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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

How to Wear a Cuff Bracelet

There are many ways to wear your cuff bracelets. They are often the preferred choice because they are easy to put on and don’t need pairing with other jewelry on the wrist. Knowing how to wear a cuff bracelet is about aptly combining it with the apparel and other accessories you’ve chosen for the occasion.

Cuff bracelets come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. The one thing they have in common is the convenience when putting it on, as there isn’t a clasp or closure involved. 

In the article, we’ll talk about how you can wear cuff bracelets and the various choices of apparel that go nicely with this accessory.

How to Wear a Cuff Bracelet
Source: jewelrylab.co 

How to Wear a Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are synonymous with style, elegance, and uniqueness. They have the power to improve outfits and amplify the statement you’re making with your fashion choices. So, it is essential to know how to wear a cuff bracelet.

Cuff bracelets tend to fit more loosely than common ones to provide adjustable sizes with their open-end design. This way, you can squeeze the bracelet with your hand on your wrist instead of attaching it.

With so many designs to choose from, there is a bracelet style for every occasion. There are also styles to cater to various moods and personal preferences.

If you are searching for the perfect piece of wristwear, then check out the 24k gold cuff bracelet options. Many have been impressed with the rings by their authentic and meticulously crafted designs.

We will give a few suggestions on how to wear cuff bracelet for various occasions and how you can pair it with different outfits.

Women’s vs. men’s cuff bracelets

The principles for wearing cuff bracelets for men and women align with the general guidelines for fashion and accessories. Of course, creativity and bravery are often applauded, but it’s still a double-edged sword that can lead to undesired reactions.

For men, cuff bracelets should be simple and provide subtlety with a noticeable yet not overwhelming presence. Women are generally allowed more freedom in terms of size, color, and design. Regardless of the occasion, women can always opt for more exotic choices with their cuff bracelets.

Therefore, women’s cuff bracelets tend to be more diverse and have more styles. Women’s bracelets tend to be bolder and more individualistic, able to make stronger fashion statements.

There are some common principles for both sexes on wearing a cuff bracelet. The accessory needs to suit the outfit, the occasion, and the person’s style. Naturally, it needs to be of the right size to allow for comfortable use.

How to Combine a Cuff Bracelet

To choose the right bracelet, you need to consider the occasion and the outfit you will be wearing. Every event you must leave home causes a dilemma regarding what to wear and which accessories to pick.

How to Combine a Cuff Bracelet
Source: jewelrylab.co 


The casual dressing allows you to embrace different styles and create unique looks. Cuff bracelets go along nicely with any type of casual apparel. Choosing the right one depends on your style and the level of aesthetic you aspire to.

Smaller and more sleek bracelets tend to go better with colors that are not overly vibrant, like black, white, and gray. They fit nicely with simpler clothes that give out a more chill appearance. Small bracelets offer a touch of refinement in the simplicity of casual wear.

In contrast, bigger cuff bracelets offer a different type of detailing and take more of the limelight regarding visibility. Adding a bigger bracelet adds complexity to your casual clothing and is more eye-catching.


Cuff bracelets can be the ideal addition to your formal outfit, adding depth or glamor, depending on your taste. It’s important to be mindful of the balance between the bracelet and the outfit. You don’t want it to be invisible, but at the same time, it shouldn’t overpower the ensemble.

You can strike the right balance by choosing the bracelet's size, material, and design. The optimal size for formal events is medium as it won’t compete with the outfit and won’t disappear either.

The material should be in sync with the other metal details on your outfit. A gold bracelet should accompany golden buttons on your attire. Being careful with these details gives an impression of a harmonious and polished look.

Finally, formal events allow for accessories with intricate designs and shiny features. Diamonds and other precious stones add to the elegance and attract more attention to your wrist in a way that amplifies the entire appearance.


A dress code dictates professional attire, but luckily there is a cuff bracelet that caters to every occasion. The creative fields usually have a more relaxed dress code that allows for extravagance. This means you can wear unique designs and bracelets of all colors as long as they suit the outfit.

Meanwhile, office jobs also allow individualism when it comes to bracelets. Only it should be expressed more subtly, perhaps through minimalistic motives and with an accent on functionality.

If the dress code or uniform allows it, you can add some vibe to your work uniform by choosing a cuff bracelet of your liking. In such jobs, functionality is an even bigger factor, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for a bracelet to provide a unique touch to your look.

Source: jewelrylab.co 


Cuff bracelets are synonymous with elegance. They can be worn on almost every occasion, but different styles of bracelets are suited for various types of events.

Men and women alike can wear cuff bracelets to add some depth to their attire or make a fashion statement. If you don’t know how to wear a cuff bracelet, then the best way to determine is by considering the event and the outfit you plan on wearing.

Casual events allow for a broader choice of bracelets, as there are more options when choosing what to wear. Formal events allow for more lavish designs, allowing for a bigger display of personality through the choice of accessories. 

Dressing up for work is limited to the various dress codes, and the choice of the bracelet is often dictated by its functionality.

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