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What Is the Average Bracelet Size for a Man?

It would be wrong to say that chain jewelry has made a comeback recently because it never went out of fashion. Men’s jewelry mostly consists of chain jewelry, so it’s no surprise that almost any man is rocking a chain piece daily-even bracelets. With the rising popularity of chain bracelets, people are getting curious about what is the average bracelet size for a man.

Average Bracelet Size for a Man

What Is the Average Bracelet Size for a Man?

The size of a bracelet is determined by the circumference of a man’s wrist. The average wrist measurement for men is 7-7.5 inches. Generally, men’s wrist sizes range from 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches.

All bracelets need to fit comfortably and loosely enough to be able to move around on the wrist. At the same time, they should be snug enough to not slide off the hand.

Because of this, jewelry experts advise getting a bracelet that is at least half an inch bigger than the wrist circumference. 

Knowing this, the most common dimensions for male bracelets are 7.5-8 inches. However, the standard size range of bracelets for men can be from 6.5 inches to 9.5 inches in size.

Average Chain Bracelets for a Man

Men's 925 silver bracelets are the most popular type of chain bracelets on the market. Gold men’s bracelets follow closely behind. Although silver is the most popular material for men’s bracelets, each bracelet is unique because of the chain links used to make it.

Two of the most popular chain link types are:

The cable chain

Also known as the “anchor chain”, these chains are made from links that are interchangeably connected vertically and horizontally. This type of chain is most commonly used for both men’s chain necklaces and bracelets.

The Kodrat bracelet is a sterling silver bracelet that is made using a cable-style chain. The bracelet has a toned-down acid wash look to it, which helps achieve a rugged vintage look. The unique element of this bracelet is the sterling silver plate that is in the middle of the bracelet. 

Another cable-style sterling silver chain bracelet is our Big Abstract Chain bracelet. The links on this bracelet are of two different sizes. The horizontally placed links are bigger and wider compared to the vertically placed links. 

The twisted curb chain

The twisted curb chain is typical for chunky chain jewelry. This chain type includes links that have been flattened down and twisted. The chain links are interlocked tightly to form the chain.

A bracelet from such a chain is the Dara Abstract Twisted Chain bracelet. It comes made of sterling silver. The choice in link style and type of material manages to achieve a rugged vibe which will only add edginess to an outfit.

Does the type of chain link influence the size of the bracelet?

Ultimately, the type and size of the chain link won’t influence the length of the bracelet. The type and size of the chain links will influence the width of the bracelet.

Therefore, the person buying a bracelet should just focus on the size of their wrist and choose the chain type based on personal preference.

Wrist size for men's bracelet

Measuring Wrist Size at Home

To determine what size bracelet for a man will be the perfect fit, a few measurements need to be done. To be exact, the only needed measurement for chain bracelets is the wrist circumference.

Before using any of the methods, the wrist bones need to be located. This is the widest part of the wrist. The outer wrist bone is recommended to be the starting point for measuring using any method.

There are a few methods a person could do to measure their wrist circumference at home:

Method 1. Using a measuring tape

The only tool needed is a measuring tape.

  1. The starting point of the measuring tape is put on one of the wrist bones.
  2. The measuring tape gets wrapped around the wrist until it touches the starting point.
  3. The number that touches the starting point of the measuring tape is the measurement of the wrist circumference.

This same process can be performed with a flexible ruler.

Method 2. Using a string

The needed tools are a measuring tape or a ruler and a string.

  1. The starting point of the string is put on one of the wrist bones.
  2. The string is wrapped around the wrist until it touches the starting point of the string.
  3. The string is either cut where the two ends meet or is held down firmly and laid out on a flat surface while still marking the point where the two ends meet.
  4. Using a measuring tape or ruler, the string is measured, and the concluded number is the wrist circumference.

Method 3. Using a piece of paper

The needed tools are a piece of paper, a measuring tape, or a ruler.

  1. Take one end of the paper and place it on the outer wrist bone or the middle between the inner wrist bone and the bottom part of your wrist. 
  2. The paper is wrapped around the wrist until it reaches the starting point.
  3. The paper is extended on a flat surface while still holding a finger where the two points meet.
  4. Using a measuring tape or ruler, the paper is measured from the starting point to the marked spot where they met.


Since 7 inches to 7.5 inches is what is the average bracelet size for a man, there’s little room for error when buying a bracelet as a gift. The most important measurement when buying a chain bracelet is the wrist circumference. 

Using any of the three methods to measure wrist circumference at home will ensure correct measurements. After the measurements are in, the only thing left to do is buy that bracelet and wear it with confidence.

Juan Perez, author