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by Jesus Zabala - 9 min read

A Complete Guide to Men Bracelet Style

 Accessories and jewelry have always been an essential part of today’s age of fashion. A good and suitable bracelet can make all the difference to your look and appearance. However, shopping in the men’s fashion and accessories categories has been tricky and challenging for many. That’s why you’ll discover all about men bracelet style in this article. 

From the history of men’s bracelets to the different styles and designs of these ancient items, there’s everything you need to know. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to choose the perfect ones and how to incorporate them into your style.

Continue reading if you want to find out more about these precious items.

History of Men’s Bracelets

The History of Men’s Bracelets

The history of men’s bracelets can be traced back to ancient times. These historical pieces of jewelry were used for many reasons, such as displaying status, showcasing style, and symbolic representation.

From there, they have risen in popularity around the globe as many people began wearing them as stunning pieces of jewelry. In India, they have become symbols of love, while in many cultures, they signified rebellion and new-age fashion.

Later on, in the 1900s, bracelets weren’t just used to elevate one’s style. They were a frequent accessory that depicted and expressed one’s uniqueness and creativity. Oftentimes, people had sentimental and significant meanings for these items. Additionally, many engraved dates, phrases, names, or states further showcased their individuality.

Different Types of Men Bracelet Styles

In the modern age, bracelets became a must-have accessory to finish off any outfit. As they’ve made their way into the latest trend in the fashion industry, designers and jewelry are constantly creating stunning styles. With so many options, bracelets are accessible and affordable for anyone who wants to join in on the trend.

Both men and women are able to elevate their looks depending on their preferences. You can find anything from vintage men’s bracelets to trendy men's bracelet designs to fit your taste. Some of the most common men bracelet style include:

  • Chain men’s bracelets
  • String men’s bracelets
  • Leather men’s bracelets
  • Bangle men’s bracelets
  • Cuff men’s bracelets

Each of these designs and styles is special in its own way. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated or casual look, you’ll undoubtedly find your perfect fit. In this guide, you’ll discover the most common men bracelet popular styles and their characteristics.

Chain men’s bracelets

Men’s chain bracelets are some of the most popular bracelet styles for men. These bracelets are fashionable statements and have the oldest known technique for interlinking jewelry. The loop-in-loop design makes them a stunning historical piece and can help elevate your look to the next level.

You can find these chain bracelets in a variety of designs, metals, and finishes. The most famous is the silver bracelet for men, which can be incorporated with any outfit and style. However, the chain gold men’s bracelet shouldn’t be neglected since this jewelry can give any man a rich and elegant look.

Furthermore, chain bracelets can be combined to fit any type of setting. Whether you’re going on a formal meeting or a romantic date night, a chain bracelet will surely make you stand out from the crowd. You can also lawyer it with other thin bracelets or a classy wristwatch.

String men’s bracelets

String men’s bracelets are perfect if you want to embrace your unique and creative fashion style. These vintage pieces became immensely popular in the hippie era and were a standard accessory for music festivals.

In men's fashion, you can find these bracelets in countless different styles and designs. From colorful, eye-catching pieces to monochrome, classy bracelets to fit anyone’s taste. Additionally, they often come combined with a symbolistic or spiritual charm that further enhances uniqueness and creativity.

From compass and anchor charms to skulls, snakes, and wolves, that will boost your confidence and masculinity. You can choose any charm you think best suits your style and personality. These pieces are also great for experimenting, so don’t be afraid to stack a few bracelets on your wrists.

Leather men’s bracelets

Leather men’s bracelets are on the edgy side of the spectrum in fashion. They’re casual and aesthetic pieces of jewelry that have been worn since Egyptian times. They’re also associated with the punk rock era, where many wore them as statement pieces for rebellion.

Furthermore, leather men’s bracelets are incredibly versatile, making them a piece for any type of setting. Whether it’s for a casual stroll or a sophisticated meeting, these pieces can make you look unique. However, opting for black or darker brown shades is best to deliver a classy and elegant look.

Such bracelets also look amazing with other thin chain bracelets or a simple wristwatch. Matching the shades is a must if you want to look stylish and fashionable. This will bring out your best features both physically and personally. You will also deliver a masculine and confident feel to your look that will turn heads everywhere.

Bangle men’s bracelets

Bangle bracelets are historical pieces that have been a trend since ancient times. With their rise in the fashion industry, many styles and designs were created to fit both men's and women’s categories.

You can find these stunning pieces in a variety of metals and materials. From brass, gold, and platinum to wood and plastic pieces, you can choose a perfect match for yourself. These pieces also come in a variety of designs with precious stones, engravings, and finish to enhance your look further and express your style.

Cuff men’s bracelets

Cuff bracelets have been a signature jewelry piece for women throughout history. However, with the fashion movements and new age trends, these pieces have been designed to fit anyone's preference.

The limitless styles and designs for men’s cuff bracelets will fit any setting and style. If you’re going for a formal meeting, opting for a minimalistic or plain silver cuff bracelet is best. On the other hand, if you want to express your inner fashionista and creativity, you can opt for a statement piece with precious stones and gems.

You can also experiment with different layering techniques and styles when accessorizing these pieces.

Cuff Type of Men Bracelet Style

How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Bracelet

Now that we’ve covered the variety of men bracelet styles, let’s learn how you can choose the perfect match for yourself.

To make your fashion look effortless and flawless, it’s vital to master these three basics:

  • Style
  • Occasion
  • Proportion and fit

With these tips in mind, you’ll easily be able to do your math in no time.


First and foremost, you should know the look you’re going for. You can use different designs of men's bracelets to personalize your look and overall style. Think about the message you’re trying to convey with your choice of jewelry.

The key is for your look to seem effortless, so the best advice is to go neutral. Leather, wood, or metal bracelets work best with your outfit. Black, silver, gold, and white colored bracelets will make these timeless pieces of jewelry match any look for any setting.


Next, you should think of the occasion you’re purchasing a bracelet for. Not all bracelets fit every setting.

For example, if you’re going to a formal gathering, it’s best to opt for thin, metal bracelets. Whether it’s silver or gold, you can’t go wrong with these bracelets since they fit any outfit.

Proportion and fit

Lastly, you should consider the bracelet's proportion and fit to your wrist. Your jewelry must be proportionate to your size and fit correctly. Otherwise, it may look loose and lose its aesthetic.

Additionally, the bracelets should fit tight enough to hug your wrist but loose enough to be comfortable. Anything with significant weight, such as chains and metal bracelets, should be fitted, while lighter ones, like string or beaded, can be looser.

How to Style Men’s Bracelets

Both men and women have worn these stunning, historical pieces of jewelry to show off their style and creativity. While it adds a touch of uniqueness to your look, it may also elevate your whole physical appearance. However, when it comes to styling men’s bracelets, it may get a little tricky. 

To create the best match, you must acknowledge some valuable factors for fashion. This includes choosing the proper bracelet, considering your other pieces, and matching the colors and materials.

These guidelines will help you properly combine your bracelets with your outfit and achieve a faultless look:

Choosing one statement men’s bracelet

The first and most common idea you can try out is choosing one bracelet to complement your outfit. This is one of the most superficial looks you can go for. Choose your desired bracelet, put it on your wrist, and you’re done.

If you’re wearing a watch, accessorize your bracelet on the opposite hand. Try not to choose a piece that’s the same width or thickness as the watch. This look requires a thinner bracelet for visual appeal.

Furthermore, use a bracelet with a subtle color that can complement any outfit. For example, black, white, silver, and gold are the most common shades that can fit every style. You can identify the right color by matching it with the color of your shirt, a button, or your shoes.

Combining the classic watch and bracelet combo

This classic combo idea includes combining one or two bracelets on the same wrist as your watch. Thin bracelets are the perfect choice for this look and should sit below your watch, closer to your wrist.

A good bracelet finishes and complements your look. The visual weight is an essential step you should consider but don’t be afraid to experiment.

This look works best when your watch and bracelet fit well together without having too much contrast. If you’re going for a metal bracelet, keep an eye on the metal of the watch, belt, clips, or buttons. Matching the metals and materials will maintain the harmony of your style and appearance.

Considering other jewelry pieces

Another idea is stacking or layering bracelets to create a unique look. This involves several pieces put together on the wrist for a carefree, individual look.

Initially, try stacking a few similar bracelets that don't match perfectly. Try combining jewelry that’s different in color or metal. For example, opt for a sterling silver chain bracelet with a black leather one. This enhances your uniqueness and style while also adding an edge to your look.

Furthermore, one of the best combinations is a simple, naturally colored bracelet with a beaded or string bracelet that contains a charm or stone. By mixing these two accessories, you’ll get an interesting touch to your look and style. If you feel confident with these two, add another bracelet with a different width to enhance your look.

Additionally, it's good to remember that your wristwatch does count as a part of the stacks. So, you may only need one or two more to get the full effect of a layering technique.

Here are a few styles you can experiment with:

  • Mixing several chain bracelets of different colors for a creative and masculine vibe
  • Wearing leather or string with metal bracelets
  • Combining beaded and leather bracelets for a bohemian style
  • A mix of different styles and designs of metal or beaded bracelets

How to Style Men’s Bracelets


In conclusion, the men bracelet style has been around for centuries. These historical pieces date back to biblical times and are still in force to this day. However, in the modern day, with so many styles and designs, these bracelets are accessible to anyone who wants to join in on the trend.

Furthermore, knowing which styles and types of bracelets are available for men will help you choose the perfect one for your look. Before purchasing one, you must take a few considerations. This includes your style, the occasion, and your wrist proportions.

With the suitable choice of men’s bracelets, you can accessorize them and style them in whichever way you can imagine. This helps with self-expression and will enhance your look and your creative personality.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful information on men's bracelets and styles.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.