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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Skull Rings

Bikers and rockers often wear skull rings, making them easily recognizable. If you want to buy some, first, you should know what factors to consider when purchasing skull rings. Your outfits and style make a certain statement to those around you. 

Everyone has a style that makes them stand out from other people. It can be a specific piece of jewelry you always wear that makes people associate with you. But if you want to start wearing statement jewelry, skull rings are great pieces. 

Skull rings are bold and great for men to make a statement with their style. Plus, skull rings come in various designs allowing you to choose the one that compliments your overall style and personality. 

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Skull Rings

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Skull Rings

When buying a ring for yourself or looking for high-quality silver skull rings for men as a gift, there are some things to keep in mind. We handcraft our skull rings and make them with great attention to detail. This makes them the perfect gift for men with unique styles.

Consider the following factors when buying a skull ring, whether for yourself or as a gift. 

  1. Personal style
  2. Materials used
  3. Pay attention to the design
  4. Consider the quality
  5. Read existing testimonials 
  6. Get the right size 
  7. Affordability 

Personal style

If you are buying a skull ring for yourself, you must ensure that you pick one that complements your style. There are simpler and bolder skull rings, so you have plenty of styles to choose from.

There are brighter colors or darker ones that you can match with your outfits. If you opt for a more gothic style, browse through our unique designs to complement your overall style.

Materials used 

Skull rings are made from various metals, including silver, gold, brass, etc. Most men tend to prefer sterling silver over other materials when it comes to jewelry pieces. Sterling silver is a very strong metal that will last for many years. It is durable, affordable, and easy to style with every outfit. 

But if you have a warmer skin tone, you may prefer gold jewelry as it complements warmer tones better. Whatever skull ring you buy, ensure it is of a material you like. Otherwise, you are unlikely to wear it. 

Pay attention to the design

Skull rings come in various designs. Some skull rings are with gemstones in the sockets like Skull & Stone Ring. Others have flames or wings alongside the skull. 

If you are looking for a gift for a man in your life, try a skull ring with his birthstone. Skull rings have distinctive patterns that distinguish them from other types of conventional rings.

The following designs are popular among men. 

  • One-tone skull ring

  • This design is great for men that like simpler designs but still wish to make a statement. You can wear a sterling silver or gold skull ring that is easy to match with most outfits yet still bold enough to stand out. 

  • Two-tone skull ring

  • A great choice if you want to try out something new and step outside of the norm. Two-tone skull rings are made of two metals, usually gold and silver. You can get a bolder look without a bulky design with a two-tone ring. 

    Two-tone skull ring

    Consider the quality

    When buying a skull ring, ensure high quality. You do not want to buy a ring made with cheap materials that get easily damaged. 

    With our skull rings, you get the highest quality service from the best metalsmiths in Bali. The rings are made of high-quality materials, ensuring the unique designs' durability.

    Read existing testimonials 

    One of the best ways to ensure you get what you pay for is to browse through customer testimonials. You can check out the reviews of our satisfied customers. As you can see, the testimonials are overwhelmingly positive, which we take great pride in.

    If you buy something online, choosing a manufacturer that can provide user reviews and high-quality images is necessary. The reviews and the images vouch for the jewelry quality when purchasing online. Customer testimonials are the best way to determine if a product is worth your money.

    Get the right size

    Remember that not all skull rings come in the same size. The most crucial step after choosing a ring to wear is to choose a size that suits you the best. It ought to feel cozy on your finger when you wear it.

    You can use our sizing chart to determine the right ring size for the finger on which you plan to wear the skull ring. 

    The skull ring should fit comfortably on your finger. It should not be too tight or too loose. The ideal size permits movement on the fingers without coming off. Furthermore, hypoallergenic metals should be used to make rings. 


    Price is another important factor in choosing the right skull ring for you. Generally, higher-quality skull rings will have a higher price tag. Still, it does not mean you must overspend to get good jewelry.

    For example, sterling silver skull rings are more affordable than gold pieces. But just because they are cheaper does not mean they are of lesser quality. The price disparity between gold and silver is due to the value of the metals. 

    Sterling silver skull rings are high quality, durable, and look great with most outfits. You can style them with more formal outfits or simpler everyday fits to elevate your style. But if you are ready to invest more in your jewelry, go for a gold skull ring or choose a piece with a stone.

    Affordable skull ring

    The Finger Placement is Important 

    Another important consideration is which finger you intend to wear the skull ring on. You can wear them based on the different meanings of each finger, making a specific statement.

    If you plan on wearing the skull ring on your pinky, go for a bolder and flashier style. This will naturally draw the eye of others to your ring. 

    Most men wear skull rings on their middle and index fingers. But you can wear your skull ring on whatever finger you wish, which allows you to build your own unique style.

    You can even wear skull rings on multiple fingers. Once you know on which finger you will wear your skull ring, measure it to get the right size

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can I wear skull rings even without being a biker or a rocker?

    Even though skull rings are most often associated with bikers and rockstars, everyone can wear them. In today's world, jewelry shops can provide many men's skull rings in various designs.

    If you want to wear one as a fashion statement, you can do it. Today everyone wears skull rings, from celebrities to regular people. You do not have to belong to one of the groups traditionally associated with skulls to wear the rings. 

    Are skull rings good luck? 

    Some cultures see skulls, some humans, some animals, as good luck charms. In other cultures and countries, skulls were believed to ward off sickness and guard against evil spirits.

    So, if you want to wear a skull ring as a symbol of good luck and fortune, do it. The most symbolic use of skulls is to represent death and mortality, but some do see skulls as good luck symbols. Symbols can be personal to each person. 

    What does wearing skull rings with missing jaw portions mean?

    If you decide to buy a skull ring with its missing jaw part, it means you have a rebellious spirit. The missing jaw skull ring originates from the Elizabethan era as a symbol of freedom and rebellion. 

    Today these rings are most often worn by people in motorcycle clubs, rockers, and those that like the symbolism of freedom associated with the skull.


    These are the most important factors to consider when purchasing skull rings. Remembering the factors allows you to choose a skull ring that will fit your or the style of the person you buy it for. Choose the ring that best represents your personality and helps you stand out. Skull rings are statement jewelry pieces that let you show your bold side.

    Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.