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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

How to Choose Cute Rings with Unique Design

The most typical design for cute rings is a heart for the ladies or a lightning bolt for the boys. In the past, these simplistic and over-used designs made rings appear charming, but times have changed, and people want to elevate their style as fashion trends change. So, how to choose cute rings with unique design?

With the people's wants and needs in mind, our ring designers have become more daring and inventive than ever before. But, with the wide choice of cute and unique designs, choosing just one is rather a challenge. However, we have shortlisted some tips and tricks for choosing the most unique ring for you.

How to Choose Cute Rings with Unique Design

How to Choose Cute Rings with Unique Design

Before purchasing a ring, we’ve concluded that two criteria are most important- the style of the person buying the ring and the message that the ring will send to others.

After these two things are sorted out comes the complicated part. You need to think about your style, the metal type, and whether you are trying to achieve a simplistic or elegant style.

Thinking about your style

The first thing we recommend is a self-assessment of style. Are you attracted to minimalist fashion, or are you trying to achieve a more unique look? Whatever your style preference, our cute unique rings go well with any style. 

Besides elegant and casual style, you cannot go wrong with cute unique rings if you choose to go with any of the following fashion looks:

  • Casual wear
  • Grunge
  • Evening wear
  • Punk fashion
  • Boho-chic
  • Smart casual
  • Gothic fashion
  • Streetwear
  • Formal wear
  • Business wear
  • Street style
  • Tomboy fashion
  • Boho style
  • Athleisure

Also, we don’t rule out the possibility of someone having a style that is a combination of two or even three of these listed above. Nonetheless, identifying the style will make the process of decision-making much easier.

Deciding on the metals

The three most common ring materials found on the market are brass, sterling silver, and gold. Also, some rings are a mix of two metals, such as gold and sterling silver or brass and gold, among the most popular. 

According to our findings, the best way to choose which material ring to purchase is based on your skin's undertones.

For instance, silver tends to flatter people with blue or cooler undertones, whereas gold flatters those with yellow, i.e., warmer undertones.

Furthermore, some people choose their jewelry based on their personal style, regardless of their skin undertones.

For those who like to rock an alternative style such as grunge and punk, brass rings or sterling-silver rings suit the outfits best. These styles even allow room to wear multiple rings on one hand, which may elevate the whole look.

For those who wear boho or athleisure wear, we recommend buying a simple yet cute and uniquely designed gold-plated ring.

Decide between simplicity and complexity

Now, when it comes to simplicity and complexity, we’re referring to the many details on the ring. Are there many small details or just a small simple engraving? Maybe the ring has a thin, simple band with a subtle protruding design in the shape of something.

Simple rings with a thin band are the way to go for business settings and formal wear. For a grungy and edgy vibe, more rugged-looking rings with a unique design are best. 

On the other hand, any ring would suit a casual outfit. These outfits are quite simple in nature. Therefore even a piece of jewelry like a cute simple ring will elevate the look.

Rugged-looking rings with a unique design

Decide on the style of the ring

After choosing the material, we recommend the wearer of the ring decide whether they want a simple ring, which is usually small, suitable for almost any occasion, or the complete opposite. Some people, typically men, buy bulky rings seen miles ahead and intricately detailed.

If a person wears business casual outfits or falls into the category of smart casual style, smaller rings with small gems or stones are the best option. Also, the ring could have an engraved design that is unique yet small enough so it doesn’t make the ring the center of attention.

Decide between a single ring and multiple rings

When looking at how to choose cute rings with unique design, do you look at one or multiple rings? We found that choosing between one or multiple rings is a recurring issue.

If you go with one, choose the most unique one. But if you want to stack rings or simply wear a few on a hand, choose one unique ring while the others give a more subtle look. Unfortunately, the more unique the design of each ring, the less they’ll go together when paired. 

To stack rings, choosing the simplest design for each ring is best, but remember to assess whether they’re cute or basic and boring. To wear multiple rings on one hand without stalking them, it’s also important to evaluate whether all rings complement each other.

For example, we don’t recommend wearing bulky rings that have different designs, all on one hand. Mixing up a couple of simple thin-band rings with one bulky staple ring is the right choice for a more balanced look.

Think about the message the ring will send

A ring can say a lot about a person because careful planning and consideration go into every ring piece a person chooses to wear. 

Think about the message the ring will send

The message different materials send

Gold rings give people the impression that the person wearing the ring is of a higher class. Also, old jewelry makes people seem warm and welcoming.

Silver rings are interpreted to be worn by a person who appreciates style and accessorizing while still remaining within budget. Silver rings often give off a feeling of elegance and uniqueness, which usually intimidates others.

Brass rings, on the other hand, give the entire outfit a vintage look. Brass is a material that makes jewelry seem warn-out, which is perfect for men’s rings. Wearing such a ring, a person will definitely stand out from the crowd.

The message different types of rings send

When it comes to sizes and details, the bigger the ring, the more the person will stand out from the crowd. Bold rings are a sure conversation starter and are intriguing. 

Smaller cute unique rings, however, will send the message that the person is reserved and isn’t a fan of standing out from the crowd, but still, they want to make an impression. These cute rings are usually minimalistic, and they can be mixed with other simple, minimalistic rings as long as the unique one is in the middle of the stack.

Nonetheless, no matter the size or the material, simply wearing a ring makes a person look put together and pay attention to detail. Besides, with our eye-catching collection of cute rings combined with our guide above about choosing cute rings with unique design, picking a ring will be a piece of cake.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.