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by Jesus Zabala - 4 min read

Different Types of Skull Ring Designs

Since skull rings can be made of various materials, they come in different designs. The large variety of skull rings available on the market makes it easier for consumers to choose one that fits their style and budget. Keep reading to learn all the different types of skull ring designs.

From bulky to minimalistic, skull rings are preferred by people who want to dress edgy and express their bold outfit choices. Others find skull heads and eyes on a ring very unpleasant and tasteless. You have to feel connected to this trend to wear a skull ring.

When you read all about the different skull ring designs, you can decide whether this trend is for you. Some designs are too unique to be ignored and deserve their place in the spotlight. Will you be the one to rock an eye-catching skull ring? Let’s find out together!

Different Types of Skull Ring Designs

Different Types of Skull Ring Designs

Have you seen those large, scary-looking biker skull rings? Not a lot of people can rock them with style. Those types of skull rings tend to be heavy on the fingers and uncomfortable for some. On top of that, many might find the designs of these rings intimidating to wear.

However, if you want to try this trend without altering your fashion taste and look, I’m here to help you. I listed and explained all the different types of skull ring designs you can choose from based on your personal style.

Some of the below-mentioned skull ring designs are minimalistic and wearable. Others can help you make a statement because of their dramatic appearance. Before you choose a skull ring design, ensure the jewelry piece is made of high-quality and durable material.

Skull heads

The most popular skull ring design involves either an animal or a human head. Men favor this type of design because it makes them look strong and unafraid. These designs are bulky and rustic-looking. The best skull head rings are made from sterling silver.

Biker gangs often wear human skull head rings since they symbolize death and danger. In this way, they want to show everyone their fearless nature.

Usually, all members of the particular biker gang will wear a similar type of ring design to express unity and brotherhood.

Skull eyes

Some people don’t want to place a huge skull head on their finger. Instead, you can wear skull eye rings that look both interesting and baffling. There is no secret meaning behind this type of skull ring design. They are one-of-a-kind pieces that can pair well with many different outfits.

When a skull eye ring is made of only one material, it may be difficult to notice the scary eyes immediately. But when sparkly bling is added specifically to the skull eyes, the rings can almost look hypnotizing, which makes them spine-chilling.

Skull eyes skull ring designs

Crossbones skull rings

Some people wear skull rings with crossbones to express their rebellious side and show everyone the game is played only by their rules. In some cultures, this ring design symbolizes the afterlife and human nature’s destiny of experiencing death.

Minimalistic skull symbols

If you have thin fingers, a huge skull ring would not look the best on your hand. Therefore, there are many simpler options to choose from. 

Minimalistic skull rings look elegant and cool at the same time. Their design is captivating but subtly allows the wearer to experiment with their style.

Demonic skulls

The scariest skull ring designs include demons, monsters, and vampires. To create demonic skull rings, manufacturers get inspired by ancient myths and legends containing these creatures

They are usually large and often made from contrasting metals for that unique, mysterious effect.

Demonic skull ring designs

Smiley skulls

During your skull ring hunt, you might come across rings with smiley skull faces. The idea sounds interesting since skulls look scary regardless of their imagined facial expression. 

Happy skull rings may be a perfect option for you if you can’t stand the enormous blood-curdling skull head rings. Usually, the smiley skull face is engraved on the ring to provide finesse.

Combined with different symbols

More wearable skull rings that still highlight the skull can be combined with different symbols. For example, there are protection rings with skull heads and a yin and yang symbol. Wearing this type of skull ring design expresses your classic style with a twist of darkness.

Skull rings combined with different symbols

What Type of Skull Ring Design Should You Wear?

Bikers are the only ones who are fully certain of what skull ring design to choose. They usually wear multiple skull rings on their hands and have no problem experimenting with different types of skull ring designs. But what about the others? Do we all possess biker courage?

Some people need to start using small ring like Mini Jive before rocking a bulky skull ring. A minimalistic skull ring is a great option for you if this is your first time trying this trend. For a more classic but larger design, choose rings with skulls and other symbolic details that are meaningful to you.

Others are unafraid to grab everyone’s attention with their jewelry right away. Whether that includes scary eyes on their ring or a devilish face, their goal is to express their fearlessness right away. Wearing frightening skull ring designs takes audacity and a daring spirit.

Regardless of your skull ring design, ensure the jewelry piece is worth purchasing. Always focus on quality instead of quantity to ensure longevity when it comes to skull rings.


I hope you have a better understanding of the appearance and meaning connected to different types of skull ring designs. You can wear whatever design looks the most appealing and fits your fashion style. Don’t be afraid to express your stouthearted side and try unique accessories like skull rings.

Regardless of your style and jewelry preferences, the market is flooded with various designs. You don’t have to limit yourself to only wearing one skull ring design.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.