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by Jesús Zabala - 6 min read

Hypoallergenic Jewelry Materials

Are you one of those people who have allergic reactions to jewelry but just can’t live without these styling accessories? We've got you covered as we reveal the hypoallergenic jewelry materials that you may want to consider when purchasing your next jewelry piece.

The list of hypoallergenic materials for jewelry is bigger than you might think, leaving you with various options. Let’s find out what jewelry materials are suitable for people with metal allergies and might be gentle on your sensitive skin while giving you a stylish look.

Hypoallergenic Jewelry Materials

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Common Allergenic Metals

Before we uncover the best jewelry material for sensitive skin, it’s beneficial for you to know which metals might commonly cause allergic reactions. The top three jewelry materials that are considered allergenic metals are nickel, copper, and cobalt.

This isn’t the case only for pure metals. If a piece of jewelry is made from alloy, which is made by combining two or more metals, and if one is considered allergenic, the jewelry might not be for you.


Nickel as a metal might cause allergic reactions in some people. Unfortunately, the exact reason why nickel allergy appears is unknown. But on the other side, it can be easily managed by limiting contact with the metal.

Typically, women might be more affected than men. According to the Nickel Institute, between 15% and 16% of women are allergic to nickel, while the numbers for men are 4% to 5%.

The common symptoms of allergy caused by nickel exposure might include itchy or inflamed skin, rash, and blisters. In medical terms, these nickel allergy symptoms are often referred to as allergic contact dermatitis or eczema.


Cobalt is another metal that might cause allergies. Typically, cobalt allergy might be associated with atopic dermatitis. Like with other metal allergies, the common symptom might be allergic contact dermatitis, which may come with itching, dry and cracked skin, bumps and blisters, swelling, burning, and similar.


Allergic reactions to the copper in jewelry may be very rare, but they happen. One of the most common misconceptions about copper is that the appearance of green discoloration is a symptom of copper allergy. 

However, that is not true and the discoloration happens when the skin is moist from perspiration and the copper reacts to it. If your immune system reacts to the copper, you might experience allergic contact dermatitis or immunologic contact urticaria, which is a hypersensitive skin reaction.

Copper Jewelry

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List of Hypoallergenic Jewelry Materials

What metal jewelry is hypoallergenic? Knowing this will make your shopping easier and safer. You won’t need to worry about having itchy or red skin, swelling, or blistering. 

The hypoallergenic jewelry materials include titanium, niobium, platinum, fine silver, palladium, and tungsten carbide. In the following, we elaborated more about them:


Titanium is one of the hypoallergenic jewelry materials. Also, titanium might be an excellent choice if you have sensitive skin or allergic reactions to metals, and it is light and durable. 

A high-quality product made from titanium is also corrosion-resistant. So, you won’t have to worry about your jewelry showing signs of rust if it has contact with water. 

Another benefit of titanium is that it comes in different colors. If the metal undergoes the process of anodizing, it will have an anodic oxide finish in different colors.

However, when looking at jewelry made from titanium, you should know that the metal typically comes in different purity grades. Generally, the purest titanium graded with 1 and 2 might be the best for sensitive skin.


Niobium is a gray metallic element that is commonly used for all types of jewelry. The metal can turn into a bluish color when it is oxidized. The ability to change color with oxidation allows us jewelers to make hypoallergenic necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

If you have a history of allergic reactions to metals, picking niobium pieces of jewelry might be one of your safest options. Compared to titanium, niobium is generally a softer metal, making it an excellent material for making jewelry.

Due to its soft and smooth structure, it might not cause skin irritations. In addition, niobium is a lightweight metal, making it extremely comfortable to wear. So, what is the most hypoallergenic metal for earrings? Well, niobium is one of the top choices.


Platinum is one of the most expensive hypoallergenic metals. However, alloying is needed since the pure platinum is too soft for making jewelry. 

Depending on the manufacturer, platinum can be adjusted for making jewelry by mixing it with palladium, iridium, and ruthenium. If you have metal allergies, you should ensure that the platinum alloy doesn’t contain the material that irritates your skin.

Platinum is a highly durable and strong metal. In other words, if the jewelry piece is correctly crafted, you can wear it on a daily basis without noticing signs of wear and tear.

So, what rings are hypoallergenic and yet long-lasting? You won’t make a mistake with platinum. Rings and other jewelry pieces made from platinum have high resistance levels and can be worn in both cold and hot weather conditions.

Fine silver

Fine silver is a pure metal that is entirely hypoallergenic. Yet, the problem is that fine silver is challenging to make jewelry. Consequently, there is almost no fine silver jewelry available. Instead of fine silver, sterling silver is used.

In addition to fine silver, sterling silver is considered a hypoallergenic option. We consider it one of the most durable and affordable options for all kinds of jewelry. That’s why you can order anything from rings and bracelets to stylish necklaces and earrings from our JewelryLab online shop. 

All of our jewelry pieces are made from the highest-quality sterling silver, like our Arka Chain Bracelet. Plus, we have the biggest offer when it comes to unique models that can complement every style.


The most common palladium alloy is 950 palladium. It is made out of 95% palladium and 5% ruthenium. The metal is popular because of its purity and resistance to tarnishing.

Palladium might be suitable for everyone who has allergies to other metals like nickel. In addition, it is lightweight, durable, and gives jewelry an attractive look.

Palladium Jewelry

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Tungsten carbide

The last on the list of hypoallergenic jewelry materials is tungsten carbide. It is known in the jewelry-making industry for its superior durability. If you choose jewelry made from tungsten carbide, you will be getting a scratch-resistant piece that will be gentle on your skin.

In addition, the metal is extremely tough, making it suitable for everyday wear. Even if you are living an active lifestyle, you won’t be putting your jewelry at risk of damage.

Considerations for Choosing Hypoallergenic Jewelry

The most important consideration when you are choosing your jewelry is knowing your personal sensitivity and allergies. The allergic reactions appear differently and vary from one person to another. Unless you try it, you can’t know for sure what metals have a composition that will be friendly to your skin.

If you have previous problems with jewelry made from a particular metal, you should avoid purchasing accessories that contain it, even if it is an alloy. We highly recommend choosing pure hypoallergenic metals.

However, not all that is advertised as hypoallergenic truly is. You should only purchase jewelry from trusted manufacturers that use high-quality and pure metals. You should always check the jewelry's markings and ask the jeweler what materials are used to make the jewelry.

Ultimately, after you have the best jewelry material, it is up to you to choose long-lasting jewelry according to your style. Find designs that you will like and enjoy accessorizing them.


The design of the jewelry is important for your taste, but the metal it is made of is something to consider for comfortable and carefree accessorizing. Ensure you are looking at the section with pieces from hypoallergenic jewelry materials. 

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