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by Jesús Zabala - 5 min read

What Does a Pinky Ring Mean on a Woman?

Historically, pinky rings were associated with noblemen who wanted to present their power. They wore large rings on their pinkies. Some were even seen wearing signet pinky rings. But, what does a pinky ring mean on a woman? Let’s break down the significance together.

Women weren’t always seen as influential and courageous as they are today. In ancient times, it was not easy for women to express self-pride because they weren’t given much worth. 

Luckily, today, women are free to wear anything they like in terms of clothing and jewelry.

The popularity of wearing pinky rings is constantly growing, and women can’t resist trying this trend for themselves. Pinky rings for women come in various sizes and metal types. Besides that, pinky rings can have stylish designs that complement elegant and casual outfit combinations. 

What Does a Pinky Ring Mean on a Woman
Source: jewelrylab.co

What Does a Pinky Ring Mean on a Woman?

Women can’t ignore the hype around pinky rings even if they wanted to. From minimalist to bulky pinky rings, there are a lot of options to choose from. A women's sterling silver pinky ring is the most versatile to wear and also carries significant symbolism.

Stylish women love the authentic and sophisticated look that a pinky ring provides. Some use it as a way to express their confidence and free spirit. Women can wear pinky rings for many different reasons. Many even wear engagement-like rings on their pinkies.

Not every woman wears a pinky ring strictly for its symbolism. However, many believe in the pinky ring's power and how it translates into their daily lives. Nonetheless, you are here to discover what does a pinky ring mean on a woman. So, let’s dive in!


The most common reason women wear pinky rings is to express self-appreciation. In this way, they are able to show everyone they are proud of their achievements, and nothing can damage their character. 

They also want to convey that they bought the pinky ring with their own money and earned it alone.


You have probably seen women in engineering wearing pinky rings. By wearing a symbolic pinky ring, they show pride in their education and how hard they worked to get where they currently are. 

Pinky rings look professional on women, especially when the design is minimalistic yet unique. It conveys that they are serious and fully dedicated to accomplishing their career goals and staying on top of their game.

Communication and negotiation skills

Believe it or not, the smallest finger on our hand symbolizes the power of communication

Some women wear sterling silver pinky rings to show their skillful writing or speaking abilities. Others want to convey that they are approachable and ready to negotiate on any topic at any point in time. 

Expression of sexuality

Women not wanting to be defined by their sexuality usually wear pinky rings. With this practice, they aim to free themselves from male dependence and be successful without receiving any help from their male partner.

However, some women wear pinky rings to express their homosexuality. Playing with different types of jewelry should be as liberating as expressing sexuality. 

Therefore, the modern world allows women to manifest sexual pride by wearing pinky rings.


If you see a gold pinky ring on a woman, that probably means she is wealthy. Even though high-quality pinky rings for women have simplistic designs, the radiance reveals their value. You won’t miss that old-money wealth on a woman if you see her wearing a pinky ring.

Historical Meaning of Women Wearing Pinky Rings

Learning about the symbolism of female pinky rings is interesting and empowering. Women always had that strength inside, even when they couldn’t show it. 

If you want to find out what does a pinky ring mean on a woman, take a look at the most common historical associations.

Historical Meaning of Women Wearing Pinky Rings
Source: jewelrylab.co

Social status

Princess Diana often advocated for equal rights and world peace. She was and will always be a huge fashion inspiration for many women. She was married to Prince Charles and gained a reputable social status. She has been seen wearing a pinky ring.

Women of high social rank have smooth hands. They can comfortably wear pinky rings because they don’t have to clean or wash dishes, so bulky pinky rings don’t prevent them from performing daily activities. They pay others to do the job for them. 

Mythological connection

Romans believed that each finger had a specific meaning represented by a god. More specifically, they associated the pinky finger with the god Mercury. He was a representative of wisdom and power. 

Therefore, some women wear pinky rings to show that they are devoted to his energy.


By now, it shouldn’t be shocking to you that feminists started the trend of wearing pinky rings. In the late 1920s, suffragettes wore pinky rings to express their unwillingness to get married.

They established the meaning of pinky ring wearing as a way to protect young women from the pressure to marry. Back then, if a woman wore a pinky ring, she was devoted to the beliefs of the church, and her virginity was her number one priority.

Nuns strongly express the refusal to get involved in a marriage. For this reason, they can often be seen wearing pinky rings. In this way, they want to show everyone they are married to the church. Therefore, this is the only marriage they are willing to accept.

Source: jewelrylab.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pinky rings considered feminine?

Small, dainty, and minimalistic pinky ring designs can be seen as feminine. But that doesn’t mean you should limit your pinky ring wearing. 

Women can wear any types of rings they want on their pinkies, even if their choice is a bulky statement piece.

Should women wear pinky rings on both hands?

Traditionally, women wore pinky rings on their non-dominant hands. However, there is no rule on which hand women can wear their pinky rings. 

They can even wear pinky rings on both hands if it suits their fashion style and visual preference.

How do you measure the pinky ring size?

Use a ring sizer or a measuring tape to determine your ring size in millimeters. Then, compare the dimensions to an online ring sizing chart. You can visit a local jeweler for the most accurate pinky ring size measurements.


I hope I helped you learn what does a pinky ring mean on a woman. Don’t get fixated on historical meanings. Instead, wear pinky rings to express your confidence and reflect on your power and success. 

Nothing stops you from being who you want to be, so wear your pinky ring with pride and style.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.