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by Jesus Zabala - 4 min read

Chunky Men's Rings Durability

The search for a perfect chunky ring can be overwhelming because of the huge variety available for purchase on the market. But I found a way of determining chunky men’s rings durability to make your decision-making process smoother.

Chunky rings for men have gained popularity recently. However, they have been considered statement pieces since ancient times. Therefore, men’s fashion is constantly evolving, but it’s also bringing back famous jewelry styles from the old age.

Nowadays, men can wear chunky rings to express their unique fashion style even if they are not bikers. There are ways of elegantly wearing big men’s rings. But what chunky rings last the longest? Let’s join forces and find out together!


Chunky Men’s Rings Durability

A chunky ring's endurance is mostly dependent on the material it’s produced from. Some materials are more durable than others, giving them quality and a unique sheen. So, are chunky men’s ring durable? They can be - if made from gold or sterling silver.

Gold chunky rings

Is there something more impressive and noticeable than a man wearing gold chunky rings? The golden sheen on a man’s hand expresses his bold side and fearlessness to show off his style. In addition, gold is a very durable material if maintained properly. 

Sterling silver chunky rings

Wondering what is the most durable chunky ring for a man? You can’t go wrong with sterling silver. This material has high levels of endurance and eye-catching shine and looks classy every time you wear it. 

Sterling silver chunky rings have been men’s favorites for many years, and they continue to make a statement to this day. 

Mixed metals chunky rings

Searching for durability and uniqueness in chunky men’s rings? Why not give mixed metals a try? The best mixed-metals chunky rings are made from gold and silver. This way, sterling silver's durability and gold's elegance are unified in one jewelry piece.

How to Determine The Durability of Chunky Rings

You have to consider a few factors to determine chunky men’s rings durability. Likely, you won’t be able to judge the endurance of a chunky ring just by looking at it. Instead, you should feel it on your skin and decide its level of quality to ensure you make the right choice.


Looks can be deceiving, even when talking about men’s chunky rings. A ring may appear chunky but be lightweight, which is a sign of poor quality and low levels of durability. Instead, choose chunky rings with a good weight to them, signifying high quality.

Accurate fit

How long a chunky ring lasts also depends on its fit and whether you can wear it for years and years to come. A chunky ring shouldn’t be too tight or fit too loose. Instead, it should sit comfortably on your finger. 

If you need help determining your ring size, check out our ring sizing chart and measure it on your own.

Material quality

Jewelry stores that focus on producing handmade jewelry from high-quality materials have the best chunky rings. If you are shopping online, ensure the jewelry store you are purchasing from has product descriptions and lists the materials used to produce their chunky rings.

Material quality

Which Chunky Ring Type Should You Choose?

Men can choose from many chunky ring types depending on whether it suits their personal style. The most important thing you need to focus on before purchasing is finding a reputable jewelry store selling high-quality chunky rings worth the money.


Who says you can’t wear a statement jewelry piece if you are a minimalist? Large rings with minimalistic designs are perfect for everyday wear and pair well with almost any outfit. Your minimalist chunky ring will catch people’s attention, especially if made from sterling silver.


Brave men who don’t mind having a little bling on their fingers can choose decorative chunky rings. These types of large rings can come in different colors and unique designs to suit every man’s fashion preference when it comes to jewelry.

Although many believe that men can only wear decorative rings for special occasions, some more wearable styles are suitable for many occasions.

Signet ring

Want to honor your family tradition and history? One way of doing it is by wearing a chunky signet ring. Noblemen have been wearing it for centuries to express status, wealth, and appreciation of their culture. 

Follow their example and stand out from the crowd with a large and colorful signet ring made of gold or silver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a jeweler tell the durability of a chunky ring?

Jewelers can determine the quality and authenticity of a chunky ring. They can tell you approximately how long your ring will last and retain its original quality. 

Therefore, visit your local jeweler if you are unable to determine the durability of a chunky ring by yourself at home.

Does durability equal the expensive price of chunky rings?

Durable chunky rings might be more expensive than easily damageable ones. But the higher price range shouldn’t lead to avoiding the purchase of a durable chunky ring. Most of the time, you get what you paid for. So, paying more money might result in your chunky ring’s long-lastingness.

Are durable chunky rings high quality?

Chunky rings made from high-quality materials are highly valuable. But that’s not the case for all types of chunky rings. Accessories made from plastic or corrosive materials are lower in quality and less expensive than top-quality jewelry made from the finest materials.

Are durable chunky rings high quality


Before you make a final purchase, ensure you determine the chunky men’s rings durability. This practice will pay out in the long run if you want to guarantee the lastingness of your chunky ring. One statement piece can be remembered forever, so choose wisely.

Quality is more important than style when it comes to chunky rings. However, you don’t have to sacrifice appearance for durability. There are many casual and elegant chunky ring options to choose from.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.