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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Can Thick Chain Necklaces Be Layered?

Any outfit combination can be easily elevated with accessories, especially bold and eye-catching jewelry pieces. Wearing more bulky chains together can make an outfit even more unique. But can thick chain necklaces be layered, or should they be worn alone?

There are no set rules when it comes to layering jewelry. Although we often hear “less is more” to achieve a sophisticated look, that may not always be true. People who enjoy experimenting with their style have no problem layering more than one thick chain on their necks.

A stack of thick chain necklaces doesn’t look fashionable for some people. Others love the creativity involved in combining bulky jewelry pieces. Everyone has their preference when it comes to layering thick chain necklaces. Keep reading if you are interested in trying this trend.

Can Thick Chain Necklaces Be Layered?

Thick chains can be layered in various ways to create dimension in your look. Layering thick chain necklaces is often seen as an unexpected and bold move in men's and women's fashion. Some people are intimidated by wearing a thick link chain necklace. Are you one of them?

Since you landed on this page wondering can thick chain necklaces be layered, I assume you are willing to experiment with your look. Regardless of your personal style, you can find creative ways to superimpose jewelry pieces and make them look stylish.

You can choose from many types of thick chains and decide which would go well together. Interested in learning how to layer thick chain necklaces? I came up with a few ideas to create a balanced mix of bulky necklaces.

Mixed metals

Mixed metals

Wearing mixed metals chain necklaces is a great way of adding unique flare and texture to your look. A thick silver chain can be combined with a thick gold chain to create a contrasting effect. Ensure the thick chain necklaces you choose are high-quality and have a radiant sheen.

Varying necklace lengths

Try to combine pieces with varying lengths to achieve balance while layering multiple thick chain necklaces. An overlay of two long or two short necklaces doesn’t always look the best. 

However, a short and long necklace combination will accentuate the individual beauty of all layered pieces.

Common chain necklace lengths


Positioned high on the neck, but not as high as a choker


Settled right along the neckline


Stands between the collarbone and the chest


Hangs just above the chest


Positioned at the upper chest


Hangs a bit under the chest

Different chain thicknesses

Two thick chain necklaces layered together will definitely make a statement. You can also experiment with different chain thicknesses. For example, combine a thick chain with a thinner chain necklace and ensure they pair well.

How to Wear Layered Chain Necklaces?

The layered chain necklace look has become very popular recently. Men and women are rocking this style by combining multiple chain necklaces and wearing them simultaneously. 

Let’s see how you can incorporate layered chain necklaces into your daily attire.

Simple outfits

If you are a fan of the minimalistic look, I gather you love simplicity. Are you one of those people who love the T-shirt and jeans combo but sometimes need to spice it up? The easiest way to do this is by layering multiple chain necklaces with your preferred thickness and length.

Prevent tangling

Small, delicate, and thin chain necklaces can get easily tangled if layered on top of one another. This is your opportunity to use your thick chain necklaces and prevent this frustrating intermingling. Layering them together can also make your outfit appear cooler.

Colorful pendants

Not everyone sees beauty in a simple chain necklace, regardless of its size and length. However, many consider thick chain necklaces with colorful pendants as statement pieces that never go out of style. Therefore, this trend is worth trying. Also, you will include some personality and interest in your overall look.

Consider the weight

Thick chain necklaces can be slightly heavy. Layering more than one at a time can add to the weight. However, the thick chain necklaces you decide to layer shouldn’t be so heavy that they create neck pain and discomfort. 

A thin and thick necklace chain combo will create weight balance.

Open neckline

If you decide to layer thick chain necklaces, you want people to see them, right? 

Ensure you wear tops with open necklines to provide enough space for the layered chains to lay comfortably. A lower neckline is perfect for layering longer chains. High-neckline tops look best with thick chain necklaces that are shorter in length.

Open neckline

Frequently Asked Questions

Should thick chain necklaces be long?

Thin chain necklaces for men and women are short. In comparison, thick chain necklaces tend to be longer. Some people have worn thick chain necklaces that go down to their belly buttons. However, not everyone enjoys wearing extremely long necklaces.

Can you layer more than two thick chains?

A stratum of two thick chains is bold enough, but wearing additional pieces is even more courageous. If you want to layer more than two thick chains, ensure the top and bottom chain necklaces are the most attention-grabbing. The other pieces can be simpler.

Should you wear layered chain necklaces every day?

Thick metal chains can be versatile when layered cohesively. Wearing layered thick chain necklaces with your casual outfits will make you stand out. 

Some types of thick chains might not be appropriate when layered for elegant occasions.


While some people prefer simplicity, others wonder can thick chain necklaces be layered. I hope I answered this query for many of you today. There is no right or wrong way of wearing thick chains; everyone should be free to express their unique style by accessorizing.

Mixing and matching different styles of thick chain necklaces is a creative way of changing up your look. But ensure you don’t pile multiple chains on your neck with the intention of overdoing it. This might look like you tried very hard to stand out.

Instead, explore the different metal types chain necklaces can be made of and their different lengths and thicknesses to create your own one-of-a-kind look.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.