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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Are Rings Attractive on Guys?

Rings have always been present in the male population. In the last century, men's rings were mainly associated with marital status, but today they are increasingly worn as a fashion detail or a symbol of expression. 

If you are wondering whether are rings attractive on guys, keep your eyes on this article. In continuation, we will explain what and how many rings look attractive on men.

Rings on guys

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Are Rings Attractive on Guys?

Generally speaking, yes, rings contribute to a man's attractiveness. However, this opinion should be taken with a grain of salt because a lot depends on how you fit the ring into your fashion style. Namely, if you make a few wrong steps, you might leave a wrong impression.

One thing that draws attention is the message you convey through your appearance. 

Do you want to express your confidence and uniqueness? For this purpose, choose a ring that defines your character and personality. 

In addition, don’t exaggerate the number of rings. Wearing too many rings and jewelry may look narcissistic and over-styled. So, make sure to keep things simple and opt for one to two carefully selected rings that define you.

4 Reasons Why Men Wear Rings

Rings are piece of jewelry worn to highlight the look for a special occasion or just to complete the style. As women, men either like to wear rings, especially some of our cool guys rings collection.

1. Commitment

When someone mentions a ring and commitment, you probably associate it with marriage and the symbol of eternal love. Namely, men wear a ring as a sign of commitment to the person they respect, love, and care for. 

In addition, the ring can remind you of the most beautiful moments you spent with that person and how much they mean to you in life.

A ring does not necessarily mean a commitment to one person. Wearing a ring can symbolize a commitment to yourself and serve as a reminder of the goals you need to achieve in life.

2. An accessory to your fashion style

In the past, rings were consistently associated with social status. Therefore, they were always present in royal families and wealthy families. However, wearing a ring became more common as the years went by. 

Today, a lot of men buy a ring to combine it with their fashion style. In addition, depending on the occasion, men use this fashion detail to attract attention and stand out from the crowd with their uniqueness.

3. A family tradition

Although more common in the past, wearing rings for family reasons is also common nowadays. Namely, these rings are essential for men because they are passed down from generation to generation. 

When it comes to design, these rings are unique and carry essential details and characteristics of the family tree. It can often be engraved with a symbol, a coat of arms, or some unique mark. In addition to the family value, these rings are usually made of high-quality metals, so the ring can last.

4. Telling a story

In addition to being worn for fashion, rings can convey a message to the environment. For that purpose, you can choose a ring that defines your character. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose materials, designs, and elements that will make you feel unique and full of confidence.

Rings on Men

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4 Types of Rings That Look Attractive on Men

Choosing a ring is personal and related to your fashion style and lifestyle. In addition, wearing a ring on a different finger conveys a different message.

1. Middle finger

Although it is often avoided, some men still like to wear rings on their middle fingers. If you decide to wear a ring on this finger, I suggest you choose a ring that has a simple and minimalist look. You will look more attractive, and the ring will not clash with your other fingers.

2. Pinky finger

Wearing a ring on the pinky finger is for those who love minimalism and simplicity. The reason is apparent, this ring does not interfere with mobility and is an excellent choice if you want to experiment with styles. 

Signet rings are the most attractive rings worn on pinky fingers.

3. Thumb

Wearing a ring on the thumb symbolizes power and freedom of thought. In addition, the thumb is the only finger independent from the other fingers, so you have a large choice of materials and types of rings. 

Therefore, you'll want a chunky ring that accentuates your character. Among the materials that are the most attractive are titanium and sterling silver.

4. Index finger

Wearing a ring on the index finger signifies leadership and power. For this purpose, many men opt for rings with more details, such as a signet ring or a ring with a gemstone.

Index finger

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How many rings look good on a guy?

There is no set rule on how many rings are enough to wear. However, if you want to include a ring as a fashion detail, it is best not to overdo it. Always follow the rule of less is more. 

Therefore, wearing more than three rings on your hand is not advisable.

What color ring looks best on men?

If you can't decide on a ring color, pay attention to your skin color. Those with cool skin tones will look best with lighter-colored rings. For this purpose, you can choose white gold or platinum. 

On the other hand, if you have a warmer skin tone, yellow gold will look best on you. If you have a neutral skin tone, you have open options because you can combine rings from any material.

Are rings considered feminine?

Simply put, no. Although there’s an impression that there is more choice for women regarding jewelry, rings are equally popular with men. Moreover, in history, rings have always been popular among males and females.


So, are rings attractive on guys? After all the information I indicated above, I can confirm that rings spice up a man's attractive appearance. Moreover, rings can convey a certain message, define your style, and complete your fashion style.

Don't hesitate to get this piece of jewelry that will emphasize your uniqueness and separate you from the crowd. In the end, I hope this article gave you the answers you need if you are still deciding whether to buy a ring. 

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.