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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

Are Chunky Rings in Style?

As 2024 is unfolding, we are beginning to learn that chunky pieces are taking the stage. By now, you have surely noticed that no outfit is complete without a statement piece. However, are chunky rings in style right now?

When it comes to jewelry, the main theme this year is bold and oversized.

In this guide, I will reveal some of our most wanted chunky rings and discuss how you can incorporate this piece of jewelry into your outfit. 

Are Chunky Rings in Style
Source: jewelrylab.co

The Power of Sentimental Jewelry 

While in the past, jewelry was mostly used to showcase the wealth and social status of an individual, today, the story is different. Though we are a brand-driven society, and this can also be a form of displaying social status, jewelry today is much more than a symbol of wealth. 

Wearing an accessory has become more personal, and for many individuals, it holds a strong emotional value. As a 2022 study on personalized jewelry shows, the custom-made jewelry trend is on the rise and is growing by the day. 

Our handcrafted chunky gold rings, much like other designs, are as much a cultural expression as they are a fashion accessory. Similarly, to the majority of consumers, jewelry pieces are a reflection of self-identity, rather than just an impulse buy. 

Having the freedom to curate your jewelry to your own liking can boost self-confidence. Therefore, wearing the chunky pieces you love can be fueled both by your aspirations to be trendy and, at the same time, encompass much more than that.

Are Chunky Rings in Style? 

Chunky rings first came back in style in 2021, and the trend still stands in 2024. While back in 2021, the main theme in the chunky ring trend was a bold, child-like 90’s nostalgia, this time around, we have a more sophisticated punk style on the rise.

The chunky ring style goes in hand with similar accessories that mark current trends. One example is this year’s cuff movement. Bulky cuff bracelets are in fashion again and fit perfectly with chunky statement rings. 

The chunky ring selection 

Personal preferences are based on taste and style. However, you may come across some timeless pieces that can fit easily into any outfit. Still, if you fail to find anything that speaks to you personally in our chunky collection, you can always visit our minimalistic jewelry catalog.

Overall, chunky rings are designed to be playful and fun, but they can also create a fierce and elegant effect. They usually have rectangular and oval shapes, but they can also have wavy, creative shapes. 

Handcrafted chunky rings are especially appealing due to their distinctive design and make a good choice for individuals going for the quirky or eccentric effect. Below, you can find some of the most popular chunky rings from our collection. 

Rugged coil ring 

This coil ring features a powerful, bulky design that gives it plenty of versatility. This silver ring can fit easily both into your street style and into some of your more elegant fits. 

The rugged coil ring style has been favored for millennia, and the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans all endorsed it. The thick silver bands around your finger offer plenty of freedom. Those that favor the mixed metal jewelry trend naturally navigate toward the coil ring as it helps introduce a sensuality into their look. 

Coil ring
Source: jewelrylab.co

Medium Uja ring 

Although it is originally advertised for men, this rugged abstract ring makes a nice choice for both men and women. 

It features a unique design and fits comfortably despite its irregular shape. If this is your first time buying a chunky ring and you want to avoid any unnecessary returns or repairs, you can consult our ring sizing board to ensure that it fits properly. 

Medium Uja ring
Source: jewelrylab.co

Neha ring 

The Neha ring has an abstract irregular structure and looks like it is flowing into itself. Chunky rings make a great choice for wearers who want to make silver pop in their outfits. 

What makes this silver ring attractive is that it translates to a myriad of aesthetics and looks good no matter which finger you decide to wear it on. 

Neha ring
Source: jewelrylab.co

Hila ring 

The Hila ring has a playful design and somehow reminds us of a braided ring, even though it is internally different. The ring's rugged twisted design best describes its appeal. 

Though the Hila ring is not as bulky or “loud” as the other rings we mentioned above, it makes a great choice if you want to stack up and wear multiple chunky rings across your fingers. 

Hila ring
Source: jewelrylab.co

The Chunky Chain Comeback 

Since you came here to learn whether are chunky rings still stylish, we assume you also haven't heard the news that chunky chains are also back in town. Chunky chains may give you an edgier look and are just what you need if you want to encompass the ongoing trend into your outfit. 

The chunky chains this season are mostly larger-size statement pieces. Not only are they meant to be seen, but they are also meant to turn heads. 

To create a dramatic impact this season, you will need something unique and eye-catching. Below, we’ve included our Meta XL Chain Necklace just to give you an idea of how you can embody boldness. This extra-large silver chain has a blackened finish and spreads chunky punk vibes all over the place.

The Chunky Chain Comeback
Source: jewelrylab.co


If you’re still wondering are chunky rings in style again, the answer is YES! However, unlike their 2021 comeback, this time around, they have a more sophisticated yet fierce look. Their childish 90s appeal is out of the picture, and they’ve found their way into street fashion and high fashion as well. 

The emphasis of the emerging chunky ring trend is placed on silver and metallic. Their edgy appearance makes them easy to style, especially if you are looking to add some extra flair to a simple outfit. This trend gives an open space for creativity, and stacking up on jewelry has once again become the ultimate fashion trend.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.