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by Jesus Zabala - 6 min read

What Are the Best Materials For Skull Rings?

Wear skull rings if you love how unique jewelry can transform an outfit. As statement pieces, skull rings are eye-catching yet stylish. Interested in trying this trend? Keep reading to learn what are the best materials for skull rings.

Since there are many skull ring options on the market, finding the best one for you may be tricky. However, if you focus on appealing pieces that suit your fashion style, you can distinguish between different materials and determine their quality. 

You don’t have to be a biker to wear skull rings. Anyone can rock them confidently. You should always prioritize the skull ring’s quality to ensure its durability and longevity.

What Are the Best Materials For Skull Rings
Source: jewelrylab.co

What Are the Best Materials For Skull Rings?

Skull rings make great fashion statements, especially when they’re made from a shiny material. For example, sterling silver skull rings have a unique radiance that low-quality materials can’t match. Therefore, it’s a popular material for making skull rings.

In addition to sterling silver, skull rings can be made from gold, brass, and stainless steel. Additionally, a mix of metals brings an even more unique look to an already outstanding skull jewelry piece. Regardless of what material the skull is made of, ensure it fits and suits your style properly.

The high-quality materials used to make skull rings are very versatile. Some are more wearable than others. But if you’re not afraid of grabbing everyone’s attention, you wouldn’t mind wearing a big, shiny skull ring. Furthermore, the finest materials are the gentlest on your skin.

Sterling silver 

The prime material used to make skull rings is sterling silver. Its sheen, versatility, and unique appearance make it suitable for skull rings. What skull ring wearers enjoy most about sterling silver is its low maintenance. Also, it’s very durable and long-lasting.

Sterling silver skull rings can have a dark or light finish. This material always looks polished on skull rings, especially when the details are symbolic. Sterling silver is great for making durable bands and details for small and bulky skull rings. 

Sterling silver
Source: jewelrylab.co


In addition to being expensive, gold is the most attention-grabbing material. It’s not commonly used to make skull rings, but some minimalistic options are on the market. Most skull jewelry is gold-plated. 

However, solid gold skull rings are more valuable and higher in quality.

Source: jewelrylab.co


If you want your skull ring to appear rustic and vintage, choose one made of brass. This material is durable but not very versatile because it gives rings a red sheen. It’s not easy to match brass skull rings with all types of outfits or layer them with other jewelry pieces.

Source: jewelrylab.co

Mixed metals

You don’t have to go strictly for skull rings made of one material. You can stand out from the crowd and show everyone your creativity when it comes to jewelry by wearing a mixed-metal skull ring. Here are the most popular options you can choose from. 

Sterling silver and gold 

Gold is often mixed with sterling silver to make the skull rings more wearable. Usually, the band of the skull ring is made from sterling silver, and the details inside reflect gold specks. You will rarely see it the other way around. 

Therefore, sterling silver and gold skull rings are innovative and unique in their own way.

Sterling silver and gold
Source: jewelrylab.co

Sterling silver and brass

Sterling silver makes brass shinier and more high-quality. It removes the brass material's rigidness and creates a more polished look. Also, sterling silver and brass skull rings are very popular due to the color contrast they provide.

Sterling silver and brass
Source: jewelrylab.co

Stainless steel

Have you seen those large, heavy-looking skull rings usually worn by bikers? Most of them are made of stainless steel. This material is commonly used to make skull rings due to its affordable price and high durability. 

On top of that, it looks good even when layered with other skull rings. It’s not pretentious or overly shiny, which many prefer. However, stainless steel is less valuable than sterling silver and gold. That’s why skull rings made of stainless steel are considered second-rated.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Skull Ring

You are probably intrigued by skull ring materials by now. You may want to purchase one and witness the hype for yourself. In addition to learning what are the best materials for skull rings, there are also some other things to consider before buying.

Ensure you like its design, price, and fit to avoid spending money on a skull ring you won’t wear. Skull rings are distinctive and deserving of attention.

Pay attention to the size

If you want to wear a skull ring comfortably, ensure it fits you before buying it. Jewelers can easily measure your ring size in the store. 

An even easier option is using an online ring sizing chart. Some skull rings are overly bulky and wide-banded, making them unsuitable for people with thin fingers. 

Consider the price

The price range of skull rings depends on the material they are made of. Gold and sterling silver skull rings are more costly than brass or stainless steel ones. Therefore, make sure that purchasing a skull ring won’t drain your pocket.

Choose a suitable design

Skull ring designs are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some are overly scary with demonic symbols, while others can be more minimalistic. If you connect with the symbolism of skull rings, you will be a huge fan of hair-raising designs.

If you love this trend but also want your rings to have a bling, choose skull rings with stones. Even if the band itself has a rugged finish, that small stone is the show's star. These types of skull rings are usually very bulky.

If you want a simpler option, choose minimalistic skull rings. They provide you with the opportunity to embody your personal style while at the same time looking delicate and classy on your finger.

Choose a suitable design
Source: jewelrylab.co

Avoid scams

High-quality metals can last for a long time. They retain their quality if maintained properly and always look as good as new. Although some skull rings might appear as having a high value, they might be masked with a gold or silver layer.

Some jewelry stores sell gold or silver-plated skull rings. Before you buy one, ensure you have an honest conversation with the seller. Jewelry stores must be transparent with their customers and provide them with all the necessary product information.

To avoid getting scammed while shopping for skull rings, determine which material they are made of and whether they are worth the money they are sold for. This will prevent you from having to replace your skull ring with a new one often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do skull rings symbolize good luck?

Many cultures worldwide consider skulls a sign of good luck. Some believe wearing skull jewelry keeps evil spirits away and brings peace. Skull rings are seen as helping the wearer discover their fate and approach it with positivity.

Is it safe to wear fake skull rings?

Wearing fake skull rings is not the safest decision. Some low-quality materials can cause irritations on the skin and stain your fingers. Avoid wearing knock-off skull rings simply because they cost less than the real deal.

Can you wear contrasting metal skull rings on the same hand?

Playing with color contrasts shouldn't scare you if you decide to wear a skull ring. You can stack two minimalistic skull rings with mixed metals on one finger. You can also mix and match different colored metal skull rings on the same hand.


I hope this article helped you learn what are the best materials for skull rings. It’s important to know which materials are high and low quality to ensure you buy an authentic piece. High-quality skull rings are more expensive than fake ones, but they can be prized possessions.

Skull rings are one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces styled by courageous wearers. They highlight a strong fashion sense. Assure your skull ring choice is worth its weight in gold!

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.