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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

How to Style Multiple Skull Rings for a Unique Look

Skull rings are a stylish slap to the boring, conventional looks. But if you want to add an edge to your edginess, you’ll need more than one of these daring pieces.

This guide will show you how to style multiple skull rings for a unique look that will scream confidence. So, hop on for a high-speed ride to your new, adventurous style.

How to Style Multiple Skull Rings for a Unique Look

Death and Afterlife: The Exciting History of Skull Rings

Skull rings have been around since the Victorian era, adding symbolism and mysticism to different styles. In the past, human skulls were used as a reminder of mortality.

Even today, they inspire a go-for-it mindset. If life is just a temporary thing, then why not make the most of it? 

We usually notice skull rings in bikers. In cases when a biker wears a skull ring is either a potent symbol of their free spirits or they show loyalty to their club through such rings. Hence, skull rings, usually men's silver skull rings are a must-have style accessory for bikers. Musicians wear them too. But can anyone pull off wearing multiple skull rings?

You don’t need to be a rockstar to rock some cool skull rings on your hand. However, you need a bold attitude to wear them with pride! When combined correctly, skull rings can turn any average-looking outfit into a chic and effortless look. Now, let’s take a closer look into how to style multiple skull rings for a unique look.

How to Style Multiple Skull Rings: The Do’s and Don’ts 

Skull rings are, by definition, statement jewelry. This is why combining them is a tricky business. If you want to avoid ending up with hands that look overcharged, you should be careful. Here are some tips to help you along the way. 

Pick a style for your skull rings and stick to it!

Most skull rings are bulky. So, when worn together, they can easily look a bit much. To avoid this effect, match their style. But first, you need to pick one, so let’s start with that. 

Minimalist-style skull rings

If you’re looking to add an edge to your everyday or business style, look no further! Minimalist-style skull rings like Mini Jive are a perfect choice! Most of these are thin-banded and stylized with clean lines.

If you want a foolproof answer to how to style multiple skull rings for a unique look that’s not too showy, use simplistic skull rings. With several minimalist rings on your hands, you can look elegant enough for any occasion.

Minimalist-style skull rings

Gothic-style skull rings

The very opposite of minimalist style, gothic skull rings are detailed and provocative. With their dark symbolism, these rings evoke a daredevil vibe. What’s more, they give an anti-mainstream touch to your style. If this sounds like you, gothic-style skull rings can be your thing.

Biker-style skull rings

These skull rings often feature bold and rugged designs. So, these are not compatible with everyday wear; unless you’re a biker! Biker skull rings may have additional features like wings, motorcycle helmets, or other symbols associated with the biker’s community.

Gemstone skull rings 

Skull rings can feature gemstones like Skull & Stone Ring, usually as the eyes of the skull. So, if it’s daring elegance you’re going for, these may be your perfect choice.

Steampunk skull rings

The industrial and science fiction touch of steampunk skulls makes for unique jewelry pieces. If you pick steampunk skull rings, your hands will certainly not go unnoticed.

Animal skull rings

Rings with skulls featuring snakes, birds, antlers, fangs, and horns are also attention-grabbers. Regardless of the animal or parts of animals that are featured, these rings symbolize unity with nature.

Pirate skull rings

Not often can you see a skull with an eyepatch, bandanas, and pirate hats. Pirate skull rings evoke rebellion and adventure with their weathered appearance.

Choose the right material

Are you a gold or a silver fan? Or do you want to mix and match between materials?

There are two ways to go about matching skull rings. You can either go traditional and pick ones made of matching metals or materials or mix them within reason. If you choose the second option, make sure to go for a natural and harmonious look..

Sterling silver skull rings

This is a classic choice for skull rings. What’s more, silver can be polished or oxidized to achieve a darker, more aged look.

Sterling silver skull rings

Stainless steel skull rings

In addition to the modern and edgy looks that stainless steel provides, stainless steel is also an affordable option.

Gold skull rings

Gold skull rings like Mini Jive 24k Gold Plated Ring are bold and striking accessories for people with a unique sense of style and attitude. Crafted with meticulous detail, these rings feature intricately designed skulls, symbolizing rebellion, strength, and individuality.

Made from lustrous gold, they radiate a luxurious and captivating allure.

Alternate between ring shapes

To create an eye-catching and balanced look when styling multiple skull rings, it's best to alternate between ring shapes. This will add visual interest and prevent your fingers from appearing tacky.

Consider pairing a larger skull ring with a smaller one on adjacent fingers to create a striking contrast. This alternating pattern creates a dynamic flow and allows each ring to stand out individually while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

By playing with ring sizes, you can achieve a stylish and harmonious arrangement that showcases your unique taste and flair for accessorizing.

What to Avoid When Styling Multiple Skull Rings

Styling multiple skull rings is not as easy as it seems, but there are a few things that you can do to avoid a fashion faux pas. 

Even though the main point of wearing skull rings is to add a rebellious and daring touch to your look, as with any jewelry, it’s important to find the right balance and avoid going overboard.

What to Avoid When Styling Multiple Skull Rings

Here’s what you need to take into account when styling multiple skull rings:

Don’t wear too many skull rings at once!

While layering rings might seem attractive, in the case of skull rings, it’s a big no-no! So, avoid overwhelming your fingers with too many rings. This is a basic rule if you’re still wondering how to style multiple skull rings for a unique look.

Plus, opting for just two or three well-placed skull rings can make a stronger impact than piling them on your fingers.

Don’t go overboard with ring shapes

Instead of picking the biggest and flashiest of rings, pick rings with shapes suitable for your hands.

While you can have one large-centerpiece ring, others should be smaller. This way, the movement of your fingers won’t be compromised. 

Avoid other skull-themed jewelry when wearing skull rings

Going all out with a skull-themed ensemble can easily become too much and appear gimmicky.

Instead, mix skull rings with other types of rings or accessories. This way, the skull rings will stand out as statement pieces without overpowering the rest of your outfit.

Don’t wear skull rings on every occasion 

Unless they’re minimalist in style, don’t bring your set of skull rings in a professional setting. Weaning these may give an unprofessional vibe to those around you. On the other hand, wearing skull rings with your casual rocker-inspired outfit is perfectly fine. 


The best answer to how to style multiple skull rings for a unique look is to choose matching materials and different sizes. Whether it's gold, silver, bronze, or other, pick one or go with the mix-and-match technique. From polished silver to aged oxidized finishes, find the perfect balance of size, design, and occasion to make a bold statement.

With the right combination of skull rings and a touch of individuality, let your hands become the canvas for a truly remarkable and unforgettable style.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.