birth month. Birthstone pendants are highly affordable, meaningful, and easy to wear with many articles of clothing. They also make sweet, functional gifts!


A natural stone pendant necklace can be worn anywhere. It’s most popularly worn for day to day occasions, but it can be dressed up with other accessories for semi-formal events. 

Consider wearing a stone pendant with you solid toned or printed tees or camisoles. Wear them solo or layering them under denim jackets, kimonos, or cardigans. Stone pendant necklaces help to create a Boho-chic look, which is easy, breezy, and effortless. 

If wearing a stone pendant for formal occasions, opt to wear something like a diamond or quartz; as well as something else that is extremely sparkly to set the formal tone and get noticed in special event lighting. A little black dress is always a timeless choice that serves as a basic but bold backdrop for a stone pendant necklace.

A stone pendant makes a beautiful addition to your jewelry box. Consider purchasing one today that will help maximize the clothing you already own and is composed of high quality craftsmanship so it can be worn for many years.