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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

How to Choose the Right Men’s Chain Bracelet

Chain bracelets have been a staple jewelry piece for men since they rose in popularity during the 1980s. Since then, a number of new styles have hit the market, which leaves men overwhelmed when they plan to buy a bracelet. Taking this into account, we’ve created a short guide with all the things that need to be considered in order to know how to choose the right men’s chain bracelet.

Right size chain bracelet for men

How to Choose the Right Men’s Chain Bracelet

Taking it back to 2500 B.C., Egyptian men were the first who used to weave gold and silver together to create chain jewelry. However, chain jewelry became a staple with the rise of hip-hop in the late 1900s.

Even then, a select number of criteria were considered when choosing a suitable men's chain bracelet. Get to know more below!


Choosing the right material for the bracelet plays a significant role in selecting the perfect men's chain bracelet. The most common and most versatile men’s bracelet is a men's sterling silver chain bracelet.

Even so, the two most popular materials for chain bracelets are silver and gold.

Silver men's chain bracelet

Sterling silver is a highly versatile material for chain jewelry as it can come in many different styles and is appropriate for any occasion.

Acid-washed sterling silver

Acid-washed men’s chain bracelets give the appearance of almost white silver. The look of the bracelet seems shiny and polished. Our collection offers the Atlas Bracelet, which is made of acid-washed sterling silver safety pins used as chain links.

Oxidized sterling silver

Oxidized sterling silver men’s chain bracelets include links that look as if they’re made of a dark gray stone. Such a bracelet is our Ula Chain Link Bracelet.

Black sterling silver

Another rare type of sterling silver chain bracelet is the fully black sterling silver. They almost look like they were dipped in black paint but with a silver sheen to them. A black 925 bracelet worth checking out is our Black Chain Link Bracelet which is also made by oxidizing sterling silver.

Gold men’s chain bracelet

Gold chain bracelets aren’t worn as commonly as silver bracelets, so their variety isn’t as wide. They can be found in pure gold or gold-plated form. Gold-plated jewelry is jewelry that is covered in a thin layer of gold.

On rare occasions, rose gold or white gold bracelets can be found.

The most common gold chain bracelets found on the market are diamond-encrusted. Many celebrities can be seen rocking diamond-encrusted gold jewelry on a daily basis or at special events like red carpets.

Wrist size

As with clothes, for the bracelet to look good and be comfortable, the right size bracelet should be bought. The diameter or circumference of the wrist determines the size of a bracelet.

Men’s wrists measure 7 to 7.5 inches on average. Typically, men’s wrist sizes fall between 6.5 and 8.5 inches.

Considering this, the most typical bracelet measurement for males is 7.5 to 8 inches. Jewelry experts advise purchasing a bracelet that is at least half an inch larger than the wrist circumference. 

At least half an inch more is left because all bracelets must be snug enough to not be uncomfortable and loose enough to move around the wrist. They must, however, be secure enough to stay on the hand.

In general, the bracelet size range for males is between 6.5 and 9.5 inches.

How to measure wrist size at home

The three most popular methods to measure wrist size at home are: 

  • The measuring tape method
  • The string method
  • The paper method

Even though all three guarantee a correct measurement and all of them are easy, the easiest is the measuring tape method. This is because the only needed tool is a measuring tape.

The person would have to wrap the measuring tape around their wrist until the tape touches the starting point of the measuring tape. The number on the tape that touches the number zero, in other words, the starting point, is the size of the wrist.

This same method could be performed with a flexible ruler as well.

Chain link type for men's chain bracelet

Chain link type

A lot of the uniqueness in chain bracelets comes from the type of link used to make it. Two of the most popular chain link styles are the following:

The twisted curb chain

This particular chain has links that have been flattened and twisted. The chain is created by closely interlocking the chain links.

The Dara Abstract Twisted Chain Bracelet is one of these types. It’s made of sterling silver. The choice of link design and material achieves a grunge aesthetic that only serves to accentuate the edginess of a certain ensemble.

The anchor chain

These chains, often called “cable chains”, are comprised of links that may be interchangeably joined both vertically and horizontally. Both men’s bracelets and chain necklaces most frequently include this kind of chain.

Our Big Abstract Chain Bracelet is a sterling silver bracelet in a cable chain design. This bracelet has links in two distinct sizes. In comparison to links that are positioned vertically, links that are arranged horizontally are larger and broader.

This same bracelet comes in a medium size as well. The difference is between the size of the links.

Other common chain link types

Other frequently used chain link styles are:

  • The round link chain - a chain with links that are connected by soldered circles
  • The gourmette chain - a chain with round or oval links that are twisted; they most often have a diamond cut
  • The parallel chain - a chain made out of basic oval links or circular links but with double links

Additional details

Men’s chain bracelets mostly depend on the link type for detail. It’s rare to see men’s chain bracelets embellished with crystals or birthstones. Less frequent is to see men’s chain bracelets with pendants or charms hanging on them.

However, a plate is the most commonly used detail to break the continuity of the chain links. The plate would be made from the same material as the bracelet itself.

These plates could have engraving on them, which is custom or done by the designer's choice. The plates are also the same size in width as the chain links. They usually come in a long rectangular shape.

This kind of men’s chain bracelet is a good pick as a gift. Most jewelers provide the option to get the plate customized. This allows room for creativity.

Personal style 

Eventually, it all starts with a person’s personal style. We doubt that a guy whose style is boho would reach for a chain bracelet over a leather or beaded bracelet. 

A chain bracelet adds a grungy detail, giving an outfit an edgy feel. Apart from adding detail, chain bracelets should be paired with similar chain necklaces to tie the entire look together.

However, the great thing about chain jewelry is its versatility. Any man with any type of style can pull off a chain bracelet if the right design is chosen. Yet, this comes down to personal preference for link type and size of links.

The occasions the bracelet will be worn on

Deciding when and where the bracelet would be worn the most will immensely help in how to choose the right men’s chain bracelet.

Silver men's chain bracelets are forgiving since they can be worn with a dressed-up or dressed-down outfit. Simple silver chain jewelry can be incorporated into any outfit.

The chain links should be looked at to ensure the chain bracelets go well with the occasion. The smaller the chain links, the more appropriate the bracelet will be and will fit better.

Ultimately, it all comes down to a person's character. After all, fashion might have rules, but rules were made to be broken.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.