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by Jesus Zabala - 7 min read

How to Stack and Layer Cute Rings for a Boho Look

Are you a free-spirited boho fan? If so, there’s a simple way to express what you’re all about by mixing and matching rings! Yes, you can start with your fingers to level up your style. So, let the boho style be your ticket to a colorful and exciting new self, and I’ll do the rest. In this guide, I’ll discuss how to stack and layer cute rings for a boho look that won’t leave anyone half-hearted. 

So, put your creative cap on, and let’s boho-on!

How to Stack and Layer Cute Rings for a Boho Look

Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Stack and Layer Cute Rings for a Boho Look?

Boho or bohemian style is a melting pot of cultural styles. Loose-fitting garments, layering, and colorful accessories are the basic principles of boho. With elements of hippie, boho is all about standing out with a playful vibe. Seems a bit overwhelming? 

Don’t worry! By stacking some of our cute fashion rings, you can achieve a boho look without a fuss. All you need to do is keep an open mind and get started. So, let me show you how to stack rings in a way that will bring your uniqueness to the world.

Ways to Build a Harmonious Boho Ring Stack

Many like the bohemian style for its carefree and eclectic nature that allow them to express their individuality and creativity! However, going for a frivolous look doesn’t mean grabbing the first thing you have on hand and putting it on your finger. 

There’s a thin line between carefree and messy, and, believe me, you won’t like the latter. Here are a few rules on how to avoid that.

How to match rings in boho colors

Earthy notes, eclectic vibes, and pops of color - it’s all good with boho! So, how to stack and layer cute rings for a boho look?

First off, think of earthiness. Earth’s warm hues align with the boho style. Take your colored rings with brown, beige, and creams and stack them for a toned-down boho look. But, if you got bored by simply reading this suggestion, fear not!

Warm tones like orange, brown, and beige, can be a perfect background for a centerpiece ring with the liveliness of boho colors. If you want to spice up your boho ring game, you’ll need to add an eclectic vibe. For this, look for rings that feature golden yellow, turquoise, jade, bright pink, deep red, or saffron. 

Mix and match the warmly toned with the electrifying, alternating them on one or more fingers. If you’re fishing for breathtaking results, don’t forget to add magenta. 

Vibrant pops of colors can also come in handy when going for a boho look. There’s nothing like deep blue, bright pink, or mustard yellow to add a boho-inspired twist. 

What to avoid 

Don’t overuse bright colors! A small, intricate pink design is fine only when it’s exactly that - small. Remember, you’re going for a playful style that’s supposed to look natural. Boho’s hippie origins describe it as a style born out of a deeply rooted love for nature.

Up your style with different materials

When it comes to designing a boho outfit for your fingers, you need to make a diverse and electric mix. Boho fashion celebrates natural, imperfect beauty and the blending of different materials

Stacking metal boho rings 

Gold and rose gold add not only visual interest to any type of jewelry, but they also give the eclectic charm typical for the boho style. How to stack and layer cute rings for a boho look depends on your personal style. 

Instead of elegant and polished metallic rings, experiment with textured and hammered finishes for a handcrafted look. Boho style embraces imperfection because it strives for a natural, organic look.

If you choose the elegant variant, you can always compensate with a boho-style bracelet. 

Stacking metal boho rings

Source: jewelrylab.co

Other natural materials and boho rings

The good news is that you don’t have to stick to metal blindly to achieve a boho look. Natural materials like wood, leather, feathers, rattan, or even shells, are compatible with the boho philosophy. So, you can stack rings of these materials together to reach the natural boho effect. 

Metal and wood mix

Mixing metal rings with rings made of wood is a common practice in the boho style. The mix of natural elements like wood with metallic accents adds depth and texture to the overall look. 

This is what it means to be truly boho - to combine diverse materials and embrace individuality through them.

What to avoid

Beauty-wise, thin-band rings are always a better choice than thick ones. So, stacking these is a big no-no! 

Many thick rings on one finger will not only look tacky, but it’ll also be very unpractical. If you’re still wondering how to stack and layer cute rings for a boho look, always pick the simpler approach and use minimalist-style rings. 

Stacking rings with gemstones that tell a boho tale


I bet turquoise is the first gemstone you think of when the boho style is mentioned. It’s true - turquoise perfectly embodies the free-spirited, bohemian style, and there are a few reasons why. 

Turquoise is often associated with protection, healing, and wisdom. In many cultures, this gem is believed to bring good fortune and positive energy and enhance self-expression.

However, you don’t necessarily need it to enter the realm of boho. There are plenty of other boho-associated gems that you can use to express your personality with:


Amber is not technically a gemstone but fossilized tree resin. As such, it’s often associated with warmth, light, and energy. Amber is believed to bring a sense of grounding, stability, and protection. 


The beautiful purple amethyst is associated with spiritual growth, clarity of mind, and inner peace.


Coral is associated with the sea and is considered a symbol of vitality, passion, and creativity. 


Jade is believed to bring good luck, wisdom, and emotional stability. It is also associated with promoting love, nurturing relationships, and fostering longevity.


This stone invites feminine energy and intuition. Moonstone is often connected to new beginnings, intuition, and the cycles of the moon, symbolizing hope, inspiration, and protection.

Each gemstone holds its own unique energy and symbolism, contributing to the narrative of your boho look. Combine rings with these gems to allow their beauty to shine through. Embrace their imperfections and go for an organic touch.


Source: jewelrylab.co

What to avoid

Stacking rings with different gems tell a captivating boho tale of nature’s allure and mystical charm. However, be careful - you don’t want to saturate your finger with huge gemstones on each ring. 

Instead, use one statement ring with a gem of your choice, and add simpler ones on each side.

How to combine nature-inspired shapes and symbols

If gemstones tell the tale of the bohemian lifestyle, natural symbols add a hint of wanderlust to the equation. How do you know which shapes fit the boho style?

Luckily, it’s simple. Rings with intricate designs, floral motifs, or symbols of nature are the perfect boho candidates

So, how to stack and layer cute rings for a boho look? To do this in a harmonious way, use a statement ring with a prominent symbol as a centerpiece. Then, layer thinner and more intricate rings with complementary symbols on both sides.

Natural shapes are perfect for boho rings 

By stacking rings with symbols and natural shapes (leaves, feathers, flowers, and animals), you’re weaving together elements of earthy charm, spiritual connections, and deep appreciation for the natural world. 

With this, you’ve hit the core of boho as a nature-loving style. 

These nature-inspired rings can serve as talismans, carrying the energy of the Earth with them. Each symbol holds its own significance, be it the resilience of a leaf, the freedom of a feather, or the delicate beauty of a flower. 

They can become reminders of our connection to the natural realm and ignite a sense of awe and wonder in the wearer. 

Tribal boho

The boho aesthetic embraces a diverse range of influences, including tribal and ethnic elements. Rings with tribal motifs, such as intricate patterns, symbols, or tribal-inspired designs, can add an exotic and cultural touch to the overall boho look. 

They contribute to the individualistic nature of the boho style, allowing individuals to express their connection to global cultures and their appreciation for unique and artisanal craftsmanship.

Alternate between styles

To do this, start by selecting a variety of rings, including dainty bands, statement rings, and rings with unique designs or gemstones. Next, stack these together to alternate between different styles and widths.

If you’re stacking wooden or patterned rings, don’t forget to add a metallic one to add visual interest. Use silver, gold, or rose gold. The key is not to be afraid to experiment with textures and rings with etched or beaded details.

This way, you’ll create a free-spirited and effortless vibe, while bringing out your personal charm into the equation.

Alternate between styles

Source: jewelrylab.co


How to stack and layer cute rings for a boho look? The easiest way to do it is to let your imagination guide you. This way you can curate a stack that tells a story of whimsy and connection to the Earth. 

With a little research and artistic kin, you’ll make a harmonious balance that screams of boho’s wanderlust and organic spirit. Follow this advice and let your stacked rings be a reflection of your bohemian spirit and love for the wonders of the natural world.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.