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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

20 Easy Ways to Travel with Jewelry: Avoid Tangles, Bent Jewelry & More!

20 Easy ways to travel with jewelry to avoid tangles, bent jewelry and more by packing your favorite jewelry can be a tricky task. Jewelry can get tangled, lost, or even bent out of shape during travel, which can put a damper on your overall trip.

  • With so many people traveling to a variety of different destinations today it is more important than ever before to manage jewelry in the smartest ways possible while on the go.
  • Best of all, having all of your favorite jewelry on hand and available when traveling allows you to stay more trendy and stylish.
  • As an added bonus, with quick and easy access to some of your most versatile jewelry, you will not have to bring a ton of outfits along. 
  • In short, accessorizing your look with the right jewelry makes for more efficient traveling and a more attractive look overall.
  • Here are some simple and innovative ways of traveling with jewelry that can be done inexpensively and with simple items found around the house.
  • Bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces among other pieces travel well with a little bit of planning and foresight.
  • Staying organized with regard to your jewelry pieces really begins with luggage.

Here are 20 great ideas on how to better manage the packing of jewelry while you travel about.

20 Easy Ways to Travel with Jewelry  Avoid Tangles, Bent Jewelry & More!

The Hard Sided Case for Jewelry

This type of traveling accessory can be found almost anywhere online today. While this option will require more space when traveling, this is perhaps the most protective method of safely transporting jewelry in individualized compartments that also offers maximum organization and protection.

A Mint or Candy Tin

Here is a fun and clever idea for storing jewelry when traveling. Simply incorporate a used mint or candy tin into your travel plans. These are great containers for holding jewelry especially when something soft like cotton balls or felt pieces are added in to provide ample cushioning.

Drawstring Style Jewelry Pouch

This is simply a pouch that can be used as a jewelry holder. This type of accessory can be purchased or made on your own. When using a jewelry pouch, all you must do is place your jewelry pieces on a circular section of fabric that has strings and pull it snug into a pouch. This is typically not the best choice for necklaces.

Ring Style Metal Clips

This is yet another great option for traveling with jewelry. Ring style metal clips are often used for school projects or creating crafts. That said, they are also very useful for traveling with bracelets, rings and necklaces. Simply open the clip and hook each piece of jewelry onto the clip and then pack it away.

The Pill Container Option

Remember those rather familiar pill organizer containers? Well they turn out to be a great option for traveling with jewelry. This inexpensive option for storing jewelry on the go can be purchased at your local pharmacy for just a few dollars. Rings and earrings as well as other pieces can be separated and organized quite easily.

a jewelry necklace having a pendant of an open hand

Plastic Straws

Not surprisingly, plastic drinking straws are useful in preventing necklaces from becoming tangled. All that is necessary is to thread a necklace chain through the straw and then clasp it together. When traveling this is an excellent way to prevent tangles in delicate and expensive necklaces.

Toiletry Style Travel Containers

Widely available today, toiletry style travel containers are inexpensive and easy to acquire. While these containers are often used for snacks and toiletries, they are also a great option for organizing earrings, rings and necklaces. This helps to prevent tangling and keeps you more organized while on the go.

Saran Wrap

This is another innovative way of using common things that are found around your home to organize jewelry while traveling. Jewelry placed onto Saran wrap that is then pressed together will keep all individual pieces separate, organized and untangled. This is perhaps one of the least expensive options when it comes to traveling with jewelry.

The Ziploc Bag Option

Almost as inexpensive as using Saran wrap, Ziploc bags can easily be used to transport jewelry while traveling. One great example is to place the end of a necklace in the zipper portion of the bag as a way to prevent tangling. Earrings as well as rings can also be placed into individual bags to make for easy access while away from home.

Fabric Rolls

This is another clever option for traveling with jewelry. A piece of fabric with zippered compartments can easily be used to organize jewelry and keep it safe while traveling from place to place. This is another inexpensive option worth considering.

Fabric Rolls to store jewelry

Hand Towels and Rubber bands

These simple household items can be used to make a unique jewelry roll that is perfect for traveling. No need to sew or piece together. Simply place jewelry that is separated on a hand towel and then roll it up carefully. Rubber bands can be used to secure this smart travel solution.

Bead Organizer or Container

Readily available in most craft stores, bead organizers or containers are typically made of see-through plastic and have removable type compartments. This offers convenience and makes traveling with jewelry incredibly easy and organized.

Pencil Erasers

When trying to come up with clever ideas for traveling with jewelry, pencil erasers are one great option. This is an excellent way of keeping track of stud earrings as you travel about. Simply stick the sharp pin portion of an earring into an eraser and pack away as necessary.

Cases used For Contact Lenses

Equally impressive when it comes to unique jewelry travel solutions, contact lens cases are perfect for tiny jewelry items such as earrings and rings. Simply clean out the case and use it as you see fit to travel efficiently with all types of small jewelry pieces.

Discarded Toilet Paper Cardboard Roll

Next on our list is a simple toilet paper cardboard roll. All you have to do is loop a bracelet around the roll and then strand any type of necklace right through the tube and secure. Pack carefully in your suitcase and you are good to go.

woman wearing a solid silver chain link necklace

Eyeglass Cases

Eyeglass cases work particularly well when trying to transport jewelry while traveling. Virtually any type of eyeglass case available today can be converted into a case for traveling with rings, earrings and bracelets as well as necklaces. Take advantage of this simple and inexpensive option that allows you to recycle something that might otherwise be tossed out.

Buttons and Safety Pins

Here are a couple of clever and very inexpensive options for traveling with jewelry. With safety pins all you have to do is loop a necklace or other similar type of jewelry piece through the pin and clasp it closed. With buttons, all that is necessary is to thread earrings through the button as a way to keep them organized and to ensure that they do not become lost.

Chapstick Container

The list of items that can be recycled and used as jewelry containers is endless. A typical Chapstick container that has been completely cleaned out is perfect for holding earrings and other small jewelry items. This container is so small that it can be kept in a purse or stored in a travel case.

Simple Index Cards

It really doesn't get any simpler than using index cards to travel with jewelry. Earrings can be pushed through an index card with their backs then attached while bracelets and necklaces can be wrapped around this type of card for easy and convenient travel.

Cork from a Wine Bottle

The last item on our list of 20 is the simple cork used in a bottle of wine. Just as we used erasers to travel with small pieces of jewelry, corks can be used in the same way. From small earrings to other items that can be pushed into a cork, this is a great way to travel with jewelry.

A man in black is wearing a chain link jewelry necklace with a safety pin design.

Lighten the Load

The next time you think about traveling with jewelry consider these smart and easy solutions for keeping all of your jewelry items safe while flying, driving or even taking a cruise.

  • As a note of caution, always avoid traveling with very expensive jewelry and rather opt for less expensive pieces in the event that something becomes lost or stolen.
  • At the end of the day, traveling with jewelry can improve your visual appeal and help you to lighten the load in terms of how many outfits you will require on any given trip.
  • Contact [company name] today to learn more about the proper care of your treasured jewelry.

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