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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

How to Wear a Skull Ring

Are you one of the many people who like the skull motif? Well, that is understandable since skull rings seem to be always in trend. Everybody may find a skull ring, from those with minimalist designs to those with more complex, detailed ones.

If you are unsure how to wear a skull ring with different outfits, you have opened the right article. Stay tuned to learn everything you need to know about combining your skull rings with your wardrobe.

How to Wear a Skull Ring

Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Wear a Skull Ring

Bikers and gothic trendsetters have been wearing skull jewelry forever. Those who wear skull rings leave an impression of toughness, confidence, and fearlessness.

Although skull rings are always associated with biker style, you can learn how to wear a skull ring with different outfits, from casual to more elegant ones. 

Remember that your style should always match your personality. Regarding fashion, color coordination is an important factor to consider. Adjusting your outfit to the occasion is another relevant point.

Moreover, when choosing a skull ring, consider the size and shape of your hands and palms. It is up to you to decide which way the skull will face. Once the skull ring fits well on your hand, you are ready to choose the outfit.

If you are new to this trend, you might need a few tips and tricks on combining skull rings with different outfits.

6 Helpful Tips for Wearing a Skull Ring

1. Choose the right skull ring

Since there are millions of designs of skull rings, picking the right one is crucial. There are many factors to consider when buying a skull ring, such as the following:

  • The ring’s size
  • The ring’s metal
  • Your favorite pattern or design
  • The finger you plan to wear it on
  • Stackable rings

Based on what you choose, you can style yourself. You can check out our unique skull rings and find the one you like the most.

2. Consider your hands and fingers' size

Fashion, nowadays, allows you to wear skull rings on any finger. However, the size and shape of both your hands and fingers play a role. 

If you have long and thin fingers, choose wide, large skull rings, but not too thick. Massive and elegant skull rings go well on thick fingers. 

Your outfits and general look will be perfect only if you choose rings that complement you well.

3. Consider the occasion

Skull rings go best with biker-style outfits, like leather jackets, leather dresses, skirts, pants, and boots. These outfits look flawless when you accessorize them with skull rings.

However, you can accessorize with skull rings into everyday outfits as well. Skull rings will look great even if you want to wear jeans, a T-shirt, or a flannel shirt. Combine them with leather sandals or boots. Moreover, skull rings will stick out if you wear denim and white.

The skull rings will be a spot-on accessory if your event requires a black elegant outfit. It is more difficult to combine skull rings with business and professional attire. Depending on the industry, of course, you can be creative. 

For example, wearing a skull ring and a leather bracelet goes well with a suit and a black or white shirt. You can always take your jewelry off if the occasion requires it.

 Consider the occasion for skull rings

Source: jewelrylab.co

4. Color match with your skull ring

If you do not like the all-black style, and decide to lighten up a bit, then you should follow this advice. You should match the skull ring color to your outfit.

These combinations, for example, match perfectly:

  • Silver and blue
  • Silver and royal blue
  • Silver and dark green
  • Silver and burgundy
  • Silver and gray
  • Silver and black
  • Silver and white
  • Gold and green
  • Gold and red
  • Gold and black
  • Gold and brown
  • Gold and beige
  • Gold and orange
  • Gold and white

If you choose a mix of gold and silver ring, then black, white, and red are your safest choices. However, fashion is about expression, and these rules are not written in stone. You can always mix and match until you like your style best.

5. Do not be too matchy 

Unless you opt for a full goth style, the skull ring is better to be the only skull in your outfit. This way, the skull ring will be the highlight of your look.

When it comes to the other jewelry you plan to wear, it is important to stick to the same color or material, but you do not need to wear other skull-inspired jewelry. The best choice is to wear other plain pieces.

You can wear other chunky but plain rings for a free-spirited look. Or, you can wear a tiny necklace like Atlas 925 Necklace for a more delicate look.

It is always better to stick to one patterned item rather than multi-patterned. If you go for the latter choice, then it is better not to wear more jewelry. 

Remember, the important thing is what kind of impression you want to leave and what statement you want to make.

6. Keep to your style

Adding a skull ring to your outfit does not mean changing your style completely. If you wear something that you do not like, you will feel uncomfortable, and looking uncomfortable leaves a bad impression. That is why you should stick to your style and play around with some details.

It is important to dress accordingly for the day and occasion. Moreover, skull rings look good with short and long sleeves. However, it is better to take them off if you wear mittens.

Stick to your style when choosing skull rings

Source: jewelrylab.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do celebrities wear skull rings?

Wearing skull rings represents resilient, edgy, risky, non-conformist characters. Some celebrities wear skull rings because they fall into this category of people, while others only wear skull rings for fashion motifs.

What does Johnny Deep’s skull ring represent?

Johnny Deep’s skull ring represents the circle of life and death, inspiring him to appreciate what he has in life and encouraging him to enjoy life.


Skull rings are always trendy. Therefore, if you like this trend, learning how to wear a skull ring is essential. 

Although skull rings are mostly related to bikers and leather jackets, you can combine them with different outfits, from casual to elegant. 

Moreover, wear black, white, denim, or single-patterned clothes if you like highlighting your skull ring. If you decide to wear other jewelry, stick to plain ones.

The important thing is to keep to your style, so you can feel comfortable and rock your outfit with a nice, eye-catching skull ring.

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