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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

How to Measure Ring Size for Men

Do you want to resize your existing ring? Or are you a partner who wants to surprise their man with a new ring? In that case, you should know how to measure ring size for men both professionally and at home.

Rings have become popular fashion accessories for men, and many are handmade. Although this trend isn’t for everyone, it certainly suits some men’s fashion styles.

However, men are often intimidated by the thought of wearing a ring due to the difficulty of determining the right size.

Finding a beautiful ring for yourself or your partner is the easiest part. Figuring out the exact measurements can become tricky. So, it is important to know how to determine mens ring size to ensure it doesn’t slip off or get loose on his finger.

How to Measure Ring Size for Men
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Measure Ring Size for Men

If you have never worn a ring before, you have probably never measured the size of your fingers. But you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have and wear cool rings for men. You can measure it from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are more keen on simple designs or unique patterns, you can measure the size of your finger in several ways. Remember you are paying for a ring, so ensure the size is accurate and your effort pays off.

We can help you discover the easiest ways to find the perfect ring size for yourself or your loved ones. For example, checking an online size chart, visiting a jewelry shop, or trying some other methods, like using paper or string.

Follow this guide to find the most convenient method for you. Your chosen method will help you understand how to measure ring size for men precisely. 

Different Methods for Measuring Ring Size: Explained

Online size chart

Online charts usually have marked circles representing ring sizes. Choose an online jewelry store and find a printable ring size chart.

Ensure the ring you plan to buy fits one circle without being too small or too big. The number written in the circle is your ring size.

However, US ring sizes may differ from the UK or Asian ring size measurements on some online charts. So, searching for international size charts using several measuring methods and symbols to discover your perfect ring size is always a good idea. 

You can refer to the example below:

Ring Diameter (MM)









46 ½ 




15 ¼ 

47 ¾ 



J ½ 

15 ¾ 




K ½ 

16 ¼ 

50 ¼ 



L ½ 

16 ½ 

51 ½ 



M ½ 


52 ¾ 



N ½ 

17 ¼ 




O ½ 

17 ¾ 

55 ¼ 



P ½ 


56 ½ 

Visiting a jewelry store

Visiting a jewelry store is the best option for professionally measuring your ring size. Jewelers use the right tools and techniques to determine your exact ring size and help you choose a ring that fits your personal style.

Most jewelry stores offer ring sizing for free. The process of getting a professional finger measurement is simple.

The jeweler puts your finger in different-sized rings to determine which fits tightly or loosely. They also often use special ring sizers with written dimensions.

You can feel which one is comfortable on your finger because it won’t slide off or press your skin. Remember that this is a professional service, so ask the store employees about any ring-size-related questions you might have before leaving.


Additional methods

Jewelers used alternative measuring methods before they discovered how to find ring size for men professionally. These methods are so easy that you can use them at home.

You will only need commonly found items at home to act as ring-measuring tools.


You should cut a small piece of paper reminiscent of a strip. Next, you need to wrap it around your finger as a ring. But ensure you don’t hold it too tightly or loosely; it has to fit comfortably on your finger. Now, you have to mark the crisscrossing on the paper using a pen or a marker.

Then, remove the string from your finger and lay it flat. You need to use a measuring tape to determine its size in millimeters.

Finally, compare the size of the paper string to the ring sizes we provided in the above-mentioned size chart.

Paper measuring method
Source: shutterstock.com / Photo Contributor: Martirosyan Stock


Wrapping a piece of string around your finger is another way of measuring a man’s ring size. Once you enclose it on the base of your finger, mark the intersection with a marker or pen. Next, use a measuring tape to determine the length.

You can then use the chart above to get a clear picture of your ring size. However, make sure you don’t pull the string too much. It can easily stretch and provide an inaccurate measurement of your ideal ring size.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Ring Size for Men

Whether you get your ring size measured by a professional or do it at home, consider the following factors. They can significantly change your finger size, leading to an inaccurate measurement:

The knuckle size

Some men’s knuckles are large and bulky. I advise going up a ring size if you are one of those people. The base of your finger is smaller than the size of your knuckle. This can cause difficulty when trying to get the ring on.


Consider the body temperature

Measuring your or your partner’s finger size only once is not enough. This is because the body temperature is a huge factor in determining the right ring size. If your hands are cold, your finger size is smaller than your puffed-up fingers when you are too hot.

The finger size difference on both hands

A factor most people are unaware of is that your finger size, on the one hand, may not match the finger size on the other hand. Therefore, when you measure your ring size, focus on the finger you plan to wear the ring

Size difference on both hands
Source: jewelrylab.co


Can you find a man's ring size without measuring his finger?

When planning a surprise for their partners, most people want to do it as discreetly as possible. If your man has worn rings before, you are lucky. Take one of his rings for reference, and measure its size to guide you when you are ring shopping.

What if a ring is too tight around your finger?

Not only does a tight-fitting ring appear unpleasant, but it can cause some problems. When a ring is too tight around your finger, it prevents blood circulation’s smooth flow. Another problem with a ring fitting too snuggly on your finger is difficulty getting it out.

Can you use a ruler at home to measure a man’s ring size?

Instead of a measuring tape, some people use rulers for in-home ring size measurements for men.

Using rulers for this purpose is very convenient. The measurements will be accurate, and a ruler can also be found in almost any household.


We hope this article has helped you learn how to measure ring size for men. The process may seem intimidating at first. However, many alternative methods have proven to be as effective as measuring your ring size professionally.

You can always rely on the ring size chart regardless of your chosen method. Following an international size chart, you can accurately determine the dimensions and find your diameter.

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