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by Jesus Zabala - 4 min read

What Makes Chunky Silver Rings a Popular Choice in Jewelry?

Chunky silver rings have become quite a trend in fashion. No wonder you can see people wearing this piece of jewelry from the streets to the magazine covers. But what makes chunky silver rings a popular choice in jewelry?

Interestingly, chunky silver rings are unisex - beloved by both men and women worldwide.

Keep reading to see the reasons why this accessory made a boom in fashion.

What Makes Chunky Silver Rings a Popular Choice in Jewelry?

Chunky silver rings become globally attractive for a few reasons. First, this jewelry is a statement piece. Moreover, chunky rings are versatile, affordable, and durable.

Finally, these types of rings are worn by celebrities, which makes them trendy among common people.

Let’s unpack the popularity of chunky silver rings in jewelry.

Several Reasons Why We Love Chunky Rings

Several Reasons Why We Love Chunky Rings


The first reason this trend emerged and became worldly known is that we see fashion icons and celebrities wearing chunky silver rings. Celebrities are the world's best commercials. You can check out the latest sterling silver chunky rings and become part of the trend.

Since celebrities are globally popular, common people easily follow their fashion choices. This made the chunky silver rings trend even more popular. Therefore, if you want to add a fashionable twist to your jewelry box, then a silver ring is what you need.

Statement piece

Since chunky rings are eye-catching and bold, they make an incredible statement piece. Their designs are one-of-a-kind and sophisticated. Thus, this jewelry piece adds edginess and uniqueness to any outfit. You can make a simple outfit look gorgeous and fashionable.

A chunky ring design has no limits. Their shapes and motifs make an incredible statement, as well as the fact that it is trendy to wear more of them. You can go from bold to elegant or classic statements. However, be sure that wearing chunky rings will not go unnoticed. 


This is a relevant factor in the popularity of these rings. Chunky silver rings are made of 925 sterling silver, a stable metal that can withstand everyday wear and tear. If you take proper care of your rings, they will last long without changing their shape.

Additionally, sterling silver does not contain any damaging materials. Thus, these rings are not harmful to your skin.


Silver is more cost-effective than gold, platinum, or other precious materials. Therefore, wearing chunky silver rings is an excellent substitute for more expensive jewelry pieces.

Altogether, these rings are your go-to option if you want to be stylish and wear affordable jewelry.


Lastly, what makes chunky silver rings a popular choice in jewelry is their versatility. Silver is neutral, meaning it looks well with almost every color or outfit. 

You can wear chunky silver rings for different occasions and style them accordingly.

A Little Bit of History

Silver has been used in the jewelry industry for more than 6,000 years. It is believed that the first silver mines were discovered in Anatolia, present-day Turkey. This metal was described as durable and beautiful. 

In the old days, Greek and Egyptian royals wore silver as a symbol of their royalty and as protection against evil spirits.

Nowadays, we have different beliefs about why silver rings are beneficial.

Benefits of Wearing Silver Rings

You may consider silver jewelry a nice addition to your style, but it is good to know that silver is also beneficial for you besides being beautiful. 

Let’s see some of the benefits of wearing silver rings.

Silver has an antimicrobial effect

This precious metal has antimicrobial power. You can choose to wear a silver ring as a fashion statement, but at the same time, it will protect you from harmful bacteria, parasites, and other microorganisms.

Similar to copper or brass, silver has many health benefits. No wonder researchers have studied the benefits of silver for years.

Silver has sterilization features

Silver may have sterilization characteristics. Wearing a silver ring may protect your hands from bacterial infections and other germs by reducing their build-up.

Silver is a toxicity detector

The next reason silver jewelry is a great thing to buy is its toxicity detection feature. If you are in an environment with toxic substances, your ring may change color. 

Can you believe your accessory can give you a sign to leave the place and save your life?

Silver may lessen anxiety

We live in very busy times, with anxiety being a modern “disease”. Among the things with possible calming effects, believe it or not, is wearing silver jewelry.

You can rotate your silver ring in a stressful situation and try to calm down. The inner ring and the repeated rotation will work as a calming technique. 

Silver may lessen anxiety

Frequently Asked Questions

When were chunky rings most popular?

Chunky rings were most popular in the ‘90s. In different shapes and forms, from rectangular to oval, from child-like to gemstone rings, the chunky rings trend was mega popular worldwide.

Should you size up for a chunky ring?

Yes! If you want to buy a chunky ring, you should consider sizing up a half-size.

Bottom Line

What makes chunky silver rings a popular choice in jewelry? It is their versatility, affordability, durability, and being stylish and statement pieces. 

Silver is known for its long-lasting characteristic and is cheaper than other precious metals. Moreover, wearing chunky silver rings is a trend that can be combined with many outfits for various occasions. That makes this trend popular.

In addition, silver may have many health benefits, such as antimicrobial and sterilization features. Plus, silver rings may reduce anxiety and help detect toxic substances.

While you are fashionable, you may be protected as well.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.