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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

Who Should Wear Chunky Rings?

The contemporary society we live in today has been actively breaking traditional gender norms in fashion. Back in the day, certain accessories were attributed only to men or women - especially rings. With the ever-changing trends and norms, historians and open-minded fashion enthusiasts have been bickering about who should wear chunky rings, men or women.

Who Should Wear Chunky Rings
Source: jewelrylab.co

Who Should Wear Chunky Rings

As of the 21st century, there’s a famous expression that is heard often - fashion knows no rules nor boundaries. Considering this, both men and women can wear chunky rings.

In the earlier centuries, men wore big rings for status. However, women, being the lesser-appreciated and submissive gender, didn’t have a choice because there was no production of big rings for women. As time passed by, designers took it as their mission to create large collections with avant-garde women chunky rings.

With the trend of chunky and bold rings on the rise, both genders are breaking stereotypes. They are embracing the newfound freedom to wear whatever they feel like wearing. People are demonstrating the progressive, open-minded nature of the new generations by challenging traditional barriers by wearing big rings.

Personal style and individuality are being explored and embraced like never before.

How to Choose the Right Chunky Ring

There might be no rules as to who can wear chunky rings, but there sure are a few recommended ways to find the perfect one. Let me give you some advice about how to always make the right choice for a bulky ring.

Consider hand size

It’s common knowledge that smaller hands wear delicate rings better, and bigger hands wear chunkier rings better. In light of this, people with bigger hands will look best with chunky rings. By wearing a bigger ring, they will achieve a balanced look.

The width and length of the finger should be looked at too. People who have long fingers usually also have thin fingers. Knowing this, thick rings with large and bold details will suit those people best. 

On the other hand, there are people with big hands, but their fingers might be shorter and thicker. Rings that aren’t elongated and mostly focused around the ring band are best for these types of people.

Consider personal style and comfort

It’s not a crime to experiment with a new look. For those who feel like trying something new, I recommend starting with a small statement piece like a chunky ring.

Style is subjective, and it all comes down to preference. It’s important to look at the overall look, the intention, and the aesthetic that you want to achieve by wearing chunky rings.

When it comes to comfort, before buying a skull ring, consider whether a large statement ring would get in the way of everyday tasks. If someone works with their hands on a daily basis, chunky rings can cause hazards or injuries. 

Consider the message the ring sends to others

The larger the ring, the more eye-catching it will be. Bold and chunky rings are conversation starters because they’re never simple and always have an intriguing design. 

Besides, they are visible from a mile away. They can also demonstrate a person’s creativity, curiosity, and willingness to try new things. Chunky rings come in various sizes, styles, and colors, with or without decorations.

According to social norms, only the most audacious and outlandish people wear large, bold rings. To wear such an extravagant jewelry piece, you must have a lot of confidence.

Consider the message the ring sends to others
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Style Chunky Rings: A Man’s Guide

Wearing chunky rings is common for men because that has been the norm for a long time now. However, for those that are just getting into accessorizing, here are a few tips on how to style chunky rings for men/

Personal style and preference

Considering your personal style will help with picking out the details of the ring. There’s a wide choice of different materials like brass, silver, gold, or a mix of a few different metals.

For men whose skin has blue undertones, silver rings will compliment them most. Men who have yellow undertones will be able to rock gold rings. When it comes to brass rings, any man can rock this vintage-looking material.

It all boils down to personal liking and the appearance that guys want to achieve. The ideal ring will be one that fits comfortably and appears the most natural on the hand.

Choose the right finger

Big chunky rings are best worn on the index, middle, and ring fingers. This is because those are the longest fingers and are also in the middle, always between other fingers. This way, men can flaunt their ring the best. 

However, men should experiment with wearing a chunky ring on each of the three fingers. Changing between fingers on different occasions will let you figure out which finger feels most comfortable and looks the best aesthetically.

Keep it minimalistic

Because of its size, the ring is already a statement piece, so keeping the details on the ring minimal is key. The more engravings and gems, the more difficult the ring will be for everyday wear.

Also, chunky rings generally don’t allow room for wearing multiple rings on one hand. The hand can become cluttered, which gives off a tacky vibe.

Consider the outfit

It’s really important how the chunky ring will tie in with the outfit, so that the outfit is balanced out. When men feel like going all out with their accessories, a simple and minimalistic outfit is the best choice. 

Best for being casual, edgy, and unique at the same time is the combination of denim jeans and a T-shirt with a simple or no design at all. Adding a leather jacket will definitely tie the entire look together.

On the contrary, to be dressed up and elegant, I suggest you opt for only one chunky ring. It will provide enough detail for a simple and sophisticated outfit.

If the outfit consists of pieces that are of different colors and patterns, the ring will get lost in the outfit. The flashy outfit will consume the ring, and it won’t be the statement piece you hoped for. Balance is key.

How to Style Chunky Rings: A Woman’s Guide

A chunky ring can be a statement piece and a head-turner for a woman's outfit since not many women wear large rings.

Let me give you some professional advice on how to incorporate a chunky ring into almost any outfit.

Combining textures and metals

The layered look seems to always suit women better than men. While I recommend men not to mix and match chunky rings with other rings, I encourage women to do so.

If they wish to draw attention to their hands and rings, stacking up a few rings will be the bold statement they’re looking for. Playing around with different textures, colors, and metals never hurt anybody.

Color coordinate

Some of the most playful and feminine chunky rings are colorful ones. However, they don’t always go with everything as opposed to simply silver or gold chunky rings. If your option of chunky, colorful rings is limited, plan your outfit based on the ring’s colors.

Wearing white, beige, or black tones with a staple clothing piece or accessories like a handbag or scarf that match the color of the ring is also a good option.

Another simple and easy way to color-coordinate the ring is to match it with the color of your nails. 

Consider the outfit

When it comes to women’s fashion, chunky rings can go with pretty much anything. A woman can wear jeans and a plain T-shirt and put on the ring to elevate the look from boring to chic. 

Sometimes, chunky rings can be worn on occasions when the dress code requires guests to be dressed up. Chunky playful rings fit perfectly with cocktail dresses.

Stay away from other statement jewelry

Keeping the other accessories at a minimum is crucial for the fashion girlies who want their ring to be the center of attention. However, there are ways around this “rule”. Many accessories can be incorporated into an outfit, but for the ring to shine, the other jewelry must be minimalistic and low-key.

Stay away from other statement jewelry
Source: jewelrylab.co

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, there are no rules about who should wear chunky rings. Regardless of our solicited advice above, whoever feels comfortable and confident rocking a chunky ring should do so. 

Fashion rules may exist, but they exist to be broken. In order to be fashion-forward, the only two things needed are confidence and self-expression.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.