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by Jesús Zabala - 4 min read

How to Incorporate Skull Rings Into Everyday Fashion

Whether you are a musician, biker, artist, or someone who wants to make an impression, you are looking for a skull ring that defines you and emphasizes your uniqueness. But how to incorporate skull rings into everyday fashion?

Skull rings are an excellent choice to help you express your individuality. So, you are in the right place if you want to discover how you can make skull rings fit into your everyday fashion. 

Read on as we'll also give you helpful tips on the types of skull rings, their meanings, and their uses.

How to Incorporate Skull Rings Into Everyday Fashion
Source: jewelrylab.co

How to Incorporate Skull Rings Into Everyday Fashion

There are several factors to remember, such as ring size, style, number of rings, colors, and more. Let's go in order and see what to pay attention to if you want your skull ring to fit into your fashion style.

Choose a ring that defines you

Choosing the right ring can sometimes be challenging. Namely, these rings are available in different styles, sizes, and colors. Whether you choose a 14k gold skull ring or a gemstone skull ring, there are several factors that you should pay attention to. 

For this purpose, you should take into account the following things:

  • The size of the ring
  • The material the ring is made of
  • The color of the ring
  • The details that the skull ring contains
  • The shape of the ring

In addition, you should consider whether you are wearing other jewelry pieces and whether the skull ring will match them.

Pick a skull ring that matches the size of your fingers

The size of the palm and the shape of the fingers emphasize the ring's beauty. Therefore, your skull ring should match the morphology of your fingers.

If you have long fingers, your best choice is rings that are wide but should not be thick. On the other hand, large and massive rings look great on those with short and thick fingers. If you are in the middle, you have an average palm size, so you can freely experiment with the skull ring's shape, size, and texture.

Pay attention to color combinations

Choosing the right combination of colors will significantly emphasize the beauty of the skull ring and your uniqueness. You can choose a minimalist style if you don't want to experiment a lot. In that way, you can easily match the jewelry with your piece of clothing.

On the other hand, you can be creative and make a combination of different materials, colors, and shapes. If you don't know which colors to combine, we will help you with several suggestions:

  • Silver with blue
  • Silver with burgundy
  • Silver with dark green
  • Gold with black
  • Gold with green
  • Gold with red

Remember that there is no general rule when it comes to fashion. If you disagree with our suggestions, feel free to experiment and explore more.

Pay attention to color combinations
Source: jewelrylab.co

Consider the quality of the material

Buying high-quality material does not necessarily mean it will cost you a lot of money. So, you can opt for stainless steel or silver, which are pretty durable and wear resistant.

Add a personal touch to your skull ring

If you plan to buy a skull ring, you can go a step further and give it a personal touch. You can engrave words that mean something to you personally. In addition, you can add specific patterns and details that will give an exceptional style to your ring. 

Moreover, you can experiment with adding gemstones or crystals. Whatever you decide, each element will give the ring uniqueness and specialness.

Choosing a Material for Your Skull Ring

In order to know how to incorporate skull rings into everyday fashion, you should pay special attention to the material from which the skull ring is made. Unlike in the past, today, there are many materials you can choose from to match your ring with your fashion style. 

However, before deciding on a skull ring, you should consider your budget, material durability, maintenance, and personal taste. We will present to you the most popular materials from which skull rings are made.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is perhaps the most used material for skull rings. This material has many positive characteristics that influence such popularity.

The price of the material is significantly lower than other materials. In addition, stainless steel is easy to maintain, does not tarnish, and is resistant to scratches and damage.


The gold skull ring is an excellent choice if you want to make a remarkable impression. Also, if you get a gold skull ring, remember that this material is more expensive than other materials. 

The price of gold depends on the carat rate: the more carat the gold, the higher the price. Remember that gold as a metal is quite soft, so you'll need to be careful and maintain it regularly.

Source: jewelrylab.co


Like gold, silver is often the material for fashion accessories and jewelry. You can opt for a skull ring which has a high percentage of silver, or a ring which is an alloy of silver with other metals. 

If you opt for a ring with a high percentage of silver, you should be careful because such rings are easily scratched and damaged due to the softness of the metal.

Source: jewelrylab.co

Sterling silver

Sterling silver is quite popular in terms of price and the quality of the material. A unique shine characterizes this material, but you must maintain it regularly to keep its quality. 

Additionally, it is more resistant to scratching than pure silver, but you should still be careful of surfaces that can damage it.

Sterling silver
Source: jewelrylab.co


The skull ring is a great fashion accessory highlighting your character and making you stand out from the crowd. We hope you have discovered how to incorporate skull rings into everyday fashion. 

Remember that there is no general rule when it comes to fashion. If you are an artistic soul, feel free to express your creativity by combining the ring's colors, materials, and shapes.

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.