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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

How to Keep a Cuff Bracelet From Falling Off

Cuff bracelets are very popular in men and women's fashion. They represent staple accessories that can be worn with multiple different outfits and always look good. Since you are all wondering how to keep a cuff bracelet from falling off, let’s dive in.

Many people struggle with cuff bracelets sliding off their hands for multiple reasons. Either the accessories don’t fit their hand properly, or they don’t know how to adjust their size. Thus, some entirely give up on wearing them simply because they find cuff bracelets impractical.

But avoiding these beautiful arm accessories just because they tend to fall off is a shame. Many cuff bracelet variations deserve to be in the spotlight due to their gorgeous sheen and the eye-catching material they are made of.

How to Keep a Cuff Bracelet From Falling Off
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Keep a Cuff Bracelet From Falling Off

Learning how to keep a cuff bracelet from sliding off doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can wear unique jewelry pieces such as a mens gold cuff bracelet without worrying if it stays on if you pay attention to its fit.

Do cuff bracelets fall off even when made with high-quality materials? It’s possible. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to prevent this. Constantly wiggling and adjusting your cuff bracelet can lead to damage. But proper maintenance techniques ensure its longevity.

So, how to keep a cuff bracelet from falling down without damaging it? There are a few ways of doing it. But first, let’s break down the difference in size and shape when it comes to cuff bracelets to discover proper ways of retaining their quality and preventing them from sliding off. 

Large cuff bracelets

Having a round wrist calls for large cuff bracelets. This type of cuff bracelet fits a larger wrist better and looks more appealing on the hand. Due to their heavy weight, bulky cuff bracelets can slide off your arm and become more inconvenient than pleasurable to wear.

Thus, put on the cuff bracelet and see exactly how loosely it fits your hand. Then, slightly push down the cuff bracelet. Don’t over-squeeze the accessory because you might damage it. Your goal is only to make it snugger on your hand to keep it from falling off. 

Some people wear cuff bracelets on their upper arms. This might eliminate the need for pushing down and resizing your accessory since now you found a new way of wearing it. A cuff bracelet that keeps sliding off your wrist may fit your upper arm just right.

Cuff bracelets are very versatile, which allows them to be combined with casual and elegant outfits. But other large sterling silver cuff bracelets with unique designs are proven to make a statement.

Small cuff bracelets

How do you make a cuff bracelet stay on if you have tiny wrists? There is a simple solution to this problem.

Minimal cuff bracelets are made for people with flat and small wrists. They are lighter in weight than bulky cuff bracelets and look more polished. But they can also fall off your wrist while wearing them, causing a mild wardrobe malfunction episode.

To make it tighter around your wrist, gently squeeze the small cuff bracelet with pliers without using too much pressure. Do this several times until you feel the accessory has changed its size and fits your hand better. However, you shouldn't make squeezing the cuff bracelet your habit.

Metals can undergo damage if they are constantly twisted and pushed. Refrain from constant stretching of the bracelet to help the metal retain its strength. You don’t want a beautiful sterling silver minimal cuff bracelet or a gold-plated one to lose its shape and original quality, right?

Small cuff bracelets
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Prevent Cuff Bracelets From Falling Off

You might still be wondering how do I keep my cuff bracelet from falling off and how to save it before it’s lost. You should avoid twisting and resizing your accessory by following simple rules. 

Before buying a cuff bracelet, you must ensure it fits your wrist snuggly and comfortably.

Proper fit

When trying on a cuff bracelet in the store, slightly move your hand around to feel the piece’s fit and whether it suits the shape of your wrist. 

If you shop online, measure your wrist size at home and visit our jewelry store to find the sizing guides in image carousels or descriptions under each product we offer.


This tip is also connected to online shopping and purchasing accessories. If you manage to find your approximate size online, you can always make adjustments to make it fit better. You can do this professionally by visiting your local jeweler. They will do it safely by using proper tools without damaging the metal.

Flattened ends

Since cuff bracelets don’t have clasps to secure them in place, they simply slide off and on. Before purchasing one for yourself, look for a cuff bracelet with flattened ends. This design will prevent it from falling off easily instead of having a gap large enough to fit the size of your wrist.

Flattened ends
Source: jewelrylab.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use tape to keep cuff bracelets from falling off?

Cuff bracelets are difficult to secure in place only by using tape. The practicality of double-sided and invisible tapes can’t go against the strength and durability of the metals. Thus, using tape is not the best way of keeping a cuff bracelet from falling off.

Do cuff bracelets loosen on their own?

High-quality cuff bracelets made of sturdy materials shouldn’t change their size or shape. Regardless of how often you wear them, unless you do something to alter their size, a cuff bracelet is not likely to loosen on its own.

Should I wear cuff bracelets all the time?

Cuff bracelets pair well with various outfits, allowing people to wear them every day. Minimal cuff bracelets are more wearable than bulky ones. But if your fashion style screams boldness, there is nothing wrong with wearing any type of cuff bracelet all the time.



We hope the mentioned tips were helpful for you to know how to keep a cuff bracelet from falling off. Constantly worrying about losing your favorite jewelry piece because it’s too big can be frustrating. Thus, ensure you always measure the accurate size of your wrist before purchasing a cuff bracelet.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.