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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Do Chunky Chain Necklaces Require Special Care?

A chunky chain necklace can be worn for various occasions because its versatility allows it. A big jewelry piece like a chain necklace will likely be noticed and remembered by those around you. But do chunky chain necklaces require special care? Let’s find out!

Taking the time to maintain special care for chunky chain necklaces will pay off in the long run. Regardless of a chunky chain necklace's style, size, and length, simple cleaning practices are all it takes to make your jewelry piece appear good as new.

Regular polishing with the right products, storage safety, and avoiding scratches on the material are the key maintenance techniques to keep your chunky chain necklaces clean and resistant to rusting.

Do chunky chain necklaces require special care
Source: jewelrylab.co

Do Chunky Chain Necklaces Require Special Care?

Do chunky chain necklaces require special care, or is it a common misconception? 

Like every other jewelry piece, chunky chain necklaces require proper maintenance to retain their quality and unique appearance. But that doesn’t mean they need some type of special care. The cleaning practices of chunky chain necklaces depend on the material they are made of.

Some people see a chunky chain necklace with pendant as too intimidating to wear. Others believe chunky chain necklaces are highly durable and almost impossible to damage, so they choose to wear them. But is this true? 

In this article, I will break down the most popular materials used to make chunky chain necklaces and the difference between them when it comes to maintenance. I will also propose a few ways of styling chunky chain necklaces if you want to try this trend.

925 sterling silver chunky chain necklaces

Silver necklaces tend to tarnish after some time of wearing them. Even the most high-quality 925 sterling silver chunky chain necklaces have visible tarnishing marks over time. Therefore, to preserve the unique sheen of a chunky silver chain, you need to clean and polish it from time to time with a suitable jewelry cleaner.

Black oxidized sterling silver chunky chain necklaces

Some people describe the trend of wearing black oxidized sterling silver chunky chain necklaces as looking intentionally “dirty and tarnished”. But this color is very popular for big jewelry pieces because it offers a unique appearance.

Avoid exposing the chunky chain necklace to water and heat when trying to prevent the black oxidization from fading.

Gold-plated or gold-filled chunky chain necklaces

A chunky chain necklace made of pure gold would be too heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, gold-plated chain necklaces can be a great alternative. Not only do they look very classy and expensive, but they are also very easy to maintain using only water and a soft cloth.

How to Care For Chunky Chain Necklaces?

Chunky chain necklaces can undergo discoloration and damage. Luckily, I will propose some preventative maintenance techniques. They might help your jewelry pieces last longer and retain their original quality.

Proper storage

Chain necklaces can be safely stored in a dark, cold drawer where heat and sunlight can’t enter. To ensure even more safety when it comes to proper storage of your chunky chain necklaces, put them in a jewelry box within a drawer.

Regular cleaning

Cleaning your chunky chain necklaces is important. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it every single day. Once every few weeks is deemed as regular cleaning for large jewelry pieces like bulky metal chains.

Avoiding damage

Metal materials are highly durable. They can offer an invulnerable appearance and feel. But they can get easily scratched if you are not careful enough. Therefore, avoid storing them very closely to other jewelry pieces that can scratch your chunky chain necklace.

How to Care For Chunky Chain Necklaces
Source: jewelrylab.co

Can I Properly Clean Chunky Chain Necklaces at Home?

Many believe that alcohol and toothpaste can be used to clean metal jewelry quickly. But the effectiveness of these techniques is not proven. To avoid putting abrasive products on chunky chain necklaces, consider the below-mentioned cleaning methods that are safer and less damaging.

Soap and water

Create a mild soap and water mixture and soak your chunky chain necklace in it for a few minutes. The water should be warm, but not hot. Remove the jewelry piece from the water and gently rub it with a soft towel or cloth. Then, let it air dry completely.

White vinegar

While soap and water can be used to clean all metals, white vinegar is a good cleaning solution only for chunky chain necklaces made of silver. To use this DIY cleaning solvent at home, soak your jewelry piece in a white-vinegar-filled container, rinse it with water and dry it with a cloth.

Lemon juice

The acidity of lemon juice can damage the quality of gold-plated chunky chain necklaces. However, it works wonders for silver chains. Soak a towel with lemon juice, place your jewelry piece inside for a few minutes, rinse it with water, and dry it with a gentle cloth.

How to Wear Chunky Chain Necklaces?

Chunky chain necklaces can make your outfit appear unique and enhance your style's bold side. There are a lot of ways to wear chunky chain necklaces. I will propose a few creative ways of styling this popular jewelry trend and incorporating it into your daily outfits.

Mix of metals

A metal chain can be eye-catching when worn on the neck. But what can leave an even more memorable impression is mixing two or more chunky necklaces made of different materials. The clash of metals will provide a contrasting sheen that’s impossible to avoid.


Searching for creative ways to spice up a basic outfit? Accessorizing can be the key! Try layering multiple chunky chain necklaces. Their versatility allows for mixing and matching necklaces with different thicknesses and lengths, which looks very interesting and unique.

The minimalist approach

Whereas some people are unafraid of wearing more than one chunky necklace at a time, others prefer a more simplistic look. Minimalists are not limited to wearing only small and dainty jewelry. Instead, one high-quality chunky chain necklace may be a great option.

How to Wear Chunky Chain Necklaces
Source: jewelrylab.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Can chunky chain necklaces rust?

Necklace chains can develop rust stains if they are exposed to excessive moisture for long periods of time. Therefore, it is very important to remove the rust from your chunky chain necklaces and polish the surface to bring back their original shine. 

Are chunky chain necklaces too heavy?

The weight of chunky chain necklaces depends on the materials they are made of. But regardless of the style and material, necklace chains shouldn’t be so heavy that they cause discomfort on your neck. Large pendants can add additional weight to a chunky chain necklace.

Should I wear chunky chain necklaces every day?

Whether your style is elegant or casual, there is no harm in wearing chunky chain necklaces daily. Remember to avoid showering and swimming with your large necklace chain to prevent the jewelry pieces from tarnishing.


So, do chunky chain necklaces require special care? That depends on the difference in materials and their maintenance techniques. Similar to all other jewelry types, large necklace chains won’t lose their unique bling if cared for well.

Although chunky chain necklaces are not necessarily low-maintenance, the cleaning process is simple and involves simple techniques.

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