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by Jesús Zabala - 5 min read

Is Wearing a Tight Ring Dangerous?

We all know that most of us wear our rings all the time. Some even have never taken their rings off while taking a shower or doing heavy-hand-involving jobs. As time goes by, one’s perfectly fitting ring can become too tight and uncomfortable to wear.

Here in this piece, you’ll get to know whether is wearing a tight ring dangerous or not and, if so, what to do next. Keep reading to get into every nook and cranny of ring tightness, trouble signs, and guides for finding the perfect size.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Wearing a Tight Ring?

A perfectly sized ring should easily slide along your ring finger part and should pass the knuckle with no problem at all. Small friction is always good, as it will keep the ring safe from falling off and sliding loose.

A perfectly sized ring shouldn't cause any pain or strange feeling; it should fit just fine at the finger base.

After all of this, if you can't make sure your ring is the perfect size, here are a couple of tests to try to determine whether it's time for a ring replacement or not.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Wearing a Tight Ring?

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The Ring Simply Won't Turn

A properly fitting ring should easily spin and turn on your finger. You shouldn't put any effort into doing that; it should move easily in both directions. If your ring seems stuck and can't perform any movements, cool down your hand, especially the specific ring-wearing finger. Put ice on it for about 10 minutes, and try rotating and moving the ring. If you still can’t manage to perform any movement, it’s obvious that the ring is too tight.

It Became Stuck

If your ring is stuck and won't turn, you might not even manage to move it upward-downward, either. Putting ice on your ring-bearing finger and applying olive oil afterward can come in handy for easier removal. 

In the future, consider resizing it; the sooner, the better.

It Welcomes You With a Muffin Top

Many of us know this slang, and it looks just like it reads “It's the extra fat that sticks out over your pants when they become too tight from you gaining extra weight.

Checking if your ring gives you a muffin top is not science; you can spot it immediately. If you see a balloon above or below the tight area, similar to your tight jeans problem, then you know the deal: the ring is too tight.

Strange Feeling of Tingly Finger

If you start feeling a tingling sensation on your ring-bearing finger, it might be the cause of the ring being too tight. 

Many people complain of a cold ring-wearing finger, slightly colder than the other fingers; experiencing a tingling sensation like ants crawling on one's finger; ring-bearing finger starts turning numb, with a blush-white skin tone, etc.

It Hurts and the Pain Won't Go Away

Fingers can start hurting for many reasons, but when a tight ring is the main cause, the pain gets worse and doesn't go away that easily. If your pain starts getting worse, you should consider removing and/or resizing your ring.

Is Wearing a Tight Ring Dangerous?

Wearing your ring all the time and not taking it off even once can cause potential health dangers, as it can become too tight over time. If your perfectly-fit ring became suddenly too tight, here are some of the problems that can arise from that:

  • Nerve Damage: This is one of the most trouble-causing problems of all. When a ring starts becoming too tight, it can block the finger nerves, putting too much pressure. It’s also known as ring finger neuropathy, and in most circumstances becomes far from comfortable.
  • Low or No Blood Circulation: A tight ring can put pressure not only on nerves but on blood vessels as well. Many people are concerned can a tight ring cut off circulation, and unfortunately, the answer is yes. You’ll notice your finger swelling, changing colors, becoming slightly colder than the rest of the group (of fingers). In worst cases, it can damage the finger tissue and need medical help.
  • Increased Risk of Infection: Rarely, a tight ring may lead to infection risk, too. Being too tight, it doesn’t allow the skin to breathe, trapping bacteria and all sorts of skin germs, eventually leading to infections such as ring rash. Infections can range from slight itching and irritation to serious problems that will need a doctor’s care.
  • Lasting Marks and Deep Scars: One can damage its ring-bearing finger skin due to non-stop wearing a tight ring. As time passes, those slight marks can become deeper and more severe, eventually causing lasting scars that one’s about to carry for the rest of one’s life.
Is Wearing a Tight Ring Dangerous?

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Should I Take off My Rings at Night?

There are a lot of reasons why you should take off your ring(s) at night, but here are the most important ones:

  • Hygiene: Besides other things, hygiene is the main cause. It helps your skin breathe and keep its main condition. Wearing a ring creates the right environment for skin bacteria to evolve. By taking off your ring at night, you prevent all of that from happening.
  • Prevent Future Damage: While sleeping, most of us move unconsciously and uncontrollably. By bumping and twisting your fingers while sleeping you can damage your ring, plus you can get some of your bed or other fabric stuck under your ring, which can make the ring slightly loosen up and change its main shape.
  • For Safety Measures: It’s way better to prevent it than to constantly ask yourself whether is wearing a tight ring dangerous. By removing your ring at night, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that if something happens, your hands will be fully free for instant reactions.

Choose Your Perfect Fit!

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