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by Jesus Zabala - 8 min read

What Does an Ankle Bracelet Mean on a Man?

Many guys who like to look better than the average man are tempted to wear an ankle bracelet. But being unsure of what does an ankle bracelet mean on a man can block their freedom of stylish expression. Don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll explain how to break common men’s anklet misconceptions and wear one with style.

Ankle bracelets can complete your look in several ways. So, don’t give up on the idea. Instead, join us as we deep-dive into the meaning of anklets for men and teach you how to handle one and embrace individuality with every stride. 

What Does an Ankle Bracelet Mean on a Man
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What Does an Ankle Bracelet Mean on a Man?

All accessories, anklets included, are a way to self-express or enhance individual style to a more original, cooler, or simply, better look. That said, the question of what does it mean when a man wears an ankle bracelet is a legit one, given the common prejudices about men’s jewelry.

The truth is, wearing an anklet is a tradition that’s as old as time. Yet, many still struggle with the concept of men’s accessories because they see them as feminine. This is a recent misconception. Men’s anklets were popular in ancient Egypt, where they were worn as a symbol of wealth. The anklet craze quickly spread to other cultures and was trending for centuries.

Misconceptions about men's ankle bracelets

Not so long ago, men’s accessories that went beyond the classic ring and necklace were seen as a statement of certain sexual preference. Today, however, ankle bracelets are a global trend in men’s fashion and no longer have a connotation related to sexual orientation. 

On the contrary, in the modern world, unique and custom bracelet for men are considered a fashionable choice for those who care about their appearance. But that’s not all! There are various other possible ways to interpret the significance of anklets worn by men. 

Anklets are a fashion statement

In fashion trends of today, ankle bracelets are popular with both men and women. So, most often than not, the meaning of a man wearing an ankle bracelet is simply a matter of complementing a certain style.

For example, if you want or need to look more sophisticated without changing your casual outfit, a gold men's bracelet or anklet can do the trick. Also, you can use a leather anklet if your purpose is to add a free-spirited touch to your style.

Demonstrating confidence with anklets

Even when minimalistic by design, anklets are an attention-grabbing way to accessorize your looks. In this sense, anklets radiate with self-assurance and a feeling of comfort in one’s own skin. 

What’s more, wearing a feminine-looking anklet with an overall manly style will give off a vibe of embracing every side of yourself with confidence and pride. 

Bringing it to the extreme, it’s pretty obvious what does an ankle bracelet mean on a man if it's one made in the colors of the rainbow. Even in this case, a rainbow anklet is still an expression of self-confidence and acceptance.

Part of cultural identity and tradition

The fact of men wearing anklets holds cultural connotations across various traditions. For example, in certain Indian cultures, both men and women wear anklets called payals during traditional dances like Kathak to add grace and rhythm to the performance. 

In some West African tribes, anklets are a part of festival symbolism meaning participation in rites for the passage into manhood. With these examples, it’s obvious that anklets have a rich cultural significance, encompassing artistic expression, social status, and coming-of-age rituals.

A spiritual statement

While ankle bracelet symbolism for men usually involves social status, in some cultures, anklets were thought to have powers that ward off evil spirits. In some spiritual practices, anklets are worn by both men and women to symbolize the connection to earth and nature or some spiritual energies.

Personal sentiment

Do you want to carry a gift from your loved one for a bit of good luck? Anklets can be of sentimental value to the wearer and carry personal meaning, especially if they are adorned with pendants. 

Did you overcome a difficult period in your life, and do you want to celebrate it in a unique way? You can do it by wearing a custom anklet that holds a special meaning to you.

Rebellion against gender norms

Wearing an anklet with a more feminine design is a modern way of expressing yourself as an individual, not a gender. Ankle bracelets with unisex designs are a perfect choice for those who want to rebel against gender norms and stereotypes.

So, if you’re a man who embraces the idea of gender fluidity, you can express your unique personality by rejecting societal expectations of what a man should look like and wear. Wearing a pink or girly-looking anklet is the perfect mean to breaking gender norms.

Voila! These are the most common answers to what does an ankle bracelet mean on a man. 

Rebellion against gender norms
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Interpretation of Ankle Bracelets for Men According to Their Types

The meaning of wearing this piece of jewelry for men is tightly connected to the style of the anklet itself. For example, in India, a man wearing a gold men's bracelet or anklet showcases a higher social status than a man with a silver men's bracelet or anklet. Here are the common types of anklets for men and what they mean for the overall look.

Skinny chains add a touch of elegance to your style

Anklets with skinny chains or minimalistic anklets are an elegant addition to the overall style. What’s more, they work with almost every outfit and for every occasion. From beaches, night outings, or in the office - skinny chains are the perfect accessory for every occasion! 

Leather anklets add the ultimate stylish manly accessory

Leather anklets are the ultimate masculine anklets. Whether you’re wearing them wrapped around your ankle or as a bracelet, they give off a masculine vibe, a rugged charm full of confidence and style.

Besides, the supple leather wraps lay comfortably on your ankle. Whether paired with trousers or shorts, leather anklets effortlessly elevate your look with a statement of individuality and confidence.

Beach ankle bracelet awakens the sailor in you

Anklets with anchors, fish hooks, or other sea-inspired designs, rocking blue, red or white, are categorized as “beach anklets”. The best place to wear these is, of course, the beach! What’s more, you don’t have to worry about what does an ankle bracelet mean on a man if that bracelet is of the beach type. It’s all pretty obvious!

Personalize your style with beaded anklets

Beaded anklets are usually compatible with a spiritual meaning or purpose. Do you like to protect yourself from evil spirits? A beaded anklet is a good choice for those seeking to blend their style into cultural expression.

Beaded ankle bracelets can be crafted with a variety of materials like wood, bone, or even metal. Hence, beaded anklets showcase a wide range of colors, patterns, and symbols. These charming accessories can help you express your individuality in various ways.

Choose hemp anklets for your casual wear

If you wish to accentuate your eco-friendliness and style, hemp anklets are a good idea. The earthy tones and organic texture of this material can complement both urban streetwear and casual beach attire. 

In any case, hemp anklets are a fashionable choice for those looking to add a touch of nature to their wardrobe.

What to Avoid When Wearing an Ankle Bracelet

Now we know there’s no particular significance of ankle bracelets on males, you can feel proud of your choice to wear one. The good thing is - there aren’t many or any rules that say how you should wear an ankle bracelet. Loose or tightly fitted, on the left or right leg - basically, the choice is yours! In order to rock your anklet, you only need to remember a few simple things to avoid.

So, pulling off an ankle bracelet doesn’t require much, only a basic sense of style. But if you ever find yourself in doubt, here are a few rules to follow: 

Wearing anklets on jeans, trousers, or underneath clothing

The most basic rule for anklets is that they should be visible on bare ankles - no pants or jeans should stand in the way. 

Also, no tattoos should intertwine with your ankle bracelet. If you have a full-leg tattoo on one right, you should wear your ankle bracelet on the left leg. Got tattoos on both legs? Find a contrasting ankle bracelet with a design that stands out.

Going overboard with pendants and strings

Pendants can add a cool personalized touch to your bracelet, but they shouldn’t take over. Large and colorful pendants look childish and don’t add elegance to your style. Multi string anklet is also a bad choice if you’re going for a manly style. 

Wearing anklets at the gym or in bad weather conditions

As with other types of jewelry, you can’t wear your ankle bracelet everywhere you want. For starters, anklets have no business in the gym or any place else that requires vigorous movements with the legs. Avoid these if you don’t want to damage your ankle bracelet.

You should also leave your anklet at home if you suspect rainy weather. Moist and mud can make your anklet slip unnoticeably away, or worse, damage the design. 

Apart from these cases, you should be able to find an ankle bracelet for any occasion.

Wearing an anklet that doesn’t fit the occasion

Styling an ankle bracelet requires a sense of formality or a casual appearance. You should try and match your event with a different ankle bracelet.

Also, don’t wear your hemp anklet on weddings or the finest of colorful and heavily pendant-adorned ankle bracelets. Instead, try to match the occasion. 

A mistake-proof choice is a minimalistic ankle bracelet made of metal. That’s the one you can wear anytime and anywhere. But you need to take note of the material used. A non-rusting material is ideal for beach walks, and hemp or a beaded one is perfect for your daily escapades. 

Not handling your anklet with care

Wear your ankle bracelet in a way that feels comfortable to you. This will ensure you won't accidentally tear it apart. You should be able to move without the fear of tripping or breaking the anklet. If it’s your first time, try wearing it at home. Make sure you’re feeling comfortable enough before you go out and try its charm out in the open.

Not handling your anklet with care
Source: shutterstock.com / Photo Contributor: Pedro Pozo Alcantara


There’s no definition or exact explanation as to what does an ankle bracelet mean on a man. It all depends on how the wearer feels about it. So, don’t worry about sending off the wrong message because there’s none! Instead, focus on the style of ankle bracelet you want, and wear it with confidence. 

This piece of jewelry can add a touch of sophistication, playfulness, and uniqueness to your overall look. So, choose it wisely, and go for an ankle bracelet that reflects your personality.

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