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by Jesus Zabala - 7 min read

How to Wear Rings

Figuring out how to wear rings with confidence can be challenging, especially when you are new to jewelry. Finding a ring that matches your style, elevates your confidence, and accents the outfit may seem impossible when faced with all the different ring styles and options available.
Copying the style of some celebrity might seem like a good idea, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you can walk confidently into a room. So, is there a solution to your jewelry problems? Yes, there is. 
Read on below and find all the tips and tricks on choosing rings that match your style and how to wear them while looking your best.

How to Wear Rings
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Wear Rings

While one ring type might be easy to incorporate into someone's style, others might find it difficult to match the ring with their style. There are plenty of ring styles, but finding the one that reflects your personality can be quite a challenge.

Rings and style 

In one way, choosing a ring is like choosing the right type of outfit for your figure. The process of choosing the ring size and style includes a couple of questions, such as: Am I looking for a statement ring? Do I want something minimalistic that won't attract much attention?
For instance, individuals interested in something elegant and subtle may have their eye on our Mixed Metal Flat Top Ring, while those who like more dramatic accessories might be interested in bulkier rings such as the Gold Ring.
Matching your rings with your outfit requires attention. Rings, like other jewelry accessories, are often worn to accent the outfit.
Looking for a ring to elevate your casual yet formal wear? Go with our  Minimal Silver Ring.
If you’re someone with a defined urban style, then experimenting with different types of jewelry is not likely to be a challenge. But, all experiments come with a risk. Mixing different jewelry styles and materials together can either be a perfect hit or a total fail. 
This is why we advise paying extra attention when choosing accessories and trying to find pieces that complement each other. 

How many rings are enough?

Stopping at just one ring on your hand might feel a bit bland. We have nothing against individuals who decide one ring is enough, but the layering rings trend proves that stacking up the fingers can add much to your style. Still, ring stacking should always be done tastefully.
Stacking up on rings introduces more boldness and power to the outfit. Those interested in upgrading their look with bulky rings should know that wearing two to three rings per hand works best.  For instance, to add a more sophisticated look to the layered trend, consider adding thinner bands to the mix, such as the Athena Ring.

Sizing Rings

Wearing a ring that is either too big or too small for your finger can look displeasing. It's not only uncomfortable but also involves constant worry about the ring falling off or limiting your blood flow, and we want neither of these two. 
So here is everything that someone new to ring sizing should know: 
Each finger has a different size. So, a ring that perfectly fits the middle finger will be a little loose if worn on your ring finger. In learning how to wear rings, it is crucial to take each finger individually and know your measurements before making a purchase. 

Find your size

There are a couple of different ways of finding your ring size. Although there is an international ring sizing chart available, it doesn't necessarily mean that every individual will fit into an exact ring size. The two most popular methods of figuring out the ring size are using a ring-sizer by self-measurements. 

Using a ring-sizer 

Ring-sizers are regularly available at jewelry stores. A ring-sizer is a plastic sheet that lists a variety of sizes. By going to a local jewelry store, you can get your finger size in just a couple of minutes. The finger slides into the ring-sizer, and the size is determined with the marked measurements. Remember, the ring-sizer should fit comfortably around the finger, not too tight or loose.


If the trip to the jewelry store is not an option, then at-home measurements are always an option. The simplest way of getting your ring size is by cutting a piece of paper, wrapping it around your finger, and marking where the two ends meet. The space between the two marks tells the ring size. For more detailed information, head on to the JewelryLab Ring Size Chart.

Choosing the Right Rings

With so many trends happening at the moment, it’s hard to keep up, especially when it comes to wearing rings. From simple bands to statement and cocktail rings, there are plenty of options to choose from to match your personal style. 

Mixing styles and combining the old rings with new ones seems to work more for some but not for everyone.

Let’s go through some lifesaving pointers that can help you learn how to wear rings with confidence and match your outfit.

Casual vs Formal Settings 

The outfit should always match the setting, and the jewelry should always complement the outfit. Wearing rings unsuitable for the occasion will likely gain attention but not the type you're hoping for.

One of the key principles of learning how to wear rings is finding their purpose. Make planning a priority and choose rings that fit your everyday wear. Buy a different set of rings for more formal gatherings, and don't forget to match them with your other jewelry for the night.

Note that rings that feature a precious stone are most suitable for formalities. However, rings like the Turquoise Classic Indo Ring that feature a gemstone can fit into casual and more formal scenarios. 

Casual vs Formal Settings
Source: jewelrylab.co

Understanding metals 

Is mixing silver and gold rings a good idea? Well, it depends. If you’re someone who wants to keep track of major trends or you’re willing to experiment with jewelry, then the answer is yes. However, if you’d like to amplify your look but you’re not much of a risk taker, then mixing metals might not be the right decision. Still, while most might still prefer to stay in their lane and wear only one type of metal, it’s worth noting that stacking up rings doesn’t necessarily need to be done in tone. 

Following Popular Trends 

The layering rings trend has been around for some time and has taken many forms. Some like combining edgy geometric rings like the First Human Ring with small simplistic rings like the Best Wishes Ring to strike a balance. Others prefer stacking up on chunky rings as a power move. But what always comes as the most difficult to achieve is balance.

Having the rings on the fingers properly stacked up is an art, but it doesn't end here. The rings must be balanced with other jewelry pieces. For instance, when wearing chunky rings or more eye-catching designs, it is best to leave the wrists open. Earrings, on the other hand, are a clear yes.

Ring symbolics

While much attention goes to style, symbolism is also part of the story. Wearing rings as a symbol is a way to send a subtle yet clear message. Here is a more detailed overview of what wearing a ring on each finger symbolizes:


Traditionally, the thumb ring is assigned values such as strength and independence. Wearing a ring on this finger can remind one of personal power and perseverance. Some also wear a thumb ring to symbolize strength within their intimate relationships. 

Index finger

The pointer is connected to ambition, personal power, and expression. In some cultures, such as the Jewish tradition, wearing a ring on the pointer denoted the marital status. But nowadays, this is an outdated practice as Jewish people have adopted the left ring finger practice. 

Middle finger 

Being in the center of the hand, the middle finger is often associated with balance. Some also perceive weaning a ring on this finger as a sign of power, independence, and dominance. For others, wearing a middle finger ring may signify that someone has begun their spiritual journey.

Ring finger 

The ring finger, the fourth finger, indicates one’s marital status. Although there are no laws surrounding where you need to wear your engagement or wedding finger, it has become a common practice. 

However, wearing a ring on this finger doesn’t necessarily allude to engagement. Many associate this finger with deep faith and commitment and consider it suitable for religious, class, and purity rings.  


In the not-so-distant past, pinky rings were associated with the Italian or the American mafia, as many members of these organizations from the late 1940s and to the 1999s were observed wearing a ring on their pinky finger. These rings symbolized loyalty or were used for identification within the mafia. 

Today, traces of the mafia’s influence are still noticeable in the symbolism of wearing a ring on the pinky finger. While it represents elegance and sophistication, pinky rings also convey a sense of pride and achievement. Many people wear family crest rings, also known as signet rings, on their pinkies. Additionally, some artists wear pinky rings as a creative accent.

Pinky Ring
Source: jewelrylab.co


Deciding on how to wear rings and accessorize your fingers is, in large part, left to personal style and preference. However, turning a blind eye to elements such as the outfit and the occasion will not bring favorable results. The rings' material should always match and be properly balanced with other jewelry pieces, which will help you step into a room filled with confidence.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.