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by Jesus Zabala - 4 min read

What Is Contemporary Jewelry?

Jewelry is one of the oldest expression forms. Yet, as the name suggests, contemporary jewelry dates several decades back. Every period has its unique characteristics, which, among other things, are expressed through jewelry. In this article, we aim to explain what is contemporary jewelry, how it is made, why it is unique, and what inspires us to create it.

Let’s delve into the world of contemporary jewelry!

What Is Contemporary Jewelry

What Is Contemporary Jewelry?

Contemporary jewelry is a current and trendy trend, designed in the present day and made by using unconventional materials, like wood or plastic, to create abstract or asymmetrical designs. Contemporary jewelry is a form of self-expression typical of the present day rather than classic jewelry.

The main difference between modern and contemporary jewelry is in their aesthetic appeal. While modern jewelry is seen as sophisticated and elegant, contemporary jewelry is avant-garde and edgy. Contemporary jewelry is a form of self-expression rather than ornament.

Innovative use of materials

One of the characteristics of contemporary jewelry is its innovative use of materials. As jewelers who design contemporary jewelry, we often experiment with non-traditional materials, like plastic, rubber, glass, and even organic elements like wood. We can create unique and attractive pieces that go beyond traditional beauty and value by using unconventional materials.

Besides these unconventional materials, we tend to incorporate found objects into our work. For example, we can use stones, shells, and even old watch parts. Often, we combine non-traditional elements with traditional materials to create a piece of jewelry that is relevant to today’s style.

Another characteristic of contemporary jewelry is the fusion of traditional and contemporary materials. We often mix conventional metals, like silver or gold, with contemporary materials, like resin and acrylic. We are free to express ourselves through our creations since we want to push the boundaries of what is considered jewelry.

Unique design concepts

Contemporary jewelry is unique. Unlike traditional jewelry, with contemporary pieces, we explore abstract and avant-garde designs and experiment with form and structure.

While with traditional jewelry, we focus on symmetry and known forms, with contemporary jewelry, we express asymmetry, irregular shapes, and unconventional looks.

Moreover, with this jewelry style, we highlight conceptual and narrative elements. Contemporary jewelry, for us, is a medium for expressing ideas, emotions, or personal stories. So, we create each piece as a symbolic representation of specific things. For us, contemporary jewelry pieces are more than ornaments. They are wearable art.

Moreover, we like to experiment with form and structure. We construct, deconstruct, and reimagine to create multidimensional pieces and expand the possibilities that jewelry offers.

Contemporary jewelry today

Contemporary jewelry today encompasses many styles, techniques, and approaches. Below are some current trends and elements we implement in contemporary jewelry design.

  • Mixed metals– we combine different types of metals, like gold and silver or brass and copper, for contrast, making for an eye-catching jewelry piece.
  • Statement pieces– bold and attractive jewelry continues to be trendy. These statement pieces feature oversized shapes, vibrant colors, and materials like resin and acrylic.
  • Nature-inspired designs– nature is a significant source of inspiration for us and many other jewelers. Our company’s mission is to encourage everyone to live as they want, representing their true self. That is why our jewelry pieces as objects found in nature are asymmetrical.
  • Customized jewelry pieces– custom-made jewelry has gained popularity, allowing customers to have pieces made according to their personal preferences. We can engrave initials or something else with sentimental value for you.

Contemporary jewelry today

Design inspirations and themes

  • Nature and organic forms– we draw inspiration from the beauty of nature. Our designs include different shapes and animal motifs because we want to represent natural beauty and harmony.
  • Cultural and historical references– we explore different cultural traditions and symbols and create jewelry that pays homage to certain cultures or stories. We draw inspiration from many cultures around the world. Our jewelry includes traditional motifs, patterns, and symbols, and we created it with an artistic approach.
  • Minimalism and geometric shapes– we are known for our minimalistic and clean designs. We incorporate geometric shapes, like circles and squares, to design contemporary pieces. We focus on simplicity and minimalism.

Benefits of Contemporary Jewelry

You can benefit from wearing contemporary jewelry in the following ways:

Unique and original designs

You get to wear original and one-of-a-kind designs. Contemporary jewelry has an unconventional design, so you will definitely stand out from the crowd. You can make a statement with your jewelry pieces or wear jewelry with interesting shapes and unconventional materials.

Personal expression and style

Contemporary jewelry is a great way for you to express your personal style. You can find pieces of jewelry that represent your interests and values. Contemporary jewelry will let you make a personal statement through personal engravings, symbols, or atypical materials.

Personal expression and style


So, what is contemporary jewelry if not a mix of art and jewelry? Contemporary jewelry pieces are objects that express our thoughts, feelings, and values. It is created with unconventional materials and techniques to achieve unique pieces. Contemporary jewelry today allows everything. We use our imagination to create statement pieces and personalized jewelry with themes and inspiration taken from anywhere worldwide.

Remember that contemporary jewelry is a medium through which we, jewelers, express our emotions. Contemporary jewelry evolution is an ongoing journey. We want your jewelry to tell a story and be as unique as you are.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.