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by Jesus Zabala - 8 min read

How Thick Should a Men’s Bracelet Be?

Let’s be clear from the beginning. Jewelry isn’t only a women’s thing. Men have worn jewelry for centuries, and luckily, those expressive habits have become even more fashionable in recent years. Bracelets have always been a favorite because they allow you to be creative, chic, and remarkable. The most frequent question I get about men’s bracelets is how thick should a men’s bracelet be.

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This article will explore the ideal men’s bracelet thickness and dive deeper into styling a men’s bracelet and wearing one with sophistication and taste

Shortly put, the time has come to go through the basics together and discover how to wear the proper thick bracelet like a boss!

How Thick Should a Men’s Bracelet Be
Source: jewelrylab.co

How Thick Should a Men’s Bracelet Be

The standard length of a male’s bracelet is 8 inches or somewhere around 20 centimeters. However, if you prefer a looser chain, you may consider a bracelet that’s more extensive than the standard men’s length. 

But what about the bracelet’s thickness? How thick should a men’s bracelet be?

It all depends on your style and wrist size. The suitable thickness measurement for men’s bracelets depends on the type of bracelet too. Usually, gold and silver men’s bracelets are thicker. In opposition, cuff bracelets are worn thinner. 

To conclude, there’s no ideal thickness for men’s bracelets. Some men have valiant taste and prefer to leave an impression, while others like to wear their jewelry more subtly.

Most Common Men’s Bracelet Thickness

Most men's bracelets have a thickness of anywhere between 3 mm and 8 mm, with 3 to 4 mm considered thin and 8 mm thick. I can say that the optimal width of bracelets for males is 4 to 5 mm.

Men also opt for bracelets thicker than 8 mm, like more assertive and heavier bracelets up to 12 mm thick. Interestingly, the thickest men's bracelets can go up to 20 mm, especially if a silver or gold men's bracelet is in question. 

I have also found out that thicker bracelets are perceived as more masculine, while thinner bracelets have more elegance and can fit any formal wear. 

Additionally, thicker bracelets can look great on thin wrists and the opposite. Importantly, you should feel comfortable with the bracelet and know what you want to achieve.

General Bracelet Sizing for Men

There's no "right" thickness of a bracelet, and no one can tell you how thick should a men's bracelet be. However, there are some general guidelines for sizing

If you want to feel the bracelet as a part of you and be confident with your look, the bracelet must be the correct size. 

Therefore, to own a right-sized bracelet, you have to measure your wrist with a measuring tape or string. Once you do that, you can choose according to the size of your wrist:

  • 8 "or 20.32 cm - small wrist
  • 8 ½ "or 21.59 cm - medium wrist
  • 9 "or 22.86 cm - large wrist

To measure your wrist right, you need to do it above your wrist bone, where you would typically put your watch. 

You will also want to leave space between the bracelet and your wrist for a perfect fit

For example, you can opt for a large size if you have a medium wrist and want to feel the bracelet comfier and looser. 

The general rule when deciding on any suitable measurement for bracelets is to be able to slide one to two fingers between the bracelet and your wrist.

General Bracelet Sizing for Men
Source: jewelrylab.co

How Thick Should a Men’s Bracelet Be According to Bracelet’s Type

I have discovered that gold and silver men’s bracelets are the most trendy. With celebrities from hip-hop and the rock culture wearing them, they have become a must for male jewelry

Also, many men opt for beaded and leather bracelets too. 

While for the beaded and leather bracelets, the thickness is usually easier to pick; I can’t say the same for gold and silver chain bracelets. 

To put it differently, if you opt for a chained silver or gold men’s bracelet, you have to know how to style it flawlessly. 

If you don’t have suitable wear and don’t pursue the correct design, the bracelet may look cheesy on your wrist. That’s why you have to know how and when to wear it. 

You wouldn’t want a thick bracelet going up and down your sleeve. 

How thick a men’s chain bracelet should be depends on whether you are going for an everyday casual look or want to enrich your professional or formal outfit

Let’s discover the suitable thickness measurement for men’s bracelets according to your looks and fashion!

Casual look

If you style yourself in a T-shirt and jeans most of the time and like dressing comfy and casually, then a classic silver chain may be what you’re looking for. 

I recommend picking a slightly thinner chain for a bracelet worn regularly because it won’t look aggressive but will still make a statement. 

Still, casual wear can look fabulous with a bolder bracelet presentation too. I often point to XXL and large cuffing bracelets and manlier chunky chains. 

Keep in mind that large types of bracelets shouldn’t be worn daily and on every occasion. They are an excellent pick for a night out or a special occasion where you decide to dress more casually. 

Casual look
Source: jewelrylab.co

Classic look

When I say classic look, I often refer to a shirt and trousers. Nevertheless, a shirt can always be paired with jeans. Then, I would call it a semi-classic look.

A classic look often goes well with a watch. However, wearing a watch doesn’t mean you can’t wear a bracelet. 

If you decide on a classic look, make sure that you wear the watch and the bracelet on a different wrist. Few men’s bracelets look good next to a watch, mainly if you choose a chained bracelet. 

On the other hand, both thicker chains and minimal cuff bracelets pair great with shirts. Satin shirts are very hype now, and they would look fantastic with any thin cuffs or brass bracelets, as well as bolder and heavier designed chain links.

Formal look

Believe it or not, a silver or gold men’s bracelet is often a good pick when you plan a formal look. Wearing a suit with a bracelet made of chain links is a timeless look. 

Just make sure that you don’t overdo it with the thickness. 

Minimal cuff bracelets from brass or silver can also complete a formal look. Usually, when I recommend a cuff bracelet for formal occasions, I employ a simpler model and skip engraved and extra-large thick cuffs. 

God is in the details; with a formal look, those details should be subtle and elegant.

Summer look

How thick should a men’s bracelet be in the summer has to do with the way you design your look. However, I never recommend wearing metal, silver, or gold bracelets when going to the beach or outdoors. 

First, they frequently look inadequate in these settings, and second, they can easily get lost. 

So, when going on a trip or planning a vacation, keep your precious jewelry for dinner nights or evening strolls on the riviera. 

You can wear a thin hand-made silver cuff bracelet on special summer occasions, especially those with engraved details. These kinds of bracelets look fabulous and chic on tanned skin

Summer look
Source: jewelrylab.co

Winter look 

For the winter months, a bracelet is usually worn under the sleeve. A silver or gold minimal chain bracelet can be a good pick for the winter when the bracelet is only seen now and then. 

If you want to buy yourself a bracelet that you can wear all year round, I suggest you don’t go with a thick bracelet that you won’t be able to model during winter. 

Cuff bracelets are also a better pick for the summer months. Remember not to exaggerate with bracelets when you wear long sleeves and have piled up more clothes. 

A single, simple piece will look far better when you shake hands with someone or sip your drink. A stack of bracelets or a thick and masculine chain often won’t make a good impression in the winter months. 

Underground look

If you like to dress more extravagantly or have built your own alternative style, you probably already know what kind of bracelet can complete your look. 

Nonetheless, I have to note how impressive large and thick bracelets and cuffs look on tattooed men who like wearing audacious street-style clothing with futuristic elements. 

Additionally, all-black techno, rock, grunge, and other underground fashion allow you to experiment with jewelry and wear daring and eye-catching bracelets. 

Therefore, when you prepare for the next festival, concert, or unforgettable rave, don’t forget to pick a unique bracelet, and don’t worry much about its thickness.

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Men’s Bracelet

Now that we have learned how thick should a men’s bracelet be according to your style, it’s time to give you some tips and tricks you should consider when buying one.

Pick the right material

Some men feel better wearing beads and leather, while others like metal, steel, and precious materials such as gold, silver, or platinum. 

Others even go further and pick precious and semi-precious gemstones. 

Picking a suitable material for your bracelet is necessary because you will want to pair it with the things you own in your wardrobe. Additionally, different materials are worn on different occasions. 

Ultimately, you will want to keep your jewelry in good condition and ensure that the material you wear feels comfortable on your skin.

Consider your style

I won’t drag much about style because I have already suggested the ideal thickness for men’s bracelets according to style. 

However, remember that you will want to own a piece of jewelry for formal and casual occasions. 

If you have already created your swaggy, hard-rock, or techno style, you probably know that not every simple piece of a men’s bracelet can top your exceptional look. 

Right size and thickness

Let’s get back to basics. Proper size and thickness are a must when wearing men’s bracelets. 

Too thick or loose bracelets can destroy your look and make your arms look broader or shorter. 

Therefore, remember what I suggested earlier, and don’t ever forget to measure your wrist before purchasing a new bracelet.

Mix your accessories

If you like men’s jewelry, a men’s bracelet is probably not the only thing you own. In other words, you might want to pair your bracelet with a watch, ring, or chain. 

When you look for the proper bracelet and its thickness, consider what you already own, and don’t be scared to mix your new piece with other fitting jewelry.

Experiment with designs, combine chains with bracelets, and even try wearing two or more bracelets together. 

Mixing and matching accessories is fun and can further enrich your style if you know how to do it right. 

Mix your accessories
Source: jewelrylab.co


I hope this read has answered the most common and important question - how thick should a men’s bracelet be? 

Now, you know that everything depends on your unique approach and the look you will decide to pursue. 

All men’s bracelets can look good if you know how to style them, and every thickness can look fashionable if worn right.

Don’t forget to get yourself the proper size for your wrist and do the above-mentioned suggestions when buying. 

Only then you can feel self-confident with your jewelry and be sure you made the perfect pick.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.