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by Jesus Zabala - 5 min read

What Does a Pinky Ring Mean on a Man?

Men’s fashion is constantly evolving. Jewelry for men has become more popular over the last couple of years because of its cool and unique appearance. But what does a pinky ring mean on a man? Let’s find out together!

Since ancient times, men have been wearing rings on their hands. Usually, they wear them to convey a certain symbolism. Whether a ring on a man’s hand carries cultural symbolism or they mainly wear it to suit their personal fashion style is up for debate.

However, men wearing rings on their pinky fingers is not very common. Men who wear them want to make a statement. By accessorizing their smallest finger with eye-catching rings, they stand out from the crowd and get recognition. 

What Does a Pinky Ring Mean on a Man
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What Does a Pinky Ring Mean on a Man

A pinky ring on a man’s hand carries multiple meanings. They represent an unexpected visual element and a conversation starter. Therefore, don’t miss out on trying the coolest men's rings that can be worn on your pinky. 

At first glance, it may seem that men who wear rings on their pinkies want to show everyone their social status. However, that’s not always the case. Some men simply wear them because they look fashionable and pair well with any look.

Pinky rings may appear as insignificant pieces of jewelry. However, you know the saying- the devil is in the details. Accessorizing is the key to male fashion for those unafraid to express their style. Others wear rings on their smallest fingers to honor their cultural tradition.


Historically, most people associate the meaning of pinky rings on men with wealth. Nowadays, we tend to ask ourselves what does a pinky ring mean on a man? Is its meaning close to the historical one? 

Well, history seems to repeat itself because not much has changed in how pinky rings for men are perceived. Even to this day, men wear pinky rings on their hands to symbolize prosperity and their life achievements.

If a man wears only one ring on his hand placed on his smallest finger, he wants to show everyone he is wealthy. Not many people know this symbolism since it’s only associated with the Royal Family

Demanding attention

Whether a man has an ick for fashion or loves experimenting with jewelry, he expects everyone to notice his effort. Men who wear rings on their fingers usually dress uniquely. People often approach them to discuss the meaning of their pinky ring and where the idea came from.

Cultural significance 

Men who are part of a certain culture show their loyalty by wearing a ring on their pinky fingers. Usually, all cultural group members wear pinky rings. The cultural significance of men wearing pinky rings is connected to brotherhood, honor, and service. 

Cultural significance
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Historical Meaning of Pinky Rings for Men

During the Renaissance, seeing men wearing pinky rings was uncommon. However, some people found it intriguing due to its placement. Wearing a ring on your pinky finger eliminates the possibility of damaging the ring. After some time, Westerns also adopted this trend.

However, pinky rings for men are believed to originate from the Victorians

Royal nobles wore rings on their pinky fingers to show their high social status. Since then, the members of the Royal family, including the King, still wear pinky rings to honor their culture and tradition. 

During the reign of Queen Victoria, her sons started wearing pinky rings. They began by stacking multiple rings on their left pinky fingers, and many started doing that after. Their pinky rings contained engravings with cultural symbols.

King Charles is very often seen wearing a pinky finger. Even when he was very young and still a prince, he honored the tradition of his predecessors. As the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth, he represents wealth and honor. His pinky rings are usually gold and engraved.

Apart from the Royal Family, high-appointed officials also started wearing rings on their smallest fingers. F.D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill honored the House of Windsor and British History by wearing pinky rings with captivating symbols and stones. 

Types of Pinky Rings for Men

Putting an enormous ring on a pinky finger may not be the best choice for a man. Instead, to appear classy and fashionable, choose smaller but symbolic rings. Going over the top with pinky rings may seem like you are trying too hard and have no sense of style.

Simple rings

A simple pinky ring has a small band on the base of your finger. They usually have plain designs and go well with any type of look. These simple pinky rings are made from high-quality materials and look very classy on a man. 

Simple rings

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Stone rings

Choose one with a stone if you want your pinky ring to be more appealing. The best stone pinky rings also have a plain band. However, they also have a stone in a specific color in a small to medium size.

Stone rings

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Engraved rings

Pinky rings with unique engravings are culturally symbolic. But, some engraved pinky rings are so cool that men wear them only for their appearance.

Engraved rings
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Signet rings

Another type of engraved ring that can be worn on a man’s pinky is a signet. They have monograms conveying historic symbolisms. These rings symbolized an influential family or organization and were used to seal important documents. Nowadays, they only represent a family legacy.

Signet rings
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do members of the mafia wear pinky rings in movies?

You have probably seen mafia bosses in Goodfellas, The Sopranos, and The Godfather wearing pinky rings. This is how the producers represent the wealth of mobsters. They rely on the historical meaning of pinky rings symbolizing wealth.

Are pinky rings for men casual or elegant?

Pinky rings for men suit any occasion. Although they are more commonly seen in men wearing classy attire, others have successfully implemented them in the daily fashion style. Whether casual or elegant, choose a pinky ring that goes well with every outfit you choose.

How to measure pinky ring size?

The simplest way of measuring pinky-size rings for men is by using a ring sizer. However, not everyone has this tool at home. Thus, either go to a jewelry store to get an accurate measure of your pinky finger or use an online size chart. 


Now that you have the answer to what does a pinky ring mean on a man, you can decide whether this trend is for you. If you love how they look, wear the ring at all times and make a statement everywhere you go. Pinky rings for men come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, so opt for the option that suits your style. 

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