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by Jesus Zabala - 8 min read

Are Men's Silver Chains a Versatile Accessory for Various Necklines?

Jewelry has always been a bold way to portray your personality. While some go for a more elegant look, others want to display a thick silver chain as a symbol of wealth. But not every piece of jewelry can fit a specific style. So, are men's silver chains a versatile accessory for various necklines?

In this article, we will go over all the basics of styling a men’s chain to discover the characteristics of this versatile accessory. Discovering which type of men's silver chain fits what neckline always helps when choosing the best fit. Knowing how to combine them with certain outfits will further highlight their universal and multifunctional nature. 

Continue reading to explore the versatility of men's silver chains for various neckline types!

Men's silver chain for various necklines

Source: jewelrylab.co

Are Men's Silver Chains a Versatile Accessory for Various Necklines?

Necklace jewelry has been around for decades. What started as a symbol of god-like power in ancient cultures slowly became a more personal and delicate crafting process. 

Thus, many silver chain options are available in today's modern age, and different designs and meanings are behind them. But can men's silver chains complement different neckline styles?

Since this type of jewelry comes in many different shapes and sizes, they’re quite flexible. But as with any accessory, several elements play an important role in the suitability of a specific neckline. 

So to best match a men's chain with a certain outfit, you should consider the following:

  • Length
  • Thickness
  • Design
  • Pendants

If you’re only a beginner fashionista, you may have difficulty finding suitable designs. So, if you’re looking for a sterling silver chain for men, you can find some outstanding silver chains here. With different lengths, styles, and designs, they’re a great all-around accessory suitable for any occasion.


The variety of lengths is the first element that makes a silver chain such an adaptable piece of jewelry. Since it all comes down to personal preference, you’ll find lengths ranging from 14 to 36 inches. 

Even though the average length is around 20 inches, it’s best to choose it based on your style and physique. For example, this type of necklace will look different on someone with a slim body versus someone more muscular. 

As a general rule, people tend to choose a silver chain that falls near the collarbone area. This way, it can be worn outside and inside your shirt, depending on the neckline. When looking into a more casual fit, we always choose to wear it on top. But when it comes to formal attire, we ensure it’s neatly tucked inside our shirt.

Furthermore, this versatile accessory offers the opportunity to showcase creativity. By choosing a variety of lengths, a person can layer their chains and incorporate different styles into their look. 


The second element that influences a silver chain style is thickness. Since it goes hand-in-hand with the length, we always choose them accordingly. It’s only logical that the longer the necklace is, the thicker it can be.

Moreover, it would look a bit weird and uncomfortable if someone was to wear a short but thick necklace that takes up most of their neck. 

When it comes to thickness, most people associate bigger necklaces with signs of wealth and power. This is especially noticeable in rap culture, where famous rappers wear chunky chains on their necks. 

However, even a thin silver chain can make your outfit stand out, especially when going for an elegant look. 


Silver chain necklaces can come in many various designs. Thus, we've always found many opportunities to combine unique looks with our outfits. 

Some of the most common options found on the market are:

  • Cable - Made from oval links that represent a real chain. One of the most popular designs for men because of their simplicity and the opportunity to combine them with pendants.
  • Curb - Popular urban look with interlocking chains when they lay flat. 
  • Marine or anchor - Oval links with horizontal bars in the middle. Made to resemble anchor chains in ships. 
  • Ball - These ball-like links, also known as beads, are mostly used with dog tag accessories.
  • Figaro - One bigger oval link followed by two or three smaller ones. 
  • Rope - Twisted links that resemble a rope, known for their strength and often combined with pendants.
  • Box - Square links that can be found in various widths.
  • Snake - Tightly connected plates in a zig-zag pattern known for resembling snake skin. 
  • Herringbone - V-shaped links connected in different directions. 

Even though these designs offer many choices, there’s always the opportunity to create a custom-made design. However, this type of investment does cost more than just settling for the style you like most.


Lastly, the ability to add unique pendants to the look makes a men's chain so flexible. There are countless options available to suit each specific style. But some of our favorite choices are:

  • Dog tags - Once used in the military for identification purposes. In today’s age, they can be engraved with dates or phrases that portray a personal and significant reminder. 
  • Coins - When a coin is attached to a necklace, it’s often believed that it’ll bring good fortune to the wearer.
  • Feathers - Closely resembling freedom due to a bird’s ability to soar the skies.
  • Anchors - Meant to keep boats from drifting away, this pendant symbolizes safety, stability, and hope. 
  • Religious statements - Most often found in the form of crosses, ankhs, hamsa, or Thor’s hammer. It’s a great way to portray a religious belief or devotion to a certain culture. 

When incorporating a pendant into the chain’s style, people choose a length range from 20 to 24 inches. This way, the accessory will be visible and eye-catching. This will also keep the pendant in place and prevent it from dangling too much.

Silver chain for different neckline

Source: jewelrylab.co

Matching Men's Silver Chains With Various Neckline Options

So, are men's silver chains suitable for different neckline variations? The best way to understand this jewelry's multifunctional and adaptable nature is to give proper examples with different necklines. That’s why we will review different neckline options and how to style specific necklaces based on them. 

That being said, the most common neckline types we've come across are:

  • Crew neck
  • Henley-style neck
  • V-neck
  • Collared shirt
  • Scoop neck
  • Turtleneck

Crew neck

Crew necks are one of the most popular necklines for men. They come in the form of both short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts, suitable for a casual outfit. Furthermore, crew necks are characterized by snugly fitting circular and round necks. 

When wearing this type of neckline, the element that has the greatest importance is length. Since these shirts fit closely to the body, we always avoid too short or too-long options. 

Instead, we use the opportunity to layer chains with different yet suitable lengths. A shorter option should fit above the neckline when wearing a single silver chain, while a longer one should loosely hang at the chest area. 

Moreover, this type of neckline is best suitable for round chains. We don’t favor pendants when wearing such shirts. Since crew necks are simple, a slim and basic silver chain is the way to go. 

Henley-style neck

A henley-style neck is often seen as a combination of a crew neck and a V-neck. It’s characterized by several buttons that start from the top of the neck and end above the sternum.

These shirts are suitable for both casual and professional outings. They bring a dash of elegance that’s further enhanced when combined with the right silver chain. 

When going for a shorter necklace, it’s recommended that you keep the henley-style neck unbuttoned. This way, the silver chain will be attention-grabbing and fit right at the opening. As for longer ones, they can be worn both inside and outside the shirt. 

As with crew necks, this neckline type is most suitable with thinner chains. Since the shirt has detailed layers, a thick necklace will only make it look messy and closed off. 

Simple pendants will also look good with this style. We always ensure these accessories hang below the buttons so they don’t seem cluttered. 


Another common neckline is the V-neck. They’re meant to fit loosely and are often used to show off a strong and muscular physique. Even though they’re suitable for casual and formal outfits, they should never be worn with other V-necks beneath them.

When choosing a silver chain for this style, never go for anything longer than the opening of the shirt. It will make the torso look shorter and the outfit sloppy. 

Instead, we always ensure the necklace is proportionate to the neckline without clashing with the corner. Shorter necklaces like chokers also work with this specific style.

As for the necklace shape, we usually go for similar-looking V-shaped ones. When combining them with a pendant, it should be a small or medium piece that fits at least an inch above the neckline.

Collared shirt

Another common attire for men is collared shirts. This elegant apparel is mostly used for formal settings but can also be incorporated into a casual, everyday look. With various styling options, a silver chain can make this outfit pop up even more.

The length of the necklace should always be short enough to be visible when you unbutton a few rows. We don't personally recommend longer chains since they can get lost in the outfit. The shorter option will ensure that your jewelry can be seen even when the shirt is buttoned. 

Additionally, collared shirts go well with layered chains, so many people can experiment with different looks.

Since collared shirts tend to be more elegant, the silver chain should match that. So, we usually wear a thinner and simpler necklace instead of a bulky thick one. We also avoid pendants with this style since they can take up too much space.

Scoop neck

Scoop necks are similar to crew necklines but have a bit more depth. They’re meant for casual outings and shouldn’t be worn as formal attire. Plus, this type of neckline highlights the collarbone area. 

Like crew necks, the best option for this style is shorter, round chains. With a lot of open space to work with, the length should stay within the neckline itself. If that happens, the chest area will be left empty and open. We often incorporate small round pendants with this outfit that work great as a statement piece. 


The last common neckline for men is the renowned turtleneck. It reaches the top of the neck and folds down to meet the collarbones. Hence, it’s the perfect fit for both casual and formal occasions while also radiating a retro vibe.

When wearing such outfits, the shorter the length, the better. This is because choker-style chains will make your neck appear longer. Even though turtlenecks are more elegant, they also go well with pendants. This will add another layer of depth to the outfit and grab the viewer’s attention. 

necklines for men's chain

Source: jewelrylab.co


So, are men's silver chains a versatile accessory for various necklines? The simple answer is yes. These universal and multifunctional accessories are adaptable enough to fit every style. While the length, thickness, and design play an important role, always base your jewelry on your outfit.

Following this article's simple rules and style guides will ensure a glamorous look for any occasion!

Jesús  is the founder and designer of JewelryLab. He is the Head of Design and also oversees production, quality control, and precious metal sourcing.