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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

How to Measure Men’s Bracelet Size

Whether a bracelet is of loose or tight fit may not matter to the unkeen eye. For style aficionados, it makes a world of difference as it determines whether they will look more polished or relaxed for the occasion. If you care about how you look, you may want to learn how to measure men’s bracelet size, as it could be the difference between stylish and tacky.

Bracelets come in many shapes and sizes. Choosing the most adept one requires considering your personal style and the occasion, but the size is an often undermined aspect. A properly fitted bracelet is not only relevant for appearance but also for comfort and security while wearing it.

This article will discuss the ways of measuring wrist size for men's bracelets and why it’s important that your wrist ornament is of the right fit.

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Method to Measure Men’s Bracelet Size

How to Measure Men’s Bracelet Size

Bracelets have become a popular way for men to add style and charisma to their looks. Through a well-considered choice of bracelet, you will have a gateway to an elevated appearance, impressing people with your display of confidence and charm.

Men often end up with an underwhelming experience with their bracelet-wearing, citing discomfort with a tight or loose fit. This is the biggest reason why you have to measure well before buying a bracelet because it’s the way to ensure you get what you’re looking for.

Buying bracelets online allows for access to many styles and designs. At the click of a button, you can explore various options, directly comparing them and finding the one with the biggest allure. However, few things hurt as much as an incorrect fit once the bracelet arrives at your home.

Measuring your wrist size will allow you to focus on choosing the most suitable type and style of bracelet without having to worry if the size will fit. Here are a few steps to measure a man’s wrist for a bracelet.

Measuring tape

The way to measure with a measuring tape is to wrap it above the wrist bone, where you will wear the bracelet. You should make sure that the tape is snug against your skin without it being too tight. Basically, it should replicate how you would like to wear the bracelet. 

The point where the measuring tape overlaps is the number of your size, but it’s still not the number you need. You need to add a little extra length to get to the right size number because bracelets require some additional space for a comfy fit. The extra length is to accommodate the clasp or closure on the bracelet.

To calculate the exact size, add 0.25 inches if you want a tighter fit and 0.5 to 1 inch if you prefer a looser fit. Let’s say you measured 7.5 inches on your wrist bone, and you are after a relatively loose-fit bracelet. This means that you should be looking at bracelets sized 8 inches.


If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can always use a string or a string-like object that can wrap around the wrist. The way to measure your bracelet size with a string is to wrap it around the wrist bone with the tightness of your preference. Similar to the measuring tape, it needs to imitate the size you want your bracelet to be.

Then, you will need to mark the overlapping spot. You can do this with a pen or by sticking a tape. If you don’t have these, you can tie a knot. However, note that you should only do this as a last resort as it requires skill, and some people may tie the knot on an incorrect spot.

Finally, you need to lay the string on a flat surface in order to measure it using a ruler. To determine the exact size that your bracelet should be, you can follow the same principles as with the measuring tape. Add 0.25 inches for a tight fit and between 0.5 and 1 inch for a looser bracelet.

Wrist size guide

These tools are available for download, and their sole purpose is to accurately determine the bracelet size. Wrist size guides are very useful for online shopping because they are better at mimicking bracelets around the wrist.

To use a wrist size guide, you need to download one, preferably from the retailer where you plan to buy the accessory. Next, make sure that the physical size of the printed measures remains the same. Then, you can place the wrist size guide against your wrist, aligning the circles with the widest part of your wrist.

The most adequate circle for your wrist will be your bracelet size, and you will only need to supply the size to the retailer when you choose which bracelet you want to buy. Note that wrist size guides aren’t universal, and various retailers may have different ways of measuring.


After all, it’s not rocket science! If you have a ruler, you can use many creative ways to measure your bracelet size. You can use a paper strip, a cable, or a cord from your headphones instead of a string. You can even use dental floss.

There really should be nothing stopping you from upgrading your look with a stylish bracelet.


Wrist size guide for men


Especially when shopping online, it’s important to have an idea about your optimal bracelet size to ensure that you make the right purchase. This is where knowing a few methods for how to measure men’s bracelet size comes in handy, as taking your wrist measurements is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time.

The tools you need are either a measuring tape or a string and a ruler. There’s always a bit of extra length added to each measurement to get to the right size. If you don’t have a measuring tape or a string on hand, you can always improvise using paper or a cable.

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