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by Jesús Zabala - 4 min read

Can 925 Sterling Silver Rings Be Resized?

Did you unintentionally buy a 925 sterling silver ring that is not your size? Or did you get a ring as a gift, but it needs resizing? While at first, you may think that this can easily be fixed, you should find out whether resizing is possible. Generally, most rings can be resized. Yet, can 925 sterling silver rings be resized?

Let us explain whether this is possible and enlist reasons why you should do it.

Can 925 Sterling Silver Rings Be Resized?

Source: shutterstock.com / Photo Contributor: Lakeview Images

Can 925 Sterling Silver Rings Be Resized?

925 sterling rings can generally be resized, but the process might be challenging. Resizing a sterling silver ring involves stretching or compressing the metal to change size. The situations where 925 sterling silver rings cannot be resized is when decorative patterns are around the band or the ring is covered in gold or silver plating.

Yet, there are several factors to consider before resizing a sterling silver ring:

Sterling silver is a delicate metal– this means it will be harder to resize it than the yellow gold. Yet, you should know that 92.5% of the material is fine silver, and the rest is copper (or sometimes zinc or nickel). Copper is a strong material that allows crafting and resizing.

  • Resize the ring just once– we want to point out that frequent resizing can weaken the metal and increase the chances of breaking or damaging it. Therefore, we advise you to determine your correct size before resizing it.
  • Avoid manual resizing– another thing that we recommend is to avoid manual resizing with pliers or hammers, as it may lead to ring damaging. We use proper methods for resizing, like soldering or cutting, to ensure a secure resizing.

Reasons Why You Should Resize Your Sterling Silver Ring

Receiving a wrong ring size as a gift

One of the reasons to resize your sterling silver ring is if you got the wrong ring size as a gift. Maybe you were gifted a ring that’s a size too big or too small, or you want to wear it on another finger than what it was originally bought for. You love the design but want to wear it without fear of the ring falling off. Or the ring size is too small for your finger size, and there’s no way to wear it on the finger it is supposed to be worn. In this case, you can resize it up or down. Remember to resize it correctly since stretching the ring many times may weaken the metal.

We recommend professional resizing of your ring since many models include gemstones or decorative elements. If not resized properly, your ring might get damaged.

Weight loss or gain

Weight changes may impact the fit of your ring. If you have recently lost or gained weight, your ring may no longer fit properly, meaning it can become either too loose or too tight around your finger. In this case, we advise you to resize your ring if you want to wear it comfortably and prevent possible ring damage.

Improving wearing experience

We’ve all been there. You try putting on a ring, and all of a sudden, it’s too tight or too loose on your finger, which causes frustration and discomfort. If it’s too loose you become worried that if you wear the ring, it might slip off, and if it’s too tight you get anxious about what will happen if you cannot get the ring off. In that case, resizing your ring will make your wearing experience better. 

Remember, a properly fitted ring is not only more comfortable to wear, but it reduces the risk of irritation or abrasion. 

Reasons Why You Should Resize Your Sterling Silver Ring

Source: shutterstock.com / Photo Contributor: Lakeview Images

The Cost of Resizing a Sterling Silver Ring

The cost to resize a sterling silver ring in the U.S.varies based on several factors, including the jeweler, the location, and the resizing complexity. Yet, in general, resizing a ring up in size costs more than resizing it down.

To resize a ring up, we must add extra metal to expand the size. This tends to be more expensive because it requires more material and work. The price can range anywhere from $40 to $100, depending on the factors mentioned above.

To resize a ring down, we cut a piece of the ring and then rejoin the band. This requires less work than resizing a ring up, so it costs less. Although prices may vary based on the jeweler, the ring type, the metal, etc., you are looking at a price range of $30 to $60.


Can sterling silver rings be resized? Luckily, they can. So, you do not have to worry if you have the wrong size ring. You’ll still wear it after resizing. Next, can sterling silver rings be resized smaller, and bigger? Yes! Both options are available.

Remember that you should avoid manual resizing because you may damage the ring. Also, we advise resizing the ring just once; anything more can jeopardize the ring’s structure.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.