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Jaguar Ring

Authentically designed and handcrafted in our Bali studio, our jaguar ring is esoteric and organic in form, ranging from minimal to extra chunky. Free resizing/exchanges on all products and free express worldwide shipping on orders over $150. 

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handmade rings

In the vibrant tapestry of Bali, our jewelry emerges from the boundless landscapes of Jesús Zabala imagination. Unique concepts take tangible form as our artisans skilfully shape heavy metals and bring to life designs that echo Jesus's visions. 

As raw materials transform into intricate reflections of his creativity, each and every detail is an intentional mark, a brush against the conformity of today's norms. 

In this artful craftsmanship, imperfections are not flaws but rather signatures of authenticity. And so, each jewelry piece takes a unique journey from conception to completion until it reaches you.

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Welcome to JewelryLab. Our custom handmade jaguar ring designs are unlike anything you'll find on the web today. Each of our jaguar ring pieces is 100% handmade in our Bali studio and shipped worldwide absolutely free of charge. Our jaguar rings are 100% original designs and made with only the highest quality precious metals.

We also encourage you to pair these jaguar ring styles with our Jaguar Necklace Pendant pieces.

View our handmade Jaguar Rings below:

Durable Quality

How can you ensure that you pick the right jaguar rings? It all comes down to materials. You want to consider choosing a jaguar ring silver in order to match the rest of your jewelry if you are a silver lover. It will also work nicely if you regularly wear two toned designs. Silver is sharp and shiny, and makes the design of the ring pop. Be sure to pick your jaguar ring from a renowned jeweler or site in order to ensure you receive a high quality, long lasting investment piece.

Once you choose your jaguar ring silver, don’t be afraid to wear it with everything that you own.

Great for Women Too

In order to complement a casual outfit, wear it with a pair of fitted girlfriend jeans, a comfortable tunic top that has a black and white striped print, and a pair of soft pink canvas sneakers.

Fun to Style

If you want to wear it at a more formal event like a wedding, reunion, party, or fancy dinner; a jaguar ring pairs well with a fitted black dress, stiletto heels, and diamond accessories.

In order to solely wear your jaguar ring with only formal attire, consider shopping around for a jaguar ring silver that also is lined with diamond chips for some added sparkle and shine.

Classic As Hell

Because a jaguar emblem is a classic, timeless, and popular design, it makes an awesome gift for the jewelry lover in your life. Consider gifting it to someone that you love or yourself, simply because; a little jaguar in your life makes your heart purr! Also see our Panther Ring products!

Jaguar Ring

Whether the jaguar is your spirit animal or simply part of your cultural heritage, its mighty appearance can complement a ring beautifully. A jaguar ring can be dressed up and down, be part of your daily look, or be used as a statement piece that elevates your outfit. 

At JewelryLab, we handmake our women’s and men’s jaguar rings to give them an original appearance that cannot be recreated. The unique engravings done by our gifted artisans add character to the ring, making it unique to you only. 

Below, we’ll fill you in on all you need to know about these timeless pieces.

Jaguar Ring Theme and Inspiration

The jaguar is a symbol of power in many cultures. Our jaguar rings for men and women signify strength and perseverance and are worn by the bold and fearless. They bring out your wild side– a trademark for this big cat.

Some people associate the jaguar with their spiritual journey, especially if they are undergoing a major life transformation. As a symbol of courage, wearing the striking jaguar ring can give you strength to overcome challenges and succeed. Your ring will constantly remind you of your journey, motivating you to see it through.

Handcrafted Excellence

Our Bali workshop is composed of a talented team of jewelry artisans involved in a detailed production process to create high-quality pieces. 

The process starts with creating molds, which shape the ring and give it a one-of-a-kind appearance. Then, the ring is fired to reinforce it and help it retain its shape, after which our artisans hand-finish the rest, adding tiny etchings for character.

Quality Materials

We use high-quality silver and brass to create our jaguar rings, sometimes fusing both metals for a standout look. Check out our brass and sterling silver jaguar ring and its dual appearance, which gives it character. 

We only use sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver and utilizes all the benefits of this precious metal, including its sleek look, sheen, and corrosion-free properties. Our brass jaguar rings are a more affordable, toned-down version and are resistant to tarnish – they only require basic upkeep. 

Style Guide for Jaguar Ring

Our jaguar rings for women and men are created with versatility in mind. Our entirely silver jaguar ring is a great choice for your daily jewelry combo and goes super well with a pair of silver earrings or a subtle bracelet. 

Many also like to wear a combination of two metals, such as in this dual-color ring with a jaguar emblem. The best thing about this ring is that you can mix and match it with different jewelry pieces made from both silver and brass. 

Our men’s and women’s jaguar rings signify power and exude elegance in every look. It’s safe to say that their eye-catching appearance will never go out of style.