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by Jesús Zabala - 4 min read

Why Handmade Jewelry is Better?

Whether looking to express your personal style and your character through jewelry or simply looking for that unique gift for a special one, handmade jewelry is a go-to option for most. While there are countless jewelry types available on the market, handmade jewelry still takes the place of being the most unique one out there, crafted by skilled artisans. But why is that so? Why handmade jewelry is better than mass-produced? 

Mass-produced jewelry is made by using machines. Although machine-made jewelry takes a steady pace over handmade jewelry, it negatively impacts the environment.

Stay as we are about to explain the benefits of handmade jewelry and why at least a piece of such jewelry type should be a must-have in any jewelry collection.

Reasons Why Handmade Jewelry Is Better
Source: jewelrylab.co

Reasons Why Handmade Jewelry Is Better

We, as handmade artists, craft our artwork according to the client's preferences and desires, creating a solid bond between us and the customers. We invest a lot of time and patience in every part of jewelry production, and even the tiniest element of creation is essential for us and our client's satisfaction.  But what makes handmade jewelry even better? Unique design, exclusivity, and custom-made pieces are only a few of the benefits you get when choosing handmade over machine-made.

1. Unique and one-of-a-kind designs

Opposed to mass-produced jewelry, often produced in large quantities, handmade jewelry is crafted by skilled artisans, which emphasizes differences in structure, texture, appearance, and purpose and results in unique items. Don’t expect to find two identical pieces of handmade jewelry.

One of the reasons why handmade jewelry is better than machine-made jewelry is that with handmade jewelry, you can choose to wear pieces tailored especially for you. You get to choose the shape, size, and material, allowing us to create a solid bond between us and the customers.

Artisans put all their passion into making one-of-a-kind jewelry and have endless room for originality and experimentation with designs and techniques. They mix materials, play with styles, and add a personal touch to jewelry, contributing to handmade jewelry's exclusivity. The attention to detail in handcrafted jewelry is unparalleled. 

When we discuss handmade jewelry vs. machine-made, we notice that machine-made pieces can never have the soul of a handmade piece because machine-made is densely mass-produced, and each piece feels the same. Machine-made ornaments don’t have the feeling of being personalized and lack the charm handmade jewelry conveys.

2. Skilled artisans and their expertise

We put a part of ourselves into every creation, carefully constructing our artworks with a lot of thought and vision. As a result, we create delicate, timeless designs that never go out of style. Such handmade compositions speak for our work, performed with much care, precision, dedication, knowledge, and, importantly, endless imagination. 

We, as crafters specializing in handmade jewelry, use the best materials, picking high-quality and pure metals and mixing them correctly. Consequently, handmade jewelry’s value and reputation are far greater than machine-made jewelry. 

One of the benefits of handmade jewelry is that it’s denser, which makes it more durable. The quality craftsmanship and the incredible attention to detail make handmade jewelry striking, while the resources and remarkable construction we use in the making process make its longevity superior. 

Materials such as sterling silver, brass, and gold are known to be incomparable to other jewelry materials. Besides the close to non-existing chances to cause an allergic reaction, these precious materials stand the test of time and rarely tarnish. Handmade jewelry pieces can last a lifetime when properly taken care of and cleaned

Skilled artisans and their expertise
Source: jewelrylab.co

3. Artistic expression and creative freedom

Another one of the reasons why handmade jewelry is better than machine-made jewelry is artistic autonomy. The molds and shapes used in mass-produced jewelry can’t nearly reach the beauty of the million details created by an artisan’s hands. 

We have the tools, materials, and abilities to craft jewelry. The freedom to innovate plays a grand role in creating handmade jewelry, enabling us to discover new forms, techniques, and designs constantly. 

The artistic expression that radiates from every item adds character and meaning to our jewelry creations, enabling you to express your identity by proudly wearing a piece of art.

4. Sustainable and ethical practices

Why buy handmade jewelry? Well, because it’s far more sustainable and ethical from both a human and environmental perspective. 

Besides all of the above, the sustainability and ethical practices in making handmade jewelry are excellent examples of why handmade jewelry is better than machine-made. 

When comparing handmade jewelry vs. machine-made, we witness that machine-made jewelry tends to profit, not emphasizing where the materials are sourced from or how human labor is employed. 

This is never the case with handcrafted pieces because artisans carefully source materials in compliance with environmental laws. The gems used in crafting are responsibly selected from countries with ethical mining and labor laws. 

5. Supporting independent artisans and local communities 

By investing in handmade pieces, you support independent artisans and local communities. The money goes directly to the artisan’s small community, enabling them to grow and make a change. 

Buying a handcrafted jewelry item helps us continue our meaningful work and preserve the traditional and cultural importance of handcrafting. The survival of handmade artisans is essential for preserving a craft that’s as old as time and contributing to sustainability and cultural heritage at a large scale.

Supporting independent artisans and local communities

Source: jewelrylab.co


We hope this short read has helped you understand why handmade jewelry is better than machine-made and how they differ. The peculiarities and possibilities of handmade jewelry never cease to amaze us because a machine can never replenish the marvels created by a skilled human hand.

Choosing handmade jewelry is about respecting its significance, embracing its extraordinaire, and continuing its legacy. It’s also about supporting craftsmen and artists and practicing sustainability and ethics in a consumption-driven world. Finally, it’s about getting closer to yourself, embracing your journey, and learning to voice your identity, moods, and ideologies boldly and differently.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.