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by Jesus Zabala - 4 min read

How to Spot Fake Pinky Rings and Avoid Scams

Minimalist pinky rings are subtle and simple-looking. But other pinky rings can be bulkier with large symbols to convey meaning. Unfortunately, some pinky rings are of low quality. So how to spot fake pinky rings and avoid scams?

Certain companies make their pinky rings poorly by including corrosive and chemical materials. Thus, fake pinky rings can undergo sudden discoloration. Also, they might easily get damaged, preventing you from wearing the pinky rings you purchased with your own money.

People usually come across fake pinky rings on websites selling cheap products. Some online retailers scam people by showing them one product and sending them a completely different one. Luckily, a fraudulent pinky ring can be easily spotted with a few techniques.

How to Spot Fake Pinky Rings and Avoid Scams
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Spot Fake Pinky Rings and Avoid Scams

Authentic and handmade pinky rings look and feel different from fake ones. But for some people, the masked appearance of fake pinky rings may persuade them to make a purchase.

Unreliable jewelry stores copy the original designs from high-quality pinky rings and sell them as their own for a lower price. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find cheap pinky rings that are durable, stylish, and worth the money online. 

We, as a reputable online jewelry store, provide customers with all the necessary product information. From the materials used to produce the pinky rings to the available sizes, customers need these details to check the store's authenticity and product quality.

Thus, before you purchase one, follow the below-mentioned guidelines, which can help you find out how to spot fake pinky rings and avoid scams:

Search for hallmarks & stamps

If a pinky ring has a hallmark or a stamp, it’s likely authentic. Search for numbers 14K, 18K, or 24K to check if a pinky ring is a gold one. If you want to purchase a sterling silver pinky ring, ensure it has 925, 800, 958, or 999 on it.

Search for hallmarks & stamps
Source: shutterstock.com / Photo Contributor: Lea Rae

Compare the weight of pinky rings

Real silver and gold pinky rings are heavier than fake ones. If you already own an authentic pinky ring, you can use it for weight comparison. Remember that silver or gold-plated pinky rings are lighter. Thus, you will be able to feel the difference in weight.

Observe the stones

Pinky rings often have small or large stones. Wearing stone pinky rings is very popular in men’s fashion, whereas women prefer minimalist rings for their pinkies. 

A real stone won’t look perfect. They are naturally imperfect, which distinguishes them from polished imitations.

Consider the pricing

Pinky rings made with real gold or sterling silver can be pricey. Check the average price per gram of gold and silver to ensure you buy the real thing. Pinky rings sold for an overly low price and advertised as authentic are probably knock-offs. 

Check the jewelry store authenticity

Before you purchase a pinky ring, ensure the store is reputable. Scam websites don’t offer refunds. They only want to take people’s money and sell them fake products. 

Thus, choose an authentic jewelry store with an established Privacy Policy, resizing, and refunding options.

Additional Tips to Consider for Avoiding Fake Pinky Rings

You might carefully observe and examine the quality of a pinky ring and still fall victim to purchasing fake jewelry. For this reason, we provide some important factors to consider before purchasing a pinky ring:

Gold / gold-plated

There is a significant difference between gold and gold-plated pinky rings. The quality of both types can’t be compared since it only takes a small scratch to damage the gold plating of a pinky ring.

But a pinky ring of solid gold can’t be easily damaged due to its high value and thickness.

Gold Plated
 Source: jewelrylab.co

Sterling silver/silver clad

Some jewelers cover a base metal with a silver layer to create pinky rings. This technique is also referred to as silver plating since the piece is not entirely made of silver.

The quality of sterling silver pinky rings is much higher than those made of silver clad since it’s pure and more durable.

Sterling silver
 Source: jewelrylab.co

Perform the magnet test

Real silver and gold pinky rings won’t stick to a magnet. Imitations and metal-plated jewelry will attract the magnet, indicating it’s not real. Pinky rings containing nickel, iron, or cobalt will attract magnets, indicating they are fake.

Consult a professional

You can always visit a professional jeweler to prove the authenticity of your pinky ring. Experienced professionals use tools that can detect real and fake metals. They can also examine and compare the weight and price range of the jewelry pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all fake pinky rings react to magnets?

High-quality materials such as stainless steel, sterling silver, and gold are not magnetic. Pinky rings made of these materials won’t react to magnets. However, keep in mind that heavily plated pinky rings may not stick to the magnet since a lot of silver or gold is covering the metal beneath.

Can fake pinky rings float in water?

If you put a pinky ring in water and it floats, it’s likely fake. Due to their heavy weight, solid metals such as gold will immediately sink to the bottom of the water bowl or glass. Nonetheless, this test isn’t the most reliable since fake diamonds quickly sink when placed in water.

Are fake pinky rings safe to wear?

Fake rings might leave black or green marks on your pinky. This is because they are made of metals that might cause allergic reactions. Also, some low-quality materials used to make pinky rings are cancerous and very dangerous to wear on a daily basis.


Knowing how to spot fake pinky rings and avoid scams is crucial when shopping. Not only do fake rings look cheap, but they can also cause skin allergies. 

You should check the weight, stamps, and quality of stones before you buy a pinky ring. Most importantly, pay attention to the store’s reputation to ensure you buy a high-quality, durable pinky ring.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.