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What Is the Average Pinky Ring Size for a Woman

Pinky rings are a modern accessory that comes in different shapes. Aside from picking a ring that will suit your taste, knowing what is the average pinky ring size for a woman might help you pick the perfect fit.

Moreover, the average pinky ring size can be quite useful if you are looking for the right size when choosing a gift. Let’s be honest; pinky rings are memorable and classy gifts.

Grab your measuring tapes because we will go on a journey to find out the average woman’s pinky ring size.

What Is the Average Pinky Ring Size for a Woman

What Is the Average Pinky Ring Size for a Woman?

The pinky is our smallest finger, which makes the pinky ring sizes start from the tiniest ones available. In the US, the pinky ring sizes start at 3.

But when it comes to the biggest ring size, most jewelry shops, including our JewelryLab, offer rings up to the size 18. However, the biggest ring size in the US is 27. Realistically looking, there is no way you will need that big of a size for your pinky.

With such a wide range of ring sizes, you might wonder what is the average pinky ring size for a woman.

If we use a broad approach, women's average pinky ring size falls between sizes 4 and 7.

More specifically, most US women wear size 4 pinky rings. The US ring size 4 has a 46.8-millimeter circumference and a diameter of 14.9 millimeters.

But that doesn’t mean the average-sized pinky ring for women will be the right choice for you. That’s why it is important to know your size.

As a rule of thumb, your pinky ring size is two sizes down from your ring finger size. For instance, if you wear a ring size 6 on your ring finger, you will probably need a size 4 for your pinky.

The best practice is to find out your actual ring size before purchasing.

How to Measure Your Pinky Ring Size

There are multiple ways you can find out your correct pinky ring size. However, the best ring size measuring method is with a paper strap.

You will need a ½ inches wide strip of paper and a pen to measure your exact pinky ring size. Wrap the paper around your pinky and draw a straight line on it.

Then, take off the paper strap and measure the distance between the two lines. Take the measurement in millimeters. That will be the circumference of the ring. 

Use the measurements you got to determine your pinky ring size using the following table.

Circumference in millimeters

US ring size



















































Another option is to get a ring-size measurement tool and quickly read your size. You can order one online and use it for future reference.

Ultimately, you can go to a jewelry store and have your finger professionally measured.

Adjustable Pinky Rings for Women

If you, by any chance, need a ring that is between sizes, you can order a custom ring. Most jewelry shops offer this service for little or no extra cost.

Even better, you can get a ring with an adjustable ring size. There are different types of adjustable rings, including ones with multiple ring sizes and open-concept rings.

Adjustable Pinky Rings for Women

Multiple adjustable ring sizes

Let’s start with the adjustable rings that can fit multiple ring sizes.

Instead of being a suitable fit for only one size, these rings are designed to fit several sizes. To illustrate, you can purchase a ring that fits sizes from 5 to 9 US ring sizes.

You can find these types of rings especially useful because a one-size ring might make you feel uncomfortable if you wear it during the whole day. 

Normally, our hands are swollen when we wake up, and the size of our fingers depends on room temperature. Hence, having a pinky ring that you can easily change its size is quite practical.

Open-concept adjustable rings

On the other hand, some pinky rings are crafted on the concept open ring, like our coyote silver ring. You can only make a slight adjustment to the ring size. Typically, you can adjust half a size without misshaping the ring permanently.

A slight adjustment can make a huge difference in the ring's comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my pinky ring too small?

The signs that your pinky ring is too small are usually indentations or marks on your finger after you remove it. Furthermore, if the ring is uncomfortable to wear, it might be too small for you.

What is a good pinky ring size?

Your perfect pinky ring size is when you can turn the ring clockwise and counterclockwise around your finger. However, the ring should be neither tight nor loose on your finger. You should be able to slide it over your knuckle with little pressure.


Finding the right pinky ring size is no longer a challenge for you. You know what is the average pinky ring size for a woman and the best ways to measure your actual size.

The pinky ring sizes typically are between sizes 4 and 7, with 4 being the most common among women.

Choose a ring that will complement your refined taste but will make you feel comfortable at the same time. Try out different styles to see what works best for you.

Jesus Zabala, author

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JEWELRYLAB. He is the Head of Design and oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing. Having created more than 15,000 custom pieces for JEWELRYLAB as well as custom design collaborations with major fashion brands like Playboy, he brings a unique insight into jewelry style trends, metal quality, and care.