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by Jesús Zabala - 6 min read

Are Skull Rings Suitable for Both Men and Women?

It's well-known that accessories and jewelry enhance and elevate your appearance. Wearing any type of piece can add a touch of elegance or sophistication to your look. However, if you want to learn more about pulling off the edge look, skull rings may be your option. But are skull rings suitable for both men and women?

Skull rings are a common item for self-expression and uniqueness. Anyone who implies skull rings to their wardrobe will undoubtedly get some attention. Even if you're wearing it for significant purposes or just for fashion, skull rings are gaining popularity by the day.

Continue reading this article to discover whether skull rings are suitable for all genders. Learn more about why people tend to wear skull rings and the meaning behind them.

Are Skull Rings Suitable for Both Men and Women
Source: jewelrylab.co

About Skull Rings

Skull rings are common for self-expression and uniqueness. The trend of wearing this delicate and bold jewelry is not a new one. These types of accessories have been around for decades. However, they're not just a simple ring with a skull head.

Skull accessories are a pure statement item worn by many people. They are a way of expressing creativity and showing individualism. Decades ago, these rings were popular among rockstars and bikers. Nowadays, they've become a fashion trend.

This means that the market industry has provided us with millions of styles and types we can choose from. From minimalist, simple skull rings to big, bulky ones. There's something to satisfy anyone's taste. 

While rising in popularity by the day, skull rings also add an edgy look to your style.

Are Skull Rings Suitable for Both Men and Women?

Skull rings indeed resemble strength and power. They're often associated with tribal leaders and noblemen. In ancient times, warriors used to wear skulls to intimidate their opponents and signify authority, masculinity, and bravery.

This is precisely why skull rings are often associated with masculine energy. In recent times, they have become a popular standard among men. They're especially common with rock stars, bikers, and alternative styles. As more and more celebrities start to accessorize with them, they have become a trend in today's fashion.

However, this doesn't stop or permit women from wearing and rocking skull rings. So, are skull rings suitable for both men and women?

In today's modern world, people tend to wear skull rings to evoke those same feelings of strength and mortality. Both men and women are appropriating this trend as a neutral fashion statement. The female popularity wears rings for similar reasons as men do.

Skull jewelry has become a trend in various styles, such as punk, rock, goth, and now modern fashion. As there are many options for men’s skull rings, you’ll also find stunning pieces for womens skull rings. Regardless of their labels, all genders can fairly and freely wear skull rings as an individual expression.

Are Skull Rings Suitable for Both Men and Women
Source: jewelrylab.co

Why Men and Women Wear Skull Jewelry

Skulls are one of the most prominent and significant symbols throughout history. So, it's no surprise that this has become a fashionable trend nowadays.

There are many reasons why people wear these bold pieces of jewelry, from honoring deceased loved ones to symbolizing strength and bravery. Whatever the case, both men and women love adding these pieces to enhance their look and add an edge to it.

There are styles and types of skull rings that can satisfy anyone's taste. When looking for this jewelry, you'll find a great deal of both men's and women's wear. From big, bold pieces to feminine and minimalistic ones. 

Regardless of your style, here are some reasons for wearing skull rings.

Symbolic meaning

As we mentioned, skull rings have decisive symbolic significance. They've been around since ancient times. However, this is more than just a trendy fashion statement for some people.

Many celebrate and praise their symbolic and significant meaning from the past. Here are the most common symbolic meanings that might influence today's incorporation of these statement rings.


Frequently, skull rings resemble strength and power. In the Elizabethan period in Europe, they signified leadership and belonging. Seeing someone wearing these rings during those times usually meant they were a society member. They often used this symbol as a badge, whether in gangs or tribes.

Skulls also resemble rebellion and toughness. This has become an interpretation ever since the pirates' revolution. So, it's no surprise that these skull rings have a powerful masculine meaning. 

Regardless of gender, these skull rings enhance your look and boost your confidence.

Source: jewelrylab.co


Skulls have been commonly utilized in delicate and eye-catching jewelry since antiquity. Many underground civilizations often display their membership by wearing skull rings or badges. This includes extremist organizations such as bikers or rifle clubs.

Many men and women incorporate skull rings with their other jewelry, even for everyday wear. It's true that they are known to boost your self-confidence and esteem. 

Even though "danger" is often associated with such rings, wearing skull jewelry represents one's fearlessness and bravery.


Skull rings may also hold great spiritual significance for the wearer. They are often associated with rebirth and regeneration. Many have held the belief that there's an interconnection between life and death from the beginning of time.

The skull has served as a reminder of our finite human existence. It's also used as a metaphor for the prospect of new beginnings after death. Ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians and the Aztecs, would often use real bones to make jewelry. They would pierce them through their skin and celebrate the cycle of life.

Many still hold these beliefs, so wearing skull rings is a form of self-expression. People who wear skull rings also use them as a reminder of their deceived loved ones. It may also be a symbol of their rebirth and metamorphosis.


One of the most natural observations that come to mind when you see a skull ring is most likely the concept of passing away. Many tend to wear skull jewelry as a representation of their relationship with death.

People who wear such rings know it's a sting in the eye. It's used as a metaphor for the wearer's understanding of what the ring means to them. The ring may cause a lot of discomfort, so wearing it represents their views toward death.

Source: jewelrylab.co


Even though skull rings have great symbolic meaning, the fashion industry has emerged with the trend entirely. This style has been considered a fashion statement for decades. These rings look insanely cool, even if you don't associate them with any spiritual meaning.

Skull rings have been on the rise for some time and have become a trend in both men's and women's wear. These rings represent liberty, freedom, and rebellion. They're also a symbol of self-expression and individualism.

Additionally, the metals used to create these stunning pieces have considerably shifted to a higher-end quality. While you can find affordable skull rings, there's a large market for designer skull jewelry. So, many people tend to purchase designer rings with gold, gemstones, or diamonds to express their expensive taste.

However, a good skull ring evokes elegance, class, edginess, and good taste.


When most people think of skull rings, they usually think of big, bulky rings like Jive Skull Ring. While you can also find these types of rings, there are countless styles available. 

When it comes to buying a skull ring, there is a lot of versatility available to the customer. You can find anything from minimalist to large classy designs on the market. There's also a wide selection of base materials, so you can perfectly match your taste and budget.

Sterling silver is the most common type of material for skull rings. This is because this metal is the most cost-effective and durable for everyday jewelry. A piece of two-tone skull jewelry is also a popular option these days. Combining sterling silver with gold or bronze adds dimension and depth to the design.

Source: jewelrylab.co


Are skull rings suitable for both men and women? These delicate and bold jewelry are suitable for all genders and styles. Even though skull rings are associated with masculinity and strength, more and more women tend to imply this style.

As a fashion statement, people have many reasons to wear such rings, from their symbolic meaning to their popularity and versatility. Whether you prefer minimal, bold, masculine, or feminine skull rings, there is a perfect fit for you in the market.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with helpful information on skull rings for men and women. Remember that any style fits any gender, so be sure you get one and rock it with confidence.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.