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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

How to Choose the Right Chunky Silver Ring

For those who like statement jewelry, a chunky silver ring is the ultimate bold look. Chunky silver rings perfectly complement those with big personalities. Still, before buying one, you have to know how to choose the right chunky silver ring.

Wearing a unique chunky ring will not only elevate your entire look but also make you stand out. With a chunky silver ring on your finger, you don’t even have to wear additional jewelry, which is great for those that aren’t used to jewelry.

The boldness of a chunky silver ring is enough to draw the eyes of passersby and your friends.

Choose the Right Chunky Silver Ring

How to Choose the Right Chunky Silver Ring

Knowing how to pick the right chunky rings depends on several things, including the metal and personal tastes. For example, if you want a silver ring, our big chunky rings collection gives you plenty of options.

You can choose a more elegant and subdued design or a bolder one. Choose the chunky silver ring that matches your tastes. Moreover, all of our jewelry is handmade and designed in our studio in Bali, Indonesia.

Our handcrafted designs allow you to unlock your creativity and show off your unique style. The easiest way to get the attention of others is with a bold statement chunky ring.

When buying the perfect chunky ring, consider the following:

  1. The style of the chunky ring
  2. The materials the chunky ring is made of
  3. The finger you wear the ring on

Why Choosing the Right Chunky Ring Is Important

It is important to note that chunky rings are bold pieces that come in different styles. If you want the ring you purchase to complement your personality, you have to choose a fitting design.

Once you pick the right ring, you will be able to see the full versatility of chunky rings.

Personal style of chunky rings

When it comes to personal tastes and individual styles, the right ring should complement them. If you choose the wrong chunky ring, the piece will likely clash with your overall style, which you want to avoid.

Instead, familiarize yourself with the styles of chunky rings and choose the one that best showcases your style.

Bold chunky statement rings

While all chunky rings are bold, some are more than others. For example, if you are more daring, show it off by wearing the boldest design of a chunky ring. Or you can even stack several chunky rings side-by-side.

If you decide to stack chunky rings, it is best to go for ones made from the same metal. Silver rings are a great choice as they go with almost every outfit, meaning you can wear them daily.

Elegant chunky ring designs

A statement ring does not always mean wearing overly intricate designs that don’t fit your taste. Chunky rings are also available in elegant designs that may fit even those with a minimalist style.

You can choose a single elegant chunky ring that will elevate your outfit and boost your confidence.

Classic chunky ring

The classic look is perfect for the bohemian in you. With a classic chunky ring, you are in the middle between a bold and elegant style. This means that with a classic chunky ring, you get an air of elegance while still showing off your creative side.

One example of a classic chunky ring is a signet ring, a great statement piece and an added stylistic element for fashionistas.

Classic chunky ring

Materials used for chunky rings

Manufacturers make chunky rings from various materials, including silver, gold, brass, and others, with gold and silver on the more expensive side.

Sterling silver is a great option for affordable and durable chunky rings. You can wear a silver ring daily and style it with everything.

Chunky silver rings are great on their own, or you can pair them with more stackable simpler rings. You can even pair multiple chunky silver rings for a bolder look.

The finger you wear a chunky ring on

When purchasing a ring, the finger on which you plan to wear it also matters. For instance, if you only wear rings on your middle finger, choose a bolder chunky ring that will draw attention to it.

If you want to wear more than one chunky ring, you can choose a more elegant style and wear them on both your middle fingers or the index and middle finger on one hand.

Signet rings are great if you want to wear a chunky ring on your little finger. Wearing a chunky signet ring on this finger is a great way to make a statement.

How to Pick the Right Chunky Ring Size

When buying rings, you have to get the right size. If you get a bigger size, your ring will keep falling off, and you may lose it. Or if the ring is too small for your finger, you will not be able to put it on, and if you manage to put it on, it will fit too snugly.

Knowing your ring size will make you easily choose one that fits. However, most people don’t know their exact ring size, meaning you will need to measure your finger before buying a ring.

The easiest way to get an exact measurement is by visiting a professional jeweler. Jewelers have a special ring sizer tool to determine the right ring size. If no jewelers are nearby, you can also measure your ring size at home.

Measuring your finger for a ring size

Your ring should fit snugly without being too tight. You can check your ring’s size in the following ways:

  • If you have well-fitting rings, you can measure their diameter and choose the size you want to order.
  • Purchase a ring sizer tool or a ring size chart with holes for each finger. With a ring size chart, you can put your ring inside the hole and see which size is right.
  • Measure your ring size at room temperature to avoid the wrong size due to swelling.

Factors to consider when choosing the right chunky ring size

When buying a chunky ring in the right size, there is more to it than simply measuring your finger size.

Band width

It would be best to consider the width of a chunky ring's band compared to a normal ring. Chunky rings might fit more snugly on your ring despite being the same size as your other rings. This tighter fit is due to the girth of the chunky ring.

Bodily fluctuations

This is an important factor that many forget. Throughout the day, your finger's size will change due to blood circulation, temperature changes, and what you eat and drink. 

Your ring should still feel comfortable on your finger, even with the changes mentioned throughout the day.

Your knuckles

Another thing to consider is your knuckle size. The ring you choose should easily slide from your finger's base to the tip. If you have larger knuckles, the ring size should be bigger; otherwise, it will not slide past them without obstruction. If your knuckles are smaller, the ring may easily slip out and fall out.

Factors to consider when choosing the right chunky ring size

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a chunky ring with formal and everyday outfits too?

Wearing rings depends mainly on individual tastes. If you buy a chunky silver ring, you can style it with both formal and informal outfits due to the simplicity and elegance of the metal. 

Chunky rings are a way for people to show a bolder side of their personality, so wear them with whatever you want.

How do you know that a ring is too tight for you?

If a ring is too tight for your finger, you will likely be unable to put it on. But if you put it on and the ring leaves an indent mark on the skin of your finger, then it is too tight. You shouldn’t wear rings that are tight, as they may disrupt your blood flow.


After you learn how to choose the right chunky silver ring, you can make your purchase. This way, you will avoid buying a ring that clashes with your style or is the wrong size. Chunky rings are great statement pieces once you choose the right ones for you. Plus, a chunky silver ring will compliment both formal and everyday outfits

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.