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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

What Is a Chunky Ring?

Growing tired of your classic, subtle outfits? Don’t worry! Add a chunky ring to the picture, and you’ll get a whole new look! But what is a chunky ring? 

It’s a piece of jewelry that instantly transforms the boring into thrilling. So, don’t get rid of solid-colored outfits just yet - give chunky rings a chance to complete your look by giving your outfit a unique and exhilarating touch. 

What is a Chunky Ring

Source: jewelrylab.co

What is a Chunky Ring?

Chunky rings are the very opposite of minimalist rings. They’re usually oversized, thick, and bulky. As such, chunky rings and similar jewelry belong to the so-called “maximalist style”. 

Chunky rings are designed to be bold and eye-catching. They can come in silver, gold, rose gold, or any other metal and still draw attention. What’s more, there are beautiful chunky rings with stones

What does chunky ring mean?

Is there a special chunky ring meaning? Due to their larger size, chunky rings are often used as statement pieces which help add personality and character and help draw greater attention to the person wearing the ring. 

But besides being statement pieces, chunky rings can have sentimental value for the wearer. Usually, chunky rings are passed on as family heirlooms, but they can also symbolize wealth and status. 

The most common type of chunky ring is signet rings, which are still being passed from generation to generation. Moreover, men of a higher social rank usually wore chunky gold or silver rings, depending on their rank, to assert dominance and power. 

So now that you know what is a chunky ring, let’s see how you can style it.

How to Wear the Chunky Ring: Tips and Tricks

Choose the right chunky ring fingers 

If you want to show off your ring, then we suggest you place the ring on the middle finger. Since there’s no particular meaning behind wearing rings on the middle finger, this finger is a good choice to make a statement with your ring without making a statement about your life. 

However, you’re free to wear them on whichever finger you feel comfortable with. If you have a little flair for adventure, you can go for different sets and placements to find the one for you.

State your personality with a unique design

What is a chunky ring if not a statement piece? Nothing speaks more for your personality than a chunky ring with a carefully picked design. 

If you want to show your profession, your zodiac sign, or your favorite flower, these oversized rings can help you express it without uttering a word. Pick a chunky ring with a personal design, and let the ring talk.

Pick a chunky wooden ring for a natural look

These nature-inspired fashionable jewelry pieces can add a personal touch to your style. Wooden chunky rings will give you an earthy, rustic charm and can easily complement your boho style. Besides being comfortable to wear, chunky wooden rings are not susceptible to tarnish.

Depending on their design, chunky wooden rings can go well with casual and business outings.

Wear chunky rings with gems to elevate your style

Minimalistic, chunky, or uber-chunky - any ring can be beautiful when fitted with gems, as it can bring elegance but even a vintage charm to your outfit, depending on the gem style.

Even though these are not an everyday type of ring, you can fit them in any elegant, formal, or work-related event. So, don’t be afraid to add the gemstone version to your bulky ring collection.

chunky rings with gems

Source: jewelrylab.co

Boost your confidence with a chunky gold ring 

You need to be bold enough to wear any bulky ring, especially a golden one. It also works the other way around - putting on a bulky ring can increase your confidence! While this works with any chunky ring, it’s very effective with gold. 

Golden chunky rings are a special stylish accessory. You can wear them anytime and anywhere. Whether wearing an evening gown or torn-up jeans, a gold ring on the chunky side will elevate your style. So, if you have the budget, don’t hesitate to add a chunky gold ring set to your jewelry box.

A chunky silver ring elegance

If you are going for a more minimalist look, don’t burden your style with other bulky jewelry. One or two minimalist sterling silver rings will be enough to complement your look. 

On the other hand, if you want to style your ring with the “more is better” mantra in mind, add another chunky ring made of gold, or rose gold. The best way to do this is to layer rings with similar styles and designs and buy a chunky ring set that includes silver or rose silver colors. On the other hand, if you feel compelled to do your stylish mix - go ahead!

Stacking chunky rings

Even though chunky rings are statement jewelry pieces, you might try the stacking style to make an even greater statement. But don’t go overboard. Usually, two to three chunky rings per hand are more than enough. Otherwise, you won’t be going for the hard-to-miss effect anymore, but a tacky mess. 

But should you stack chunky rings on one finger? It depends on your style. Chunky rings are made to be the centerpiece of a ring stack, and there can only be one! Rarely anyone can pull off two or more chunky rings on a single finger. 

Keep in mind that layering your chunky ring with minimalist rings adds a cool vibe to your look. So spread them across different fingers rather than stacking them on one. This way, you’ll get a cool vibe.

Mixing and matching chunky rings 

Matching chunky rings is a fun and stylish way to make your true colors shine. These statement accessories can instantly transform any dull outfit and give it a fashion-forward look.

With chunky rings, you’ll have the freedom to experiment with different shapes, sizes, and colors. So, whether you prefer a boho or edgy-glam style, you can achieve it with one or several chunky rings. 

Beware of balance

Finding harmony and coordination is the key to successfully integrating chunky rings into your outfit. If you want to play on the safe side, keep the rest of your jewelry minimal to avoid a tacky look.

In short, if you’re a chunky ring fan, then achieving balance is quite simple - wear only the chunky ring, or add one or two minimalist rings on the same hand, but not on the same finger where the chunky ring is placed.

Chunky and colorful for a fresh look

Do you feel that classic sterling silver rings don’t have what you’re looking for? You can bring your presence into focus and go one step further with a colorful chunky ring.

However, you need to be careful! Always make sure the ring's color and style match your outfit. When they do, you can proudly wear your brightly-colored ring. 

Chunky and colorful for a fresh look

Source: jewelrylab.co


Ultimately, what is a chunky ring? It’s so much more than a cool ring with a substantial size - It’s an excellent way to add a certain pizazz to your looks. Plus, you can match chunky rings with almost everything you wear, regardless of your style. Going for a chunky ring will make a powerful fashion statement.

So, don’t hesitate to buy a chunky ring set and proudly wear your rings. Embrace the allure of a chunky ring and make jaws drop when you expose your uniqueness for the world to see!

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.