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by Jesús Zabala - 3 min read

Fashion Jewelry vs Costume Jewelry

Fashion jewelry and costume jewelry are integral to those who want to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. Although these types of jewelry are essentially the same, there are some subtle differences that set them apart. So, fashion jewelry vs costume jewelry, what is their difference and which jewelry is right for you?

Keep reading as we dive into the fashionable world of fashion and costume jewelry, their pros, cons and affordability.

Fashion Jewelry vs Costume Jewelry

So, fashion jewelry vs costume jewelry, what is their main difference and how can we tell them apart? Costume jewelry, which is known by the name fake or imitation jewelry, consists of non-precious materials like plastic, glass, base metals, and synthetic gemstones. Its purpose is to complement the fashion style while avoiding the high price of fine jewelry.

On the other hand, fashion jewelry uses trendy ornaments made of brass, steel, and beads that are sometimes combined with semi-precious stones. Unlike costume jewelry, fashion jewelry reflects contemporary trends and offers more options for combining your style.

Fashion Jewelry
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Price range and accessibility

When it comes to the price and availability of these jewelry, they differ in terms of their purpose and the material from which they are made.

The price of fashion jewelry, for example, can vary depending on the design, the brand, and the material used to make it. Thus, the price can be moderate to high, offering options for a wide range of consumers who want to complement their style without paying a high price.

On the other hand, costume jewelry is generally more affordable due to its use of inexpensive materials. Therefore, this type of jewelry is far more affordable than fashion jewelry for those people who are looking for fashion accessories on a budget.

Design styles and trends

Fashion and costume jewelry also differ in their incorporation of different trends. In the following, we will focus on the features of these necklaces when it comes to styles and design trends:

Fashion jewelry design

  • It represents current fashion trends and aesthetics
  • It may contain high-quality crystals and semi-precious stones
  • Crafting can be detailed and intricate
  • It offers various choices that can be incorporated into different occasions, from special, classic, and avant-garde to everyday occasions

Costume jewelry

  • It is often inspired by retro and vintage aesthetics
  • It contains larger thematic and design elements with playful colors
  • Ideal for making a fashionable impression that fits with a fashionable outfit
  • It contains a large selection of designs that can be simple, quirky, and elegant
Costume jewelry
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Fashion Jewelry vs Costume Jewelry: Pros and Cons

Like any jewelry, fashion and costume jewelry have their advantages and disadvantages. In the following, we will focus on the most important positives and negatives of these popular pieces of jewelry:

Fashion jewelry


  • Greater durability and quality compared to costume jewelry
  • It can include high-quality materials and semi-precious stones
  • A wide selection of styles and designs from renowned designers and brands


  • It may require more care and maintenance due to the use of quality materials
  • Higher price compared to costume jewelry

Costume jewelry


  • Affordable for a wide range of consumers
  • It can be used at costume events, themed parties, or for everyday use
  • It has a wide range of trendy and playful designs


  • Some of the materials may cause allergic reactions
  • Less durable and prone to wear and tear compared to fashion jewelry


What is the difference between fashion jewelry and costume jewelry? After seeing the main differences between these two jewels we can conclude that both find a place among consumers and complement their fashion style. Fashion jewelry is generally higher quality and often represents current trends, while costume jewelry is affordable, fun, and allows you to make a fashion statement without hitting your budget.

So, fashion jewelry vs costume jewelry, have you decided which jewelry suits you? When choosing between these two pieces of jewelry, always consider multiple preferences. Your needs, budget, and purpose of jewelry are just some of the factors that can help you choose jewelry that will reflect your style and make you stand out from the crowd.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.